Haven't made a post lately. Why not play with beneficiary rewards and point it all to @steem.dao? Upvote this as hard as you can and pump some funds into the fund!

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If you don't upvote this shitpost to pump some rewards into @steem.dao, I'm cutting this commie loose on y'all.

@elgeko captured this photo of @kotturinn when she first immigrated to the USA.

Shitposting to play with steemit.com's feature to allow beneficiary rewards. Pointing all rewards to @steem.dao so vote as hard as you can.


Think I'm still #2 on sending rewards to the Dao, catch up and I'll start sending again. :D

Woah, really?! Well, I have some catching up to do, then.

Woops, I remembered wrong, I was 4th. This is kind of old by now but stats brought to you by @abh12345


I'll take everything back!

Haha, yeah it's a good one. I took that in the first day or two after Ann first got here. Then @elgeko edited it to death to make it way more tru-thug.

A gun and some hundos is a good way to welcome someone to the US!


Also, did you delete signal? Tried to text ya earlier and it's undelivered.

Still have signal. I had my phone on airplane mode since I was at a party last night and forgot to turn it off.

I think if you be in news like this like this TV let as see ... you not go smile like this here in photo :)) you are out there and hid and run :))

I ain't no pussy 💯

Ух какая красавица. Такой женой можно хвастаться на каждом шагу .
Ты очень красивая и очень добрая!


Хахаха спасибо @singa :)

Nice shitpost bro ✌😂😂

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I remember you taking that picture was that at my house ?

Yup, that was at your house withing the first day or two of Ann landing in the states.

I dont lije weapons in the posts
Downvoting this

I don't like not liking guns and I think that XBox sucks, downvoting this. But I really think you're just downvoting this because I downvoted dobartim's overpaid garbage posts. Anyone downvoting this is stupid, all rewards are paid out to @steem.dao which pays people who develop or run projects for the Steem blockchain. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I don’t like guns in picture as well

That's fine, I don't like not liking guns. Downvoted :-). All downvoting this does is take money away from Steem devs, congratulations.