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RE: Why I won’t be compromising with Justin Sun

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I commit to this 100%. I will be providing all of my available development resources and blockchain knowledge to the new chain.

The Steem technology will not die, but the Steem blockchain, as you said, has little to no value remaining. I look forward to helping create a new beginning for this community that has already been through so much.

The new community in the new chain will have a real sense of ownership without a looming threat hanging above their head in the form of illegitimate, ninja-mined stake.

There are some exciting times just around the corner. I implore the community to hold tight and keep your eyes and ears open.

To be clear, I think Justin Sun, and likely Ned Scott, should be criminally charged for their actions. Due to this, I fully agree that Sun should not be awarded at all for the damage he has caused. @justinsunsteemit doesn't even engage with the community unless he thinks they will benefit him and vote for his sock puppet witnesses.

Eli Powell is constantly lying or spreading a false narrative about what is to come. I hope everyone takes this opportunity to continue their efforts on the new chain WITHOUT the stain of SteemIt, Inc.


Eli has no dignity what so ever, therefore i consider her to cancer along with Justin and that piece of shit @ned.

Thanks for everything you've done in regards to soft fork, you will always have my vote. Fuck tron, fuck centralization, fuck justin... nono, fuck all of them

How did Justin get control of Steem? Believe me, I am not a fan of Justin or any "leader" of crypto. It goes against the very reason I got into BTC after the 2009 fiasco that opened my eyes to a corrupt and tired fiscal environment. outdated tools and unethical practices were so prevalent, you might as well hand over the fed TO lying manipulating quacks( oh wait, the nation did it). So with that out of the way, Justin keeps crytpo in the mainstream and he has done far better than most of us at a very young age. Hopefully, he will grow up and become the Gates of my son's generation. You should all stop nagging about his take over of Steem. If you can do better, do it and keep the insults to yourselves. YaZEN -"see the tears but don't react, be prepared for a massive onslaught and attack"

Yep, that's why we left the chain :)

Insulting him is the least i can do after he called our witnesses hackers and usurped the chain.
We used to call this place "home", now its nothing more than a blockchain.

Feel free to support everything crypto should stay against. :)


Eli Powell is constantly lying or spreading a false narrative about what is to come.

Really? That would involve communicating with people - and I've never seen much evidence of that!

Ya I'd have a lot more respect if she would quit alongside the devs and Andrarchy. But Steemit is her religion and Justin Sun is her priest :-/

This is so big, unheard of! Cheers to all of you! !BEER

gosh i have like so many questions. are we waiting for andrarchy to get the new dpos chain done from scratch or are we still attempting to hardfork justin out of our lives and then make our chain the most popular chain, while koreans and tron can do with their chain watever? is blocktrades talking about using existing steem sourcecode and just starting a steem blockchain totally from scratch running the same code? what time frame are we talking about?

Blocktrades post is talking about using existing Steemd code, with some modifications, on a new chain with an entirely new token.

It will not be stained by SteemIt, Inc or the SteemIt, Inc stake.

Then we can use the blockchain hardfork technology to implement bigger changes in the future.

The Steem blockchain that Tron has destroyed will still remain in tact for Tron to continue to destroy I suppose. Up to them.

but using the existing blockchain transfering all data and savings, and not starting from an empty blockchain? so that we have steem on that chain right from the start and dont have to worry about loosing all steem in the process of a tokenswap, but can slowly transfer over trons copies of the tokens?

HI & rEsteemed!


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