Steem has challenged me to be creative

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I am new to Steem. I am so glad that I have found it. A special shout out to "WE ARE CHANGE". I do not understand it completly, Ok, very little. I have found some sources that I will have to read and reread........and reread again.
I have found steem very refreshing. The topics are many. I was eager to get in on the fun. Truthfully, I was eager to make some cash. I wrote my first article on "emergency communication in SHTF" and made 5 bucks. Not bad.
I just wanted to give a special thanks to steem. This endeavor has made me challenge myself. With the invention of cell phones and not having to remember much anymore, this has brought back the challenge of "ideas" and bringing ideas to life.
Thanks, steem and its creators. The world needed the challenge to get back to creativity.


I went back and look at your posts. Nice articles but I have a few suggestions. Not that I have arrived or even made much money myself.

  • Include a photo or two. You can host them on
  • Break up your sentences and paragraphs and include headings.
    I use < h1 >Your Heading< /h1 > (Just remove the spaces in the tags) I know there used to be short cuts but they don't seem to work for me now.
  • The bullets like this are with * and a space.

Anyone else with more tips or what the shortcuts are now?

Keep up the good work and let's tell more people about steemit. :)

maybe you could go read my latest work. Thanks again for the tips

Amazed at some of the creativity on steem