More Choices Could Be Good Thing

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As everyone knows there is a lot happening in the Steem Community and many opinions on what will happen in the future.

I am happy that the community witnesses have decided to do a fork with a clean chain ID and new brand. Many have thought that we needed a rebrand anyway.

Lot's of projects and people are being asked to choose, but my decision for now is to not choose.

There are Pros and Cons to both projects.

Will Justin Hardfork to reduce powerdowns? That is likely, but not known.
Will Justin remove downvoting? It could happen also.

Will Hive be sustainable? Will either project be sustainable?

I don't know.

The truth is I never cared about Ned's stake (SteemIt, Inc's Stake) I think it has supported some great projects, helped with distribution and also supported some really lame projects, it might have helped with user retention via support of Apps. No one knows for sure. All situations have pros and cons.

Has Justin Sun acted poorly? He sure has, he has been sloppy, reactive and possibly vindictive. So, have many people on our side.

This is not my fight, I plan on watching and deciding as it goes. I could list potential pros and cons of both projects but there are some outstanding pieces of information I do not have yet.

Will Justin dump? Perhaps. Will it be centralized? Yes, it will be, but I already knew it was with SteemIt Inc, so for me although a negative it is not a deal breaker.... depending on how he uses it.

Will either project still have the infrastructure they need?
Will our community witnesses leave Steem or will they work on both? Will they burn it down on the way out? Don't know.

There are people I like and respect on both sides and I wish you all well no matter what you decide to do.

Personally, I do not have enough information to pick. I might do neither, both or one or the other.

What will you do?



the problem with misterdelegation is that it went pretty one-sided , mostly tyrants like steemcleaners and spaminator ... instead of supporting 1000 or more startups with 1000 sp temporary delegation ... there's at least one guy who will be very happy here : @freedom :p

I'll hang out, take it in, make decisions as I can.... ya know, life

It's difficult thinking of it as a choice. Steem didn't replace ETH or FaceBook for me. I don't know if Hive will replace Steem, ETH, or FB. I know I'll have a lot of friends on Hive. I will most likely be on Hive.... but why do people make it seem like we're all only allowed to play on one blockchain? Don't people have coins/tokens from other chains in other wallets?

Exactly this! I have a nice sprinkle of several alts. I still hold a couple btc fork tokens too.

I think I will be reading and commenting on both at first. Time will tell which project I end up believing most in.

Good plan

i don't know what i will do on steem. i have 13 weeks to find out.
but if he removes downvotes i now feel that will for sure ask someone for self auto vote bot script. never used bid bots even when i knew there is profit in it, sometimes i feel stupid because of that...

To quote Rambo

He drew first blood

Coming in and saying he (Justin Sun) was going to kill our token and chain off and replace it with something new was first blood. It has been a domino of bad actions since, which is what the laws of karma have shown occurs in history.

I will migrate to the new chain for sure, as I have no desire to be on a Tron chain. Not sure how the other chain will work out, but I have yet to ever pocket a dime from the meager money I invested in crypto, and have my doubts I ever will. I hung around solely for the communities I encountered that had heart and love for others. Not sure if I will cash out my Steem or not, but leaning towards I might if I can trade it for the new chain tokens to show support/solidarity. Or maybe I leave it and let Justin destroy it when he completes his takeover and forces all holders to be one of his necromongers or abandon it.

shrugs, not sure.

I'm proud of the community at the solidarity (certainly not a consensus) shown of recent times. I have witnessed powerful people here drop their enmity and pull together. Regardless of success, there is a possibility for something the likes of which has never been seen before, all made possible because of a chain that really focused on community. Even if it all burns, I feel honored to be here alongside so many of you, having a minor role in this.

I think the first announcement was handled very poorly, but I think tampering with someone's funds is the first blood.

I respect your choice and wish you well! I've always enjoyed your content.

Only time will tell, what we should do. As you said, without enough information, its not wise to decide. So lets watch and act.

In these times, it seems appropriate to quote the Apocalypse (3: 15-16):

I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.

lol, hmm seems a bit much

What will you do?

I will stay in steem blockchain until someone kick me out of here or until someone burn it down and I couldn't read or write post in here anymore.😄

I'll be around too

We're in for a big surprise.
My six-pack Joe's guts tell me so.

lol, I'm wondering which side will burn it down first with their next... "Move"

They already screwed up with airdrop.

Now that you mention it I think I will also take my time and look at my options. Thanks @whatsup for your post

well even the witnesses are now saying they want to stay and protect their investment. Why shouldn't we do it to.

For the meantime just watch.

me too

I'm not a crypto specialist nor a crypto aspirant. But I do believe on those people who keep on fighting for us. It's not an obligation but as a steem lover. I feel like I should follow them wherever they move. I'm talking about hive of course. Because when many people are going, I'm sure with it, that place will be a great place in the future.

As of now I already decided. #HIVE

Enjoy! I wish you well.

I believe you already know the answer. ;)

I don't.

Finally someone is reasonable.

I have a bad taste in my mouth about Hive after seeing the behavior I have seen over on Steem from many of the people supporting Hive. Spam, trolling, shitposting against Steem.

When I don't like a restaurant I probably won't return, but I definitely won't trash the place on my way out. I get that there are hard feelings, but I have been greatly disappointed with how some in the Hive community have been acting on Steem recently.

If those people had acted in a more dignified manner I'd be much more attracted to being active on this chain. At the moment, I'm just using up my votes on all my accounts and keeping track of HIVE token prices.