KryptoGamers Collaborates with Steem Engine – Upcoming Token Launch Details

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Fellow Steemians,

We are proud to be the first betting platform to integrate our native token with Steem Engine. In our journey, we have collaborated with a person whom we consider the ‘Steve Jobs’ of Steem, the genius behind Steembottracker, Steem Keychain, Steem Monsters & Steem-Engine, Yabapmatt. It would not have been possible for us to create any of our games without the products developed by Matt for the steem community. So we owe a big thanks to him for all his contributions to Steem.

We are in the final stages of launching our fully transparent GAMER token on steem engine, a sidechain which is immutably linked to the steem blockchain. This means that all your token transactions, holdings, and earnings are stored immutably on the blockchain and anyone can access and verify any transaction related to the GAMER token.
Token Launch will be within 1-2 weeks from now. Also, all the bets placed till launch will also receive their share of tokens.



Become a part owner of the kryptogamers platform and earn daily dividends for lifetime from the profits generated by the platform.

The best part is that the GAMER tokens will be transferable and tradable with Steem through the Steem Engine internal exchange after the first 10-15% tokens are issued through “Smartdrop” as explained below.

But unlike most of the tokens which are only used for trading, speculation and pump-dump schemes, a GAMER Token, will always hold some intrinsic value since all the token holders are entitled to a fair share of the profits generated by the platform for lifetime.

Moreover, we also have plans to integrate it with SMTs if launched.

Since we have the lowest house edge in the industry, our games are designed in such a way that players can experience the thrill of betting as well as earn a decent passive income by holding GAMER Tokens.

Token Distribution Plan


  • Max Supply of GAMER tokens will be 10 Billion tokens since we already have 2 games and are planning more games in the future.

  • Team Tokens (10%) will be accumulated in the official @kryptogamers account for now and won’t be available for trading or profit sharing for a lock-in period of at-least 1 year to avoid any price manipulations.

  • Reserved Tokens (5%) may be used in either of the categories (except in the Team Tokens) required for the sustainable growth of the platform as per the market conditions of the future.

  • 6 Billion Tokens (60% of the total token supply) will be distributed to the players of Kryptogamers via 3 different channels:

    • Play: For every 1 STEEM wagered, 100 GAMER tokens + Bonus Tokens as per Club rewards will be distributed irrespective of whether you win or lose the game. ‘Playing’ is the best way to earn GAMER tokens since you can enjoy the game, earn some tokens and maybe win some steem as well.
    • Refer: For all referrals, we currently distribute 20% of the house edge (0.5%) of blackjack bets and 10% of the house edge (1%) of dice bets of all your referred users daily for lifetime. Additionally we will distribute 10% of all the bets of your referred users as GAMER tokens.
    • Delegate: For every 100 Steem Power delegated to @kryptogames, 100 GAMER tokens (1:1) will be credited to your account every day. Distribution will be halved every time the total Steem Power delegated to @kryptogames reaches multiples of 100,000. (Eg: After 100,000 SP delegated, 50 GAMER tokens will be issued. After 200K SP delegated, 25 tokens will be issued per day)
  • Early Bird: As promised earlier, all bets placed till the token launch will receive an Early Bird Bonus of 10% bonus tokens in addition to the regular tokens earned at the rate 100 tokens per 1 steem wagered.

  • Distribution Rate of 100 tokens per steem will be halved after every 10% of the smartdrop tokens are issued.

Dividend Payouts & Token Buyback/Burn

Payout: 70% of the profits will be distributed among the current circulating supply of 70% community token holders (Smartdrop + Promotions) right from the day our dividend payout system is launched which will take around 3-4 weeks from now.

Eg: If a total of 1 Million community tokens are circulating on the first day of dividend payouts and the platform achieves a profit of say 100 steem on that day, then 1 steem will be distributed for every 10000 tokens on that day.

We may also consider staking ‘GAMER’ tokens to receive dividends in order to discourage token dumping by extremely short-term token holders.

Token Buyback/Burn: At some point in the future, we will initiate a token buyback or token burn system in which a particular amount of tokens will be bought back by the platform or burned in order to decrease the token supply and increase the value of tokens for our token holders.

Bug Bounty Rewards Program

Introducing a new bug bounty rewards program, where each bug discovered by you will get a bounty from anywhere between 100 GAMER tokens up-to 50,000 GAMER tokens depending upon the severity of the bug as decided by our development team.


For any questions, feel free to contact us on Discord

Stay Happy! Stay Motivated!


Hi .
i am new on krpotgames and have a Question .
if someone have 140000 Gamer Token then whats Benefit for us ?? and if i stake some token then whats Happen? please explain me in detail sorry but am totally confused .

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What happens is that you will be paid a dividend of the amount that you have staked.
Log into Kryptogamers and then click on your name. Go to Dashboard.
Go to "Gamer Tokens" and make sure that the "Gamer Balance" amount is staked. (Only whole Steem, nothing past the decimal point. So, 5.5555 is just 5).

Then go to "Dividends" and click "Claim Dividends" and you will be paid that amount in Steem.

I only started playing on your site since a few minutes now and its pretty great. The only thing that I'd like to see implemented is mobile responsiveness of the site. It's kind of hard to play using "show desktop site".
Other than that, could you share what programing languages were used in building the site. I'm a budding developer and I'm interested web dev and especially in projects like these. If its confidential thats fine too.

We are glad that you liked it. You can also play in mobile without using "show desktop site". Also for development related questions, you can contact us on discord.

Yes i noticed that later lol. Must be a problem with my phone or something.
By the way, your website was down for quite a while. Ran out of bandwidth?

I hope this will finally give you the attention your platform deserves!

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Your platform is so underrated and your games are a little toooo fun 😉😉

I was already in love with playing blackjack on your site before the token/club announcement and now it’s going to be even more fun. Keep up the great work, you guys deserve all the success in the world!! 🙏🏽

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"your games are a little toooo fun 😉😉" This is what makes us so happy. Thanks a lot.

Going through this post it looks very interesting, but am going to check it out.. like they say seen is believing

thanks for keeping us motivated

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congratz on the milestone achieved ! no doubt he created so many useful applications/tools for steemians.

🚀 🌕

Moon your steem everyday ! Instant Dividend payout after every game. chance to WIN 333,137 steemies every round. FREE Player Upvote worth $0.78 every 2.5hr

Can we delegate SP for divdends?

yes, chk out part 6

For details on Token system and Dividends Distribution :

When / where will I be able to but GAMER tokens and how do I stake them for dividends?

GAMER tokens can't be bought right now. It can only be earned through 3 channels: Play, Refer & Delegate. Our Dividend system will be launched in 3-4 weeks. So staking may be enabled after that. It can be bought with steem from steem engine internal dex after 10-15% tokens are issued.

It is a pleasure for me, to read this type of content here in steemit, so I learn to make my publications ... Thank you for your contribution, from VENEZUELA I wish you the best and the greatest success

Hello, interesting, I had no idea of ​​this platform, we will try to see that, good luck.

I've delegated to the project. Will I see the tokens in my Steem Engine and KeyChain balances daily?

Thanks for your delegation. After our token launch, you will be able to see your token balances in your Steem Engine, in Steem Keychain and in your Dashboard on our site.

Sending you good vibes that this will help your platform take off! YEA!

Nice looking forward to this.

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What's up bro, didn't fancy seeing you here.

Not too much. How are you doing?

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Not much just lurking. I see you are testing the waters on blackjack. I'm having a blast. Can't wait for token launch.

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I just tried this and I have to say great job! Really nice feel to the games. I just wish I didn't have to approve every wallet transaction. But then I guess there is some risk in that. :)

Are you using Steem Connect or Keychain for your bets?

Congratulations @kryptogames!
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Hi there.
Trying out this for the first time and Firefox gave me the warning. Should I be worried?
Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 12.10.46 AM.png

There should not be any problem with the security as we have secure SSL enabled. Still we will look into why this warning was being shown and will try to rectify it.

Yeah thanks. You probably missed installing the chain certificate. SSLCertificateChainFile

I just Delegated and I am Looking towards a Big Future @kryptogames !!!