@Likwid, the reward liquifier - 1000$ milestone + now support for comments.

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You can now be paid in full after 7 days on your comments.

When using Steempeak.com you can set @likwid as beneficiary by clicking here

We're very happy of the community's reception and the great feedback, In the first 10 days we processed 1000$ worth of rewards.

For more information on @likwid check out our announcement post.

PS: Very small update, we know, promoted it anyway using @Steemium because we think almost anything is better than @john371911 's post below.



Thank you for providing @likwid! We only recently learned about it and integrated it for our account incubating system and for all our creators.

Something needed to be done and if this can generate turnover and encourage signups of the more instant gratification type of creators then it will be a success. Will be interesting to see the take up rate and any effects on the wider community and price as Steem and SBD truly become influenced by true market forces instead of being drip fed in by the 13 week powerdown period. 6 months ago I would have been mortified by a scheme like this, in the current climate, its possibly just whats needed.
Best wishes team.

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Amazing service I've asked for many times. Maybe you can also allow people to give you their owner key and liquidate their entire SP for a loan paying back with powerdown like neoxian does lol

How much do you charge to liquidate the rewards?

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I guess you'd have to change recovery account to @null and wait 30 days for that to work.
Also we'd charge a different amount depending on size of account.
We already considered this option but it's have no plan to provide this service.

Is there any convenient tool to change recovery account or do we need to use cli?

Changing recovery acc is possible on Steemworld (General Data -> Change Recovery Account).

Thanks a lot!

be careful when doing that, should leave it alone because you dont want nuill to be yoru recovery account incase you get hacked.

Thanks for the reminder. I appreciate it.

I'm not considering @null as recovery account at all. Just looking if I can set accounts for recovery with more user friendly way.

I believe it is possible to do with SteemConnect, cli_wallet, and beem


Fantastic update. This should increase the community engagement.

This is a welcome development. Nice and interesting.

According to my calculations, you take exactly 2% to liquify the SP part of reward. But in your profile, you claim that you take only 1.5%... please correct that.

Thanks for reporting, Should be fixed by tomorrow. It should be taking 1.5% of the full reward. The 2% you mentioned was actually equivalent to 1%.

You just won the internet!

Indeed great update . Thanks :D

Very interesting, trying for comments now :)

Good information..

Looking good!

Good!! 👍

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Good information to provide.

Greeting, Anders (my real first name)

I am new to steemit and I do not understand much, but I would love to try. If I need help, I will request them. Thank you

likwid its good and i am supporting

This is wonderful and a nice improvement thus far, @steemium nice work towards this content...

This is great!

this program is very good and i must follow it

Congratulations @likwid!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

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nothing to comment ...bcz all comments are done by my fellow steemians

Nice emprovement guys, keep doing your best

How to get paid? should enter a wallet what wallet?

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Hi, it's something you have to do at time of posting,
See https://steemit.com/steem/@likwid/announcing-likwid-the-reward-liquifier
Let us know if you have more questions.

very interesting.

Interesting project. Followed to see more.

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I'm still a bit new to all of this, but it shows a lot of promise.

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This is a fantastic start to make trending great and vibrant again...

Very interesting to have something that we can liquify our payout immediately. You have an interesting vision to see things like this will be useful in the community

Could you tell me what happens to Palcoins and SPT tokens when using the service?

They are not affected, should confirm with whoever built SPT though.

So they would still end up in my account? I asked @aggroed in a comment yesterday, but haven't received a reply yet

I love every day improving and that's how the community is refurbished in only 10 days were 1000 if they continue in this way the rewards will be even greater I congratulate them for the improvements

Hi @likwid
Do you support steem-engine tokens? Like pal token or weed? If not are you thinking about adding support or at least send back liquid tokens?

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No, do these tokens even support beneficiary option?

I have no idea :D need to check that on one of my post. set you up as a beneficiary and then see who will get tokens.

But all SE tokens are always liquid unless you yourself stake them up!

Thanks for the post.

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This is ridiculously boosted up! Waiting for the poopcorn Xpress!!

Stellar is also a payment technology that aims to connect financial institutions and drastically reduce the cost and time required for cross-border transfers. In fact, both payment networks used the same protocol initially.

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