YOU DID IT STEEMIANS!!!! Steem Won The [NETCOINS] Contest.

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Team @Oracle-D is extremely elated to announce the proud win of STEEM in the NETCOINS Contest. This win is attributed to the entire STEEM Family who gave their heart and soul for 7 days to make this possible. Thank you so much each and everyone who participated in the contest. This is the result of unity among STEEMIANS. A proud moment for all of us and it sets a clear example of people sitting miles away from each other can make big things happen. TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK. We are a team of JEFFS!

A few minutes ago we noticed this page and saw STEEM right on TOP!




Credits: @podanrj

After 7 days of hustling and bustling, we finally proved everyone that STEEM Blockchain has the best community support as compared to any other blockchain. This is our UNIQUE SELLING PRICE. This fact will take us through any challenge in the future. We support each other in good or bad times and we will keep on doing it.

Team @Oracle-D is celebrating right now and you should do it too. We all did a wonderful job and deserve a pat on our backs. Let's gear up for the good times and the fun that is awaiting for us in the near future. All credit goes to YOU GUYS who only made this win possible.


  • Netcoins will list STEEM alongwith Bitcoin and other cryptos to be sold in 171,000 retail locations in over 53 countries across 6 continents.
  • Netcoins will mention the token in their subsequent press releases and media coverage.
  • Global OTC desk availability.
  • STEEM price might see a bump over the next few months after the coins is listed.
  • Moral Victory for Steemit Inc., users & investors.
  • We can do this again and again. More contest will come and STEEMIANs will win them too.
  • STEEM Community is THE BEST.

Once again thank you so much to you guys, every STEEM Project and Influencer who helped us achieve this milestone.

We love you guys! We love STEEM!

Final Call Contest Winners

As promised we had set a bounty of 100SBD for 10 random voters who will get 10 SBD each. Here are your names:


Congratulations guys! You will get your rewards in a few days. Also, @ahmanik won 3 accounts for his friends or family. Please send 0.001 to @oracle-d with the 3 usernames in memo separated by commas and your discord ID.

NOTE: All Liquid SBDs from this post will be donated to @adollaraday charity


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Woow. this is wonderful news. And as you say, we did it together.

Furthermore, thank you so much your bounty.

Now party time..

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

You got a 14.41% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @cryptoewp!

The Steem Community Did it! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


yeah boi !!! boss @stackin

Flexin’ 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

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haha yes!!

Easy Peasy! 🤣

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Totally!!! I even heard @ned's gonna pay a round on the win at @steemfest 😎

While @ned is at it... he can hook me a free trip. 😂😅

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Team Effort!!!!

The force is strong with steem 😉

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Another effort


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Fucking! We did it!

This shows everyone how amazing the Steemit clan are :)

Cheers to us all Jeffs! 😀💖 Yey! We made it! Steem won! We won! 😀😀😀

@oracle-d Thank You as well for support and be part of our Steem family I'm very proud that we won and we need to continue to push STEEM To The Moon ;)

This is the result of a truly outstanding community effort, and we can all be very proud of it. It's been a great warmup for the SMT promotion in 2019, don't you think...? :-)

Thanks for being the driving force, team @oracle-d! ❤️

Cheers @Surfermarly. Thanks to you as well for being an ideal Steemian!!!!

Thanks for your lovely words!

Definitely Marly. You are bang on right. ;)) Now we know if we want to get the word out, STEEM community will ROAR!!!! I am proud of us :'))

Thanks to all! We deserve this song ;)))

I was trying to link it on the oracle-d discord server, but the bots didn't let me - haha :-)

STEEEEEEEEEEEM TO THE MOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Going to listen to that song all night. ;)))) Thank you Marly :'D

+++ thats great, it only showed the community is still active

best news ! such a strong community! we did great!

Congratulations to everyone one of us for voting, it a great achievement for Steem and we hope to see the bull markets in the next months!!! Cheers🥂🥂

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It wasn't just desirable to win this competition, it was necessary!!

I think there are a huge number of positives and some lessons to learn. Let's put a kitbag together of the most effective parts of our campaign and take them into the next competition or contest!

Shout out to the Main Man Jeff @followbtcnews and to @starkerz and @anarcotech for seeing this opportunity and putting the first campaign task out through @oracle-d last week.

It was a rollercoaster guys - great to be on the journey with you!

Did you know that Jeff is going to be the most popular baby name in 2019 !!

Haha, I heard that people all over the world are getting a Jeff tattoo now! :-D

What a crazy week, don't know what about you Chris, but I totally LOVED it.
Steem spirit to the max :-)

It was a totally mental week - and I loved it too!! In the middle of the mayhem we will all have managed to meet new people along the way which was cool too.

Thanks for being such a huge part of the steem community machine. It was really great that through your #gettoknowme challenge out - you set the world in motion for me and @creatr to meet - on @pennsif's show - he got to learn about this contest very early on when I posted about my vote for Steem which was vote #30 on the first Sunday night and he played a big part thereafter......and also thanks for being the person who OUTED the REAL JEFF. If he made himself known in some capacity I would buy him a beer. Oh wait I don't need to know a thing. I can send STEEM through the blockchain in 3 seconds and he can sort himself out with a beer all of his own!!

We all are JEFFs!!!!

There can be only one Real Jeff: Somebody get That Man a Beer:

Fantastic initiative @oracle-d and fantastic work everyone that helped in any way with the campaign.

And super, super thanks again to Oracle-D for their generosity in donating the liquid post rewards to A Dollar A Day again.

Most welcome @pennsif. Team @Oracle-D is delighted to contribute to @Adollaraday!!! We aim to bring a positive change in everyone's lives and to grow together as a team!

Congratulations to each and everyone of us who voted! We made this happen together!

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That's true @firepower. It was a team effort!!!


Great to see it. I wonder what the final counts were since INS dropped from first to third after gaining 110k votes in just a few hours. At least we got there in the end so a well done to everybody who got involved.
Hopefully it will give us a boost at some stage and get STEEM out there a bit more.

I guess after all the fake votes were removed, it was all clear who cheated

Who cheated most anyway. I'm sure there was a little bit going on from our side too.
So we either did it less or did it better, just not sure which....

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Might, be, but at least the result is in our favor

We were few but we were strong. This is a good victory for the project and steemians generally and a first true test of viability. Together, we can achieve much more. To the moon!

++++even despite the market down and user inactivity, we did it

Thanks sir @oracle-d for Mention me.. My discord Name is "ahmanik#9642"

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To the Steem!

Let's set the next goal for the community!
For example, adding SBD to Binance.

How about we just get STEEM withdrawals working on the Binance wallet working for starters which has been down since HF20.

Sure. Why not!

Steem On! We're gonna celebrate this at SteemFest3 🤗🙃

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The Steem Community can do great things when it works together! Let's celebrate but let's also find our next target after that :^) Keep the momentum going!

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As the Turkish community, we spent a great deal of effort. Congratulations to all who support. @oracle-d

Thank you for all your effort. I am so happy. This was good to show the power of our community in here and that together we can really achieve whatever we want.

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Party mode activated Jeff's 😎

Congratulations JEFFS!!!


President donald Trump tweeted on twitter.
Sir @oracle-d

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Fake screen shot :P

Amazing! 😜

@oracle-d Thank you ! Its 50 % your work(WIN) ! LOVE FOR oracle-d , Love for Steemit , Love for Steem ! <3 <3 <3 THANK YOU !

Congratulations @yasayanoluler. It's 100% Steemians' Work!!!!

My idea is that you gave the information, you gave a great support (upvote) and you had great success. You have a big share.
Thanks, this is a great success, I hope that such successes are in your life.
Congratulations again congratulations congratulations!
By the way, your comment made me very happy.
@oracle-d - LOVE YOU !
You're the bravest man I've ever met in this community!

great achievement for ours

Yeah! We all made steem proud!

let's keep the spirit!

I was so happy this morning when I checked the netcoin site and I saw that we was so good,thanks to @oracle-d you inspired most of us to vote,that's why I will always tag you a good leader sir....nice one from you and to those that is expecting reward,I congratulate with you guys ...

Am so happy guys

And to think INS was really cheating, I knew it, well done steem and everyone that voted

It is totally awesome, and amazing to see our communities come together and pull this off. Congrats to all the winners of the bounty... @momogrow at least one name I know in the list...

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Best crypto news in this week! 😀👌

Congratulations 🍾 the winners!

And let’s hope that steem will take the rocket to the moon soon 🚀

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Excellent news!!!


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Congrats for all of us :)

Congratulations STEEM
Thanks for this sir @oracle-d

FINALLY !!!! After so many deceptions, some great news ! Steem is great thanks to its community :))

@oracle-d, Yes Team we did it and for sure this is the Community Strength and we all came together to push Steem on first position and for sure we achieved it. And most importantly this contest increased an essence of Integrity in Steem Economy and also most of the people encouraged each other to support Steem and for sure in this phase Engagement Levels also got boosted. So, hope and wish that in future events also Steem Community will going to stand with the same strength.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed team. 🙂

Thank you for your effort in promoting it!
I did my part too, making this video:)

thanks a lot for starting promoting this contest and this whole initiative and with clever ways. If it were not for you guys this victory would never have come. Once again thanks a lot you helped steem as a coin, steemit as a platform and each one of us!

I really hope this makes STEEM hell of a lot more popular :D

Oh yes, steem won! Glad that in simple and easy way I've done my part with this great success of steem.

That is amazing. We did it!!!

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I knew all the fake votes would be removed

Wow that is amazing new that we have finally got victory and we all had done hard work and we have voted as much we can. So certainly our hard work has paid off. And all of has great work and not to mention you promoted and supported each and everyone who vote and you had great work.So we have achieve great and we hope to achieve more.Thanks for sharing it with us. Great work and it is time for celebration. We did it

Viva la Steem!

congratulation to us.
we all jeff.

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