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Is steemit a scam? I dont know. I jumped at the oppertunity to make some cash just for posting STUFF. Some of the stuff posted I noticed is making some serious steem dollars. Ive seen some post with $10,000-$14,0000. Of course, I thought "cool, I can do that". I have to revert back to the old adage, "IF ITS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT POBABLY IS".

I quickly added up the top 10 post from today, $16,000, THAT'S JUST THE FIRST 10! Wow! Ok, what if we added up all the payouts for a single day? $30,000-$60,000, possibly? Maybe more! Where is this "crypto currency" coming from? What is it backed by? How can someone just create a crypto currency and convert it to bit coin then to American dollars? What gives steem its value? Better yet, how is steemit making money off of me? Trust me, if steemit is going to pay you, let's say $549.00 for a post in 11 hours, STEEMIT IS MAKING MONEY ALSO.
Let's look at Facebook. Mark Zuckerburg creates facebook and in a few years is a billionaire. How? Ive never given a dime to facebook, along with hundreds of thousands of other users. ADDS! We are Marks product. We use his website he makes hundreds of millions annually from adds.
How is steemit making money off of us. I don't have a clue. If anyone does please inform us.
Steemit seems just a little fishy to me. There are not any adds, so how in the world can they just give away cash? They're not, not at least without making what they give away plus some to stay profitable.

I read that steem is created every day. How? It would stand to reason if we could just create a currency, then money does indeed GROW ON TREES. We all know in fact that it does not. We also know that what gives a currency value is being rare. When there is to much of a currency its value declines. Will steem eventually become to common and lose its value? What gives steem its value? THIS WEBSITE SEEMS TO JUST GIVE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AWAY THAT IS CREATED OUT OF THIN AIR. Sound familar?

Next is this even legal? Creating a crypto currency out of thin air, to eventually convert it to a dollar? I'm suprised more people have not asked these questions? Since steem can't be converted into dollars without going through another crypto currency should raise an eyebrow.
These are just questions I'm raising. I admit I do not unerstand crypto currencies. I am not saying anything one way or another. Just raising some questions. If someone can inform us please do.
And yes, I will still try to us steemit to get some extra cash.


its legit. get on board, and take the reward of your work to the bank. then you comfirm its for real

This article makes no sense at all. Investers are going to invest in a "virtual currency" at the same time it is going to be given away for free? Not trying to be a downer on this system. I'm just trying to understand this whole steem currency.
Secondly, even though it is a virtual or crypto currency, it is still a currency. Convertable to U.S. dollars. I admit, I just do not get it.
I also see a major crash coming in this currency. When something rises to fast, it comes down just as fast. Thats just a common investing rule. It looks like it is on a rocket ship going straight up. That is a red flag.

You have to put effort into making income from blogging. It's not "free money".

As for the few $$$ worth of steem power in new accounts, these cannot be withdrawn.

Go to and sign up for real cheap and read the free Steem Cash report that Mark gives you which explains everything about the economics and logistics of Steem, Steem Dollars, and Steem Power. After I read that free report i understood it all very clearly. In my opinion, Steemit isnt a 100% sure bet just yet at this point in time, BUT its a HUGE step in the right direction with more potential upside than just about any other possible investment out there. Steemit should definitely be at the top of everyone's investment radar for sure. I like your ability to question things which is a great personality trait for anyone, but I honestly would favor optimism rather than pessimism when it comes to Steemit. If you are going to be pessimistic about something, let it be central banks and big governments


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