That is actually normal. It only means the demand for SBD in Hitbtc is higher than the supply hence spiking the price on that particular exchange. Unfortunately only those who had sbd on there can benefit until the market price adjusts itself accordingly.
Lucky bastards! Damn.

Why pay more then 1.70 ? Why not go to bittrex and buy it? Does not sound normal!!
Obviously it has nothing to do with demand?

because deposits and withdrawals of SBD are not allowed on hit btc

?! that is why you go to bittrex, and pay less, did you even understand my comment....
You can even go via steem here at the internal market and get 1.4 SBD per STEEM and STEEM is listed at many places....

Yeah, it's up 300%....until you try and sell!

No way :) what exchange? Price is unchanged @bittrex and the internal steem market still has 1.4 raito favoring steem! Ur UI is wack :P

There is a big pump on hitbtc for the past 4 days but you can't deposit or withdraw the SBD.

Pete, its a bug in the system. HitBTC is making all the averages go up. SBD is like around $1.80

Well yeah thats incredible, but what do i do now? I just used it all to power up :(

Yeah i'm looking at coingecko and all exchanges are around 1.70+ except hitbtc which actually shows $24.79.

go to coingecko and to check all the current updates of steem, the rest no gurantee, sometimes its fake