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RE: More Choices Could Be Good Thing

in #steem9 months ago

To quote Rambo

He drew first blood

Coming in and saying he (Justin Sun) was going to kill our token and chain off and replace it with something new was first blood. It has been a domino of bad actions since, which is what the laws of karma have shown occurs in history.

I will migrate to the new chain for sure, as I have no desire to be on a Tron chain. Not sure how the other chain will work out, but I have yet to ever pocket a dime from the meager money I invested in crypto, and have my doubts I ever will. I hung around solely for the communities I encountered that had heart and love for others. Not sure if I will cash out my Steem or not, but leaning towards I might if I can trade it for the new chain tokens to show support/solidarity. Or maybe I leave it and let Justin destroy it when he completes his takeover and forces all holders to be one of his necromongers or abandon it.

shrugs, not sure.

I'm proud of the community at the solidarity (certainly not a consensus) shown of recent times. I have witnessed powerful people here drop their enmity and pull together. Regardless of success, there is a possibility for something the likes of which has never been seen before, all made possible because of a chain that really focused on community. Even if it all burns, I feel honored to be here alongside so many of you, having a minor role in this.


I think the first announcement was handled very poorly, but I think tampering with someone's funds is the first blood.

I respect your choice and wish you well! I've always enjoyed your content.