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Hello everyone, we know we got off on the wrong foot, and have spoken with many Steemians over the last few days, we have learned a lot about the community, and whilst still having a lot to learn, we now understand Steem a lot better than we did when we first started here.

Because of the miscommunicated and misinterpreted intention, we are where we are today, but the only way to move forward is through conversations. We’ve been making open conversations with many community leaders non-stop throughout the week to find a common ground so that we can reach consensus to a healthy Steem ecosystem together.

We're nervous that after such a difficult start to this experience that Steem users will freeze our funds again the second we're no longer occupying witness positions. We're requesting that Steem power holders tell us "We won't support witnesses that freeze funds now that more understanding has been reached." We’d like to focus on de-escalating the current situation, respect each other's needs, and reach an actionable plan. I’m happy to say we had some very productive meetings and think we will come to a solution very soon.

Meanwhile we would like to reassure you that we intend to commit to Steem for the long-term and we plan to bring a lot more value to Steem than even the value of our holding. We see the potential for growth here for both of our chains is tremendous and sincerely look forward to working with you on an ongoing basis.

TRON has been dedicated to bringing blockchain to the mass market, we’ve been building our ecosys through the years and we can’t wait to open that up to the Steem community as well:

Marketing & Distribution:

As of today TRON can reach over 600 million daily active users through our ecosys partners like BitTorrent, Opera. And we are one of the only 3 chains that have been embedded within all new Samsung phones by default. Meanwhile we welcome all Steem

Continued Development:

We are committed to the continued development as stated in the Open Letter:

Build a strong developers team
Maintain Steem blockchain running in parallel with TRON
Launch Smart Media Tokens
Launch Cross Chain Atomic Swaps
Improve Overall User Experience And Onboard More Users

More Liquidity

We will come up with a plan for more listings.

I am always happy to hear from the community about their ideas. Let’s talk about the future of the ecosystem and create a plan over the long term so that more people may enjoy using our world-changing blockchain platforms.


Given your erratic behavior on Twitter following every town hall with witnesses or the community and all of the various statements you’ve made completely trashing the actual community’s elected witnesses, I just don’t find your words to be... credible.

One day you claim that you just want your money and want to leave. The next day you claim you want to stick around and build the community and pump money into development and marketing.

What should we believe? Are you the Justin that tricks exchanges into centralizing the platform by powering up their custodial funds? Or are you the Justin that wants to get STEEM listed on all major exchanges to help the community?

Are you the Justin that wants to de-escalate, get along with everyone, and have a good relationship with the community? Or are you the Justin that writes profanity-laden vote bribery posts and calls elected community witnesses “malicious hackers?”

Are you the Justin that likes the Steem blockchain and ecosystem? Or are you the Justin that just wants to [email protected] Steem?

I don’t know which Justin this is. I don’t know if I can believe or trust this Justin. I don’t know if I’m going to wake up tomorrow and see the Steem blockchain taken over by your 20 sock puppet witnesses again with the help of colluding exchanges.

Your credibility is shot. It’s going to take a lot more than a blog post to change that. If you want to take the first step...

Unapprove your witness accounts, take them offline, and allow our community witnesses to do what they were elected to do.

If you’re not willing to do that, then your words are meaningless and we have no reason to believe that this Justin Sun cares about Steem and its community.

Good answer and I agree with you. I would just add that our side should also show some more respect and pick some suitable people for negotiations.

His behavior has done absolutely nothing to command respect, which must always be earned. If he were to start now, it would still be long path to earning any but perhaps it could be done.

You need some time off, the show your rage, hunt him down part is behind us. More and more people will disconnect with it.

Until his sock puppets witnesses are taken offline, @dev365 stops voting and our community witnesses can do what we elected them to do there can be no respect.

Respect is earned by action, not bought by words or funds.

As far as I can tell, based on what has been released publicly, those working to deescalate this situation on the STEEM side have been doing a fine job. They have not been disrespectful. A few tense moments, sure, but that's to be expected. This hasn't been easy for anyone and then the exact moment things start to look promising, Justin morphs into Bustin and starts going on a rampage. There's never been a man in history handed more opportunities to redeem himself. After everything that has been said and done, and even though some are quite frustrated, this community is still willing to give him every opportunity to help sort things out.

But you see the disconnect between what he says in witness meetings, blog posts and on twitter?
The 3 have zero overlappings. He constantly disproves his own statements. It's ridiculous and seems unstable. Or he is that smart and does it on purpose to hide his true intentions.

Are you paying attention to both sides? It hasn't been pretty, he doesn't know who is who.

Fuck off already stakeless twat. You’re not even involved in this.

Don't worry. I don't need your help to be able to see things for how they are. I've been watching everything. I see everyone. I doubt I'll ever know everything.

Open you eyes and read, he is still being bullied, when does this stop?

LOL that's absurd. The witnesses are mostly a bunch of low-paid volunteer community members (though a few are successful business people or investors) and Justin is supposedly a billionaire with a vast empire who thought he could make a deal with Ned and then command Steem to his will and all would obey. The witnesses are the courageous ones to try to stand up to this guy and his underhanded scheming.

If there is any bullying going on here, you must have been looking at it through a mirror.

Low-paid is a relative statement, care to back that up with actual USD numbers? The SPS is currently funding over $250,000 USD per year.

SPS pay may be more, for specific non-witnessing tasks, split up between multiple people. Also, almost half of total SPS funding is for @sbdpotato, which is to be given back, so not really "pay".

But that's largely irrelevant anyway as most witnesses aren't receiving anything from SPS.

Top witness at $0.20 STEEM makes about $19000 per year gross (before expenses, taxes, etc.) and backup witneses (including some involved with and contributing their time to this whole 'takeover' issue) make 1/4 of that or less, in some cases much less.

The ones acting petty in comment sections are not the ones sitting through meetings trying to sort these things out.

I hope this man is smart enough to sift through the nonsense. Not all voices here represent all minds. Some of these voices just want to speak for attention. Others want to speak the truth. The majority wants this situation resolved, like now.

There have been plenty of moments of unnecessary bs on both sides and overtures on both sides.

Maybe at some point they will line up at the same time.

I am fine with the current stand off, good for a cool down period.

Sorry to interrupt, but did I just heard "dick"? Can you give more information's please? It get's so exciting again!

Too man aggressive people.

I agree. It would be a lie to say only one party made mistakes.

The solution is always easy when you're not the one making the decisions.

Isn't patience fun?

To be fair, I've lost my patience several times.

I also agree about the stand off allowing for a cool down, Justin could remove some of his witnesses to show some action. Only time will tell.

The majority wants this situation resolved, like now.

While I agree with the need to show respect ! We need to collect our shit like grownups and talk and convey an unified message.

Correct. Repeating the same story what's happened is pointless. The whole crypto community knows the facts. We should make a step forward.

Absolutely agreed @oldtimer ...

"I would just add that our side should also show some more respect and pick some suitable people for negotiations."

... as indicated in my own comment. I have "named names" of suitable people, although I am sure there are other "adults in the room" who might also be on the list of suggestions.

The book title "Bonfire of the Vanities" comes to my mind in watching the unfolding drama, although I left it to the young Mr. Sun to classify it in whatever manner he may wish ...

For anyone that is interested in yesterday's townhall, this video well explained everything:

Kudos to @ura-soul. Thanks @elipowell for finally speaking out what happened, now I understand you.