154 data points to Educate about 4 STEEM Front Ends

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Ever since we released https://steempeak.com I've wanted to do some sort of comparison thing perhaps just to educate users what we offered, I wasn't sure it how it would be recieved so i didn't do it but I finally got around to it.


This post should not be how you choose your front end it's just a random-fallible-incomplete tool that I made just as an experiment. I understand it has many weaknesses.
If it's not a helpful tool for the community at large I'll happily take it down.

However it could answer a lot of questions and give insight into at least the project I help with. No one front end has it all and all have very different directions and purposes and are NOT trying to have it all. In fact if one front end has it all they're probably doing something wrong. And while I'd personally love @SteemPeak to have most all of it... BUT we have to do so in a way that keeps the site VERY INTUITIVE and easy to use for new users. So just having a lot of features isn't the answer it's also good intuitive design.


FIRST THINGS FIRST (more disclaimer)

  • It's not your typical short marketing comparison where it's only talking about where we excel
  • It's really really long... 154 data points... so far
  • It's not complete
  • There are more points we could compare
  • There is info I don't know
  • I am a biased source
  • How long these companies have had to develop should really be considered
  • The list could be rearranged and organized better
  • I didn't compare mobile apps
    Partly because it's not really fair comparison. Maybe because they have so few of these features? But also time issue so if someone wants to add the data for me I'm happy to add them
  • I'd love other front ends to fix and share this
  • Maybe it's best if someone else takes over the reigns... less biased source. Or just have this as a one time thing.


  • Love to know other points you'd like to have in the table
  • Love for you to help gather that information as this one probably wore me out as far as motivation to go searching
  • Love to know which of these are most important
    Specially if we do a much much shorter version maybe for marketing
  • Do you think this is a project I should keep up or just post once and let it die because it's not beneficial?


This post is NOT endorsed by SteemPeak as a company... this is all my own doing. Who knows if it's even beneficial to steempeak, it does expose plenty of weak points we still haven't gotten to but at least are well aware of. In fact this post probably helps other front ends perhaps more than steempeak as we do the research of the little things for them, happy to help. A rising tide lifts all boats. Let's all up our game!

Obviously I had the luxury of knowing coming soon and planned for steempeak which I don't for the others. So you can consider them "NO" presently

@steempeak users can be excited about the PLANNED almost like a sort of road map. And obviously SteemPeak is always happy to get more feedback and ideas here on @steempeak but probably best of all on DISCORD

Is this a good time to mention the STEEMPEAK WITNESS? VOTE WITH THIS FUNCTION


IF IF IF this is beneficial I hope some designer can make this look better... feel free to reshare it and i guess make me a partial beneficiary?
But if the community hates having this I'll probably just remove it.

1SteemConnect AccessYESYESNOYES
2SteemConnect 3Considering???
3KeyChain accessConsideringNONOYES*
4Direct posting key accessNONOYES*NO
5Option to Revoke SteemConnect accessYES*NONONO
6Change PasswordsNONOYES*NO
7Quick switch accountYES*NONONO
8Browser FriendlyYESYESYESYES
9Mobile Browser FriendlyYESYESYES?
10Mobile Android AppPlannedNONONO
11Mobile Apple AppPlannedNONONO
12Desktop AppNONONONO
13Delegation From SteemitNOYES*NANO
14API Nodeapi.steemit (new hivemind version)?api.steemit (assume it's the new one)?
15Use delegation to reward users to postNOYES*NONO
16Beneficiary ChargeNONONONO
17Browse not logged inYESYESYESNot really
18View in list viewYESNOYESYES
19View in large/blog viewYESYESYESYES
20View in Grid viewYES*NONONO
22Slideshow of picturesYES*NONONO
23Expand post inside feedYES*NONONO
24Voting Slider (any percentage)YESYESAfter 500spYES
25Downvote PostsYESYES: Called "Flag"YES: Flag SymbolYES
26Embed videosYESYESYESYES
27Play Youtube from FeedYES*YES*NONO
28Play DTube from FeedYES*YES*NONO
29Steem Links stay inside frontendYESYES: opt inNOYES
30Warning about leaving front endNOYESNONO
31Bookmark PostsYESYES: Called "Save"NOYES
32Organize BookmarksYES*NONO
33Reshare Posts (Resteems)YESYESYESYES
34Filter out resteemsYES*NONOYES*
35Collapse Comment ThreadsYESYESYESNO
36Sort comments by RewardYESYES: Called "Best"YESYES
37Sort comments ChronologicallyYESYESYESYES
38Sort comments by ReputationYESYESYESNO
39Sort by vote quantityNONOYESYES
40Direct links to specific commentsYESNOYESYES
41Show date+time of postsYESYESYESYES
42Show beneficiaries of a postYES*YES: Until paid out then NONONO
43Sort feeds by RewardYES: Called "by reward"YES: Called "Trending" or "Hot"NO: But available on separate PagesYES: Called "Trending"
44Sort feeds ChronologicallyYESYESNO: But available on separate Pages"YES: Called "new"
45Search Topics (Quick URL change)YES*NONO: unless you want to bookmark
46Search usersYESYESNONO
47Search Blog PostsYESNOYES: Google SearchNO
48Filter Blog Post SearchesPlannedNONONO
49Sort Blog Post searchesPlannedNOYES: Relevance and Date*NO
50Save Favorite UsersYESNONOYES: Plus quick actions*
51Save Favorite TopicsYES*NONOYES: Called "Bookmark Categories"*
52Popular topics ListYES: Based on actual interest*Probably not: Likely same as steemitNot really: trending based on tags used?
53Curation History FeedsYES*NONONO
54Save Favorite Curator FeedsYES*NONONO
55User created non-simple feedsPlannedNONONO
56Remove "trending" when it means "sort by reward"YES*NONONO
57Comment Spam FilterNONONOYES: Uncertain how it works*
58Recommended/Similar PostsPlannedYESNOYES
60NSFW filterPlannedYES: Opt InYES: Opt OutNO
62Edit posts past 7 daysYES*NONOYES*
63Upload PicturesYESYESYESYES
64Drag and Drop images to uploadYES (could be better)YESYESYES
65Delete PostsYES: if no comments or votes*?NOYES
66Markdown EditorYESYESYESYES
68Markdown Editor help keyYES: Quick PopupNONOYES: Separate page
69Multi-function editor in comment fieldYESYESNONO
70Side by Side editor previewYES*NONOYES*
71Queue for comments (No waiting)YES*UncertainNONO
72Create DraftsYES*YES*NONO
73Organize DraftsYES*NONO
74Drafts AutosaveYES*YES*Cached MemorySave current writing
75Create TemplatesYES*NONONO
76Organize TemplatesYES*NONO
77Schedule postsYES*NONONO
78Set Beneficiaries on postsYES*NONONO: Only global
79Change reward distribution of postYESYESYESYES
80Decline reward optionYESYESYESYES
81Reply directly in reply feedYES*NONONO
82Change PermalinkNONONOYES*
83Add "Saved Text"PlannedNONONO
84Add "Footer"NONONOYes*
85Forced footer on commentsNONONONO
86Insert Table layoutYES*NONONO
87Share DraftsPlannedNONONO
88Share TemplatesPlannedNONONO
89Show quantity of words in postYESYESNONO
90See Vote value (STU) on postYESYESYESYES
91Queue for votes (No waiting)YES*NONONO
92Show STU of votes to 3 decimalsYES*NONONO
93List all votesYESYESNOYES
94No deceptive dollar symbol for STU voting numbersYES*NONONO
95Vote on older postsComing SoonNONONO
96Show Real Value of post rewardsComing SoonNONONO
97Show Reputation to 2 decimal pointsYESYES: 3 decimal points*NONO
98Show Voting Mana percentage availableYES*YES*NONO
99Show Resource Credits percentage availableYES*NONONO
100Set default vote for postsYES*YES: But same as commentsNOYES
101Set default vote for commentsYES*YES: But same as postsNOYES
102Filter WalletYES*NONONO
103Filter out .001 transactionsYES*NONONO
104Search WalletYES*NONONO
105Unlimited wallet historyYES*YES*NONO: No history at all
106Educate about economicsYES*NONONO
107Transfer Steem and SBDYESYESYESNO
109Power Down SPComingYES*YES*NO
110Link to Steem/SBD MarketYESNOYESNO
111Transfer to savingsYES*NOYES*NO
113Show delegation amount in and outYESYESKinda: Only final amountYES
114Detailed list of delegationsPlannedYES*NONO
115Claim RewardsYESYESYESYES
116Auto Claim RewardsPlannedNONONO
117Show Market values for Steem and SBDYES*YES*NONO
118Voter List statsYES*NONONO
119Analytics PageYES*NONONO
120OnBoarding StrategyComing Soon?Sort of ... free accounts through waiting list?
121Claim new account tokenPlannedNONONO
122Use new account tokenPlannedNONONO
123Quick Delegate to USERYES: On their profile*YES: in their walletNONO
124Quick Send steem/sbdYES: On user profile page*NONONO
125Convert SBD to Steem functionYES*NONONO
126Portfolio pageYES*NONONO
127Activity FeedYESYESNOYES
128Filter ActivitiesYES*YES*NONO
129Search ActivitiesYES*NONONO
130See benefactor rewards in activitiesYES*NONONO
131Witness PageYES*NOYES*NO
132Detailed Witness informationYES*NONONO
133Filter Witness pageYES*NONONO
134Search Witness pageYES*NONONO
135Add witness button on accounts of witnessesYES*NONONO
136Notifications badgeYES*YES*NONO
137Specify what to be notified aboutYES*NONONO
138Notifications about mentionsPlannedYES*NONO
139Notifications about new followersPlannedYES*NONO
141Creator Support through Automatic VotesPlannedNONONO
142Creator Support through automatic tipsPlannedNONONO
143Show joined dateComing SoonYESYESNO
144Edit Profile ImageComing SoonYESYESNO
145Edit about me paragraphComing SoonYESYESNO
146Change display namePlannedYESYESNO
147Edit Website linkComing SoonYESYESNO
148Edit Cover PictureComing SoonYESYESNO
149Quick Share to SocialPlannedYESYESNO
150About PageComing SoonNONONO
151Contest Listing PagePlannedNONO
152FAQ PagePlannedNOYES*NO
153New user help tipsPlannedNONONO
154Autocomplete user namesPlannedNONOYES*


I'm feeling pretty great about SteemPeak but certainly have lots to work on... and as you can see the list for our planned features is pretty long so it's gonna take some great priority planning. @asgarth is the developer and he happens to be the developer of another business @peakmonsters and have a full time job and spends quality time with his family. So let's be honest that makes https://steempeak.com even more impressive. Haha

There are also some things that are harder to judge.

  • The looks
  • The speed
  • The coding
  • The Team
  • The business plans
  • and several other things


However what I like the most about the potential of SteemPeak are the foundational principles we are aiming for which sometimes aren't in the list above. Like:

  • Focus on content viewers not just creators
  • Meaning focus on people who have no idea what steem or blockchain is
  • Intuitive design
  • And the big one... Giving back control to users

I've made all 4 front ends small beneficiaries of this post, I guess you wouldn't know that on some front ends. haha


This is a great comparison table for those testing the waters to review as they jump between them. It is fairly relevant given the news from Steemit and the considerations of how users want to engage going forward as it seems fair to say that Steemit will not be develop much more from here. I have been forcing myself to try others in preparation for that day and also wanting to use those that will do better justice to the underlying capabilities of the blockchain. Thanks for sharing!

Unfortunately the table doesn't work very well on any of the sites. (Well, on Peak, Busy, or Steemit. I can't read what the fourth one is on any of them.) Edit: it does actually work sort of OK on Steeve.

Right there at #3 is the thing that's keeping me from switching most of my use to Peak. Would love to see Keychain integration.

That's my wondering are people actually switching because of one thing or a group of things? Or do they stick around in something they aren't happy in just because it's comfortable and then go to another place and then say how was I ever OK without X thing?

In any case what do you think about SteemConnect3 ... also we learned today that Keychain may not take as much time as expected so that's uplifting. Also we need people like you saying what you're most interested in... so thanks.

I have a group of things but you're already doing most of them. The biggest thing, though, is easy posting across multiple accounts, and for that I feel like you're 2/3 of the way there but the authentication would be much better with Keychain. I haven't looked into SC3 really at all.

Also it's worth saying that only two of these front ends will allow you to see all of the columns of this table. hahahaha

I guess i should have added that as item #155 - "Scroll-able tables"

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Hi @jarvie, thanks for writing this down. I would go nuts before managing this probably :D

Anyway, a few corrections about @steeveapp:

29 - YES
41 - YES on hover
61 - YES, maybe not too greatly visible (in the footer there is a dropdown menu)
62 - YES
65 - YES (as in 61)
74 - Will autosave current story being written/edited
79 + 80 - YES since yesterday
100 + 101 - Will remember last selection

Have a nice day ;-)

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Cool it hasn't been a very popular post but it was fun to work on... mostly.
Probably just needs to show like a third of the data points and be designed to look much much nicer.
Making those changes right now

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I can't see what the * indicate in the table.

Other than that, I love Steempeak. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to buy STEEM for SBD so I go back to Steemit. Maybe I'm missing something. Do you have a FAQ?