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I'm trying to grow alongside this community, as well as my crypto-collection.

And since we're hit a bit of a bear market, let's lift some spirits and send some tokens.

Please comment below mentioning that you've completed these tasks and I'll enter you in the drawing.




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Easiest contest ever

thanks @lovemetouchme2 ! Good luck!

I upvoted ,resteemed & started to follow you :)

All done. Let's rise from the ashes of the recent drop.

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Thanks for your work !



awesome! thanks @honolulu

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Followed upvoted and resteemed. I like the idea of raising people's spirits with the bear market keeping us down. I wish you much success

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Up voted, resteemed and followed.


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upvoted, resteemed, followed, thanks

upvoted, and resteemed, and followed, good luck in the growing efforts.

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Full package done! Upvoted, resteemed and followed :-)

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I love your writing and blog,I also like your profile,upvoted you @honeysingh


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Wow a great start. Loved it

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How does this work?

How many winners will there be?

How much Steem?

Is it from the earnings you get from this post?

Upvoted and resteemed! I'm in.

all done.

I've just completed the tasks @mikev :)

I've done all three. Cheers!

upvoted and resteemed! :)

Done vote and so on. Tq bro...

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Tasks completed !!

I am done.
Wish you and all of us good luck!

Greetings from Germany

And, it's dooone

Follow you! Upvoted and Resteem. I am sure you will gather a big and nice community.

Done 🤙🏼😆

Yeah. Completed all the steps.
Followed, Upvoted and Resteemed......... @mikev

done, I will follow you also.

Upvoted and resteemed!

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