Steem comeback?

in #steem4 years ago

Hi Steemit Friends,

Taking a break at looking at Steem prices and concentrating gaming on the Steem blockchain was a good way to not worry about how worse off the initial investment was. Steem Monsters have given a good indication that even in a bear market, a project like that can still succeed and it continues on.

Christmas is around the corner so I thought it is time to check on the prices and see how things have changed. We are heading towards the 15c mark meaning I am down a bit from the initial investment. The rumours of Justin Sun buying Steemit maybe have kept the prices well above what it used to be like as the rest of the alt tokens falls behind these few days. I will continue to stick around the blockchain if projects like Steem Monsters continues to develop. There is a good chance the price of Steem will hit 20c next year if SMT continued to have good development progress and will delay no further.