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Hey Steemians!!

Wow that escalated quickly! So much happening these days first the sale of the stinc stake, then the soft fork to encourage communications from a new partner that refused to talk or be honest about his intentions to the community while spitting out all kinds of random garbage non sense on twitter about dismantling the blockchain and moving over to tron and now the complete hostile takeover using customer funds stored on exchanges. Did most most of us see it coming? Probably, at least it would be naive to think some rich commie probably owned by his government wouldn't decide to flex his muscles and start swinging his dick around by voting his own top 20 witness (himself) to protect us from ourselves...multiple personalities?? LMFAO


Well Mister Sun, you bought stake and a domain not a community or "steemy" nor are we merging with tron. The community is a fickle bitch yo, we don't bow down to overlords. We are here because we are sick of mainstream social media and want a decentralized immutable future, clearly we are FAR FAR away from that but not all hope is lost yet. A recent tweet suggested he disabled hackers from ruining his chain. Some of them may be hacks but hackers?? No community elected by the thousands of users that care about this place and have been here for 4 years big difference. Secondly we are the blockchain. Now he thinks he big man because he took down the dragon beast that we are. He may have won this round...bravo but it's far from over. Remember you have a reputation to maintain in the rest of the crypto world's eyes and how successful will you be owning a ghost town raging on your twitter feed and youtube channel? Things that make you go...Hum.


Time to grab the bull by the horns. If in the end that means the community chooses to fork his ass out the door and we have a new home and have to start from scratch with a new name new coin, so be it. I have a centralized social media already , it's called is enough. Since then exchanges have been contacted and informed of the grand deception of a "standard fork procedure" and some have started removing support for Sun's multiple personalities and their (his) little man syndrome. Now it's time for the community to show what we are made of. Many of you may not be making full use of your witness features, now would be a good time to do so if you care about a decentralized future and against a dictatorship. GO VOTE FOR OUR OLD TOP 20 and save our future even if you don't fully agree with what they normally do, just until we stand on our own 2 feet again. If you are unsure who, many have made posts about it already and have shared links to use them as a proxy voter for you, they can be found on the trending page, should be easy enough to find someone you trust with your witness votes, the time is NOW.


Will we be watching the sun go down? Take your stance to protect our blockchain no mater how great or little you think your stake is, at this point, every little bit, every steem matters. Lesson of the day, if you keep your funds on an exchange, they could be used against your wishes at anytime, not in your wallet, it aint yours. There was an opportunity to work with the community and it could have made steemit great again but he chose to incinerate the community instead, do I regret this happened? No, now we know his true colors and intentions nice to find that out earlier rather than later before more funds, time and development is invested here by the community.

Cheers! xox


The Steem blockchain is currently being attacked by a central authority in order to take control of the witnesses. If you are not managing your witness votes, please consider setting @berniesanders as your witness voting proxy by clicking here to help restore the decentralization of Steem.

I Really like your Photography a lot........Yes we Must put Justin in his Place.........@ladybug146

Thank you!

Yes we do to a certain degree, It would be nice if he acknowledged he's not the only one that gets to decide things.

If anything this has really got us hyped up and it's amazing to see what the power of the collective can do, I don't think his going to give up but we will keep pushing. I think this shows why decentralisation is so important and worth fighting for

For sure, I didn't think it was possible to get almost everyone to put their differences aside and stick togehter for a common goal, we're making crypto history. I bet there is a few watching steem in the background now. It is important fight that will set a a certain standard and good to see the weak points of decentralization early in the game.

I agree with you the message we setting out is clear that this is a community blockchain! Other chains no one cares about to be under threat or are centralized so no one really cares! It’s totally history in the making and this small community was able to push back on the biggest exchange in the world and it also shows that Throwing money at something only gets you so far in a decentralized space and that’s a good thing

This is one of the reasons we want to move to this type of governance

Agreed!!It may be hard for one big player but if anything, we came close and is a potential future threat that remains. We are at a stalemate for now with still a good number of puppet witnesses remaining but at least they can't implement anything either, we'll have to learn to somehow work together. I also noticed some exchanges have started to power down. Hopefully there is no fork to let em off the hook easy and they learn from their mistakes using other investors funds without permission.

I also don’t want this to result in a fork, I think that it’s exposed a big hole in our setup as you say and I see people already speaking about how to fix it with less witness votes, or the longer you stake/power up the more power your vote holds and I’m sure we’ll find a combination that works!

Rather find these things out now when we’re small than when we adopt more people

As always, wonderful text and photos. All the old top 20 were already voted and let's just wait for their (and other's) decision.

Thanks @ronaldoavelino! We did it!! at least half the witnesses are back.

@ribary stop voting for Sun Witness!
Vote for @good-karma and @themarkymark!

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