Announcing Engine: Bring Agility to Steem Development

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SMTs were delayed over 1 year. What's next?

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Steem doesn't have enough blockchain developers. There aren't many blockchain developers working on Steem outside of Steemit Inc and Steemit Inc faced a severe layoff of 70% of its staff a little over a month ago.

Yet we are in a more important time than ever to be increasing Steem's feature set and improving the platform's quality as a whole. Right now it doesn't seem to be possible, or at least is not happening, for outside blockchain developer volunteers to collaborate with Stemmit Inc. on building more features and improving the blockchain as a whole.

Engine is a DApp running on Steem using steem-state (currently in testnet) which means that it runs on top of the Steem blockchain without actually being directly coded into it. Engine's goal is to increase the agility and collaboration in developing more features for Steem. Inflation of the ENGN token will fund future development/marketing/community building in a decentralized way in the form of "grants" and so we hope there will be constant development of new features to add to the Engine network on the Steem blockchain

Currently the ENGN token (fully unit tested) has two primary features: the token itself and a decentralized exchange to convert with Steem. To keep up to date on new features, join the discord. The code is fully open source on github.

Some future things we will implement (likely before mainnet):

  • Developer rewards
  • Non-fungible tokens (with DEX)
  • User-created fungible tokens (with DEX)

Future things after mainnet:

  • Collateral-backed ENGN loans
  • Prediction market
  • Your idea here! Join the discord if you have ideas for features for the Engine project!

Just to clarify, Engine will be fully based on the Steem blockchain and is committed to Steem, unless a situation arises where Steem is no longer being developed and is no longer technically viable and/or price/community is not enough to support the project.

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

Join the Discord to keep up to date on the project and chat about all things Steem and Engine!

Also, we are looking for web developers. If you are a web developer who would be interested in building an interface for this exciting project and have some experience with Steem, please join the discord and ask.


We will be using steem-state for our smt for sure.

Wow, that's very cool! Let me know where I can find out more about Engine!

Engine's goal is to increase the agility and collaboration in developing more features for Steem.

How do you wanna use the token for that?

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Truly the main reason for the token is so that the soft-consensus can easily manipulate and force transfers of tokens. Basically, this sidechain network has no control over the Steem coin so it's hard to develop high-level DApps using just Steem. So we make people convert their Steem to ENGN which is running entirely on the sidechain so the network has full control, making it much easier to create DApps. Plus, the token's inflation and profits of subDApps on the platform will fund future development/marketing/community building through a decentralized devgrant based system

Join the discord to find more and chat:

I don't know of any blockchain developer working on Steem outside of Steemit Inc

I do! Many.. For example buildteam

Relevant commit history or it didn't happen.

huh? shots against buildteam?

Not at all. But if you make the claim that there are blockchain developers working on Steem, then why don't you backup your claim.

A blockchain developer can be anything.
You're another example of a dev building upon the steem blockchain.

Did not mean Satoshi is working here.^^

Yes - I'm working with Steem, but I'm not a blockchain developer. Those are currently very rare.

Okay - I get your point.
Any plans to change that?

Thanks for the correction; I just updated the post... 3 edits already and the post has only been out for 3 minutes...

I think your project is exactly what I'm searching according to my last post. Check it out :)

Looking forward to a Web app:)

Yeah, I'm really targeting that and think it is important to step up as a community. I think Steem, with Engine, could really rival BitShares in the future.

I will take a further look into that, but from this post I didn't exactly understood

  1. what exactly is "engine"
  2. what is it supposed to do
  3. how to use it

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Engine is a metachain on top of Steem. What that means is that it is not running in the consensus layer of Steem but runs using the Steem blockchain as a base. Here’s steem-state which it uses to run. Go to ‘what is soft consensus’ and you will get a deeper explanation

Its supposed to be able to run more complicated DApps than Steem currently supports (eg NFTs).

Right now to use it you have to install the node software and use the command line. Its quite complicated but heres a link.'s-Guide In the future a web interface will be created once the mainnet is launched.

NFTs are very important for the future of Steem. Honestly, I think NFTs match more with the Steem concept than most blockchains because its another way to help musicians, artists, writers and other talent support themselves with rare collectible items.

Here is my question, and I'll go check it in more detail, but would it be possible to double spend the NFTs if we used soft-consensus?

I definitely agree with all your points in the first paragraph.

Actually no, it is not possible to double spend in a well constructed soft consensus. The Steem blockchain already orders transactions for us, like any blockchain, which means there is no conflict over which send transaction occured first.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask!

Encouraging development! Thanks for the efforts and for sharing! I look forward to seeing its fruits!

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@shredz7 I'm a portuguese curator living in Brazil your post had been voted by my curation trail in steemauto @pataty69.
I will talk about engin in portuguese and brazilian community.

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Thank you!

Engine's goal is to increase the agility and collaboration in developing more features for Steem.

That sounds great and although I'm not able to review the dApp itself due to lack of coding knowledge I'm curious to see how it will be used! Thanks for contributing to Steem Development :-)

WooooHooooo Now that's exciting news and right suddenly too.

I have a couple of friends that I'm going to ship this too. I don't know if it will fit in their plans, but it really trims the need for SMTs.


Is this kinda like an Omni/Counterparty but for Steem? Aka a metacoin. Seems like it. Anyway pretty cool :)

Yes it would be classified as a metacoin based on my understanding.

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@shredz7 I'm a portuguese curator living in Brazil your post had been voted by my curation trail in steemauto @pataty69.
I will talk about engin in portuguese and brazilian community.

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