So...Ned officially says he sold Steemit to Justin Sun.. Poloniex is re-listing STEEM.... token swaps and dapp migrations....How about an official statement from Steemit.Inc maybe?

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Ok the least I can say is that I am totally confused. I mean I was expecting that something big was about to happen but I definitely wasn't prepared to read about token swaps.....dapp migrations...airdrops....Poloniex listing STEEM again...and such.

I hope what is about to take place is going to benefit STEEM holders and Steem users and not vise versa...

So I am going to leave this here and use your own judgement....

2020-02-14 19_00_18-Steemit Joining TRON Ecosystem - TRON Foundation - Medium.png

Oh...and this...

2020-02-14 18_54_38-Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) _ Twitter.png

And this...

2020-02-14 19_08_33-(3) Ned Scott on Twitter_ _Steemitans and Twitterers, after four beautiful years.png

And finally...this

2020-02-14 19_12_27-(4) Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) _ Twitter.png


Yeah, no idea if it is good or bad for Steem users - but it isn't like @ned gives a crap about that ;D

He can do whatever he wants with his property, but should we really find out about new tokens and swaps and migrations from a tweet?

Well, yeah, we're merchandise, not stakeholders, apparently...

They owe people some explanation. There are users amongst us who are heavily invested in STEEM...

Well, I suppose we need to wait for the AMA.

as said, not much of a crap has been given in a very long time. The interesting thing is, what are TRON buying other than the STINC stake? The devs?

Why would they need Steemit or need a token swap at all?

Unless they are removing Steemit off, from the rest of the chain it simply doesn't make sense at all

Nobody can "force" anyone to do anything on Steem, let alone to migrate their dapp on another chain...

Maybe they have no idea how Steem works in the first place and just published a bad written piece of text in a hurry....

The article on Medium was written for TRON stakeholders, not for us. Steemit should have had something prepared for us.

I am guessing they understand enough, but buying the stake and migrating that doesn't actually do anything.

Even moving Steemit off, what sense does that make - it is an interface and already replaced a hundred times over.

Maybe the piece written was originally in Chinese and Google translated.

It scares me - I remember all of 2019 they said that the throne was “scam” “shitcoin” and that the Tron is in many ways very far from decentralization and that there are a lot of lies and scams. I'm scared and confused. I can not appreciate this news - more information is needed.

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Well, this is nuts. I want to say something but I'm not sure what to say. I hope that this turns out well.

I'm not sure what about to happen, but i think it's not actually good news..
Also that swap think it bring me chills.

The big question is, will we see Ned playing a guitar or showing off his suspenders?