Oh yeah, I forgot to mention . . . WE WON THE NOONIES FOR SOCIAL NETWORK OF THE YEAR!!!

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Would ya just look at that, boys and girls! We did it, we banded together and once again collectively stomped a mud hole into the ass of yet another contest! Why? Because we have actual people here. Gab, whatever that is, came out of nowhere with undoubtedly falsified votes and almost got us, but we're no cheats. We won fair and square and look at that! Would ya just look at it?!



Fuck yeah!! I had a bunch of people vote but I never found out the outcome. Steem-4-lyfe!!

🏆 🥇 Hooray!

Побеждать всегда приятно, тем более если сам поспособствовал победе.


Cheer 👏👏👏👍👍👍

steemians did it again :) the best community in the world

😵 Haters gonna hate 🔙
🍹 Winners gonna win 🍻

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Hey dude!!!! We won. Isn't this awesome. Who would have thought that a few weeks ago when we all started posting about this the community would make it happen 🙂😄

Big cheesy greetings from me.

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They are saying the results are suspect due to 'fake' votes, but that will happen with any poll like this. The fact is that Steem could get more people voting than some big social sites. It shows they care about it.

If only the had used a Blockchain for voting... :')

Now there's an idea, but then we know many people have multiple accounts, myself included.

I think that it was mainly Gab. They were pretty much at the bottom, then out of nowhere was #1. I think our votes were pretty organic and was a deserved win.

With just a few thousand votes to win it could have been any of them, but it looks like there were not major campaigns by some of them

I think some garbage votes got removed near the end.