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Thank You for Watching! I really appreciate it, Please feel free to

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good information

should reserve BTC
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Hey gbonikz please tell me what you think of the 803 Mine project Keep up the good work we need as many voices in this space as possible!

I just checked the site. I'd like to know where the mine is

some of the machines will be in Washington State, some in Las Vegas and they are working to buy up extra server power that is unused threw out the country to hash gpu coins as well, so distributed depending on coins being minded.

Hey gbonikz, liking the videos you're coming out with. Would like to feature you on our magazine. You can email me at [email protected]. Would love to talk more.

Awesome! you get a upvote from me.Here's a way to make money but very few people know about it Also I think Electroneum are going to be big.

Are you sure? now i am working on btcheat