Steem hardfork seizes over 22 million Steem Power

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You have probably noticed that the Steem blockchain will fork to version 23 tomorrow (14:00 UTC). The most controversial change is that it transfers all STEEM of the accounts listed below to an anonymous account (@community321).

Here is the complete list of all affected users.

Steem accountSteem Power
freedom10,709,111 SP
mottler2,365,355 SP
blocktrades1,988,006 SP
safari768,477 SP
darthknight741,007 SP
theycallmedan674,163 SP
likwid541,222 SP
pharesim435,100 SP
smooth-a382,396 SP
curatorhulk326,197 SP
drbanner260,453 SP
realself240,893 SP
gtg235,519 SP
neoxian218,682 SP
gokuisreal179,584 SP
themarkymark170,156 SP
dhenz143,872 SP
smooth.witness115,820 SP
therealwolf115,770 SP
agent14109,900 SP
smooth99,799 SP
xxxxxxxxxx95,327 SP
johnmadden94,928 SP
smooth-c90,597 SP
roelandp89,635 SP
z8teyb289qav9z85,485 SP
jawnz82,222 SP
smooth-e76,802 SP
znnuksfe75,855 SP
liondani68,934 SP
clappy65,091 SP
ngc53,933 SP
fefemz51,848 SP
klobu48,265 SP
sooty35,275 SP
ozchartart33,273 SP
pfunk31,246 SP
smooth-d30,363 SP
ausbitbank28,466 SP
smooth-b28,064 SP
howo23,672 SP
mottler-123,456 SP
arsahk21,889 SP
thecyclist20,038 SP
sirvotesalot19,420 SP
ocd-witness16,772 SP
acidyo15,193 SP
kingdong15,025 SP
drakos11,792 SP
berniesanders11,668 SP
steempress9,380 SP
roundbeargames8,978 SP
kevtorin8,743 SP
kriborin8,743 SP
lessys8,052 SP
ats-david7,899 SP
netuoso5,520 SP
sockpuppet4,149 SP
abusereports3,899 SP
smooth-f1,438 SP
xx0xx1,097 SP
nextgencrypto978 SP
transisto929 SP
timetickertickin55 SP
bittrix12 SP

Total Steem Power: 22,235,887

Some of the listed accounts have non-vested STEEM and/or SBD available. If your Steem account is on this list, you should transfer your liquid balance to another account asap.

More info about this controversial hardfork:

It is clear that Steem is no longer decentralized!

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Bittrix has 1,274,096.799 liquid steem. Don't forget the liquid amounts as some of them are frozen.

You're right. I forgot these assets were already frozen.

Just came here to post that...

@justinsunsteemit you little cocksucker. You are very soon going to learn you have fucked with the wrong people. I will stand for nothing less than seeing your ass behind bars as the bitch of a dude named bubba.

Get ready to take it up the ass son. KARMA is a bitch!




Class action?

Wow. Can’t make this shit up. Could you imagine if someone said this even 4 months ago??

Can't believe my eyes. If this goes through it will be a sad day for all of crypto.

How the hell can the witnesses over there stand for this. I hope this gets spread all over crypto news.

Justin bought their loyalty. They do as they are told or they get voted out.

Now I know exactly what you mean. I'm sure Justin wished he had never bought Steemit and the can of worms it opened.

I feel for Darthknight. A huge portion of his funds are already being powered down to an unknown account, not they're stealing the remaining.

Not a good news as it will damage the campaign of brining both communities together. People love to see individual and both platform growth which cannot be achieved by quarreling against each other.If the accounts are frozen nothing one can do except making a wish that steem management will never take such action and reconsider their decision.It will be not a good story for other coins. Let's hope for the best

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 6 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

So much of DPoS security…

That crazy shit fucking thieves, people of steem community used their own money from their pocket just to invest steem and now this crazy thieves will took it all just like that..

This is my first time comment saying bad words of being here in this community for almost 3 years..its because the man behind that HF23 is really shit..

It's not his money he don't have the authority to keep all of that in to his own pocket..

What a dump person. Sorry for bad words guys just expressing my feelings,because all the names listed there helped me alot when i first start on steemit.

It's horrible.
You can not do it this way .
Gather your strength.
I think everything will be fine.
I wish you all to win this battle.

There are some good lessons to be learned for the Hive ecosystem. We have here a great example of what never ever should take place and one of the key tasks of all Hive witnesses is to prevent such things ever to happen. Also to create trust for future users.
If this goes into the news, it could damage many coins.

I hope it goes to 0!

@acydio @berniesanders guys better if you check this out!

It's the crypto crime of the year so far. It's all so blatant, but we should tell the world anyway. Let them be judged!

This is crazy, no legal action can be taken?