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@steemraiser is a very simple and effective solution to increase the value of the Upvotes you receive on your own posts.

Currently @steemraiser has 23,324.83 SP available for our users. Do you want to get our votes? Just delegate any amount over 99 SP and start being voted.

How are our profit percentages currently distributed?

Amount of SP you want to delegateProfit you will get

For more information here is our Introdution Post

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Welcome to the daily voting report of @steemraiser.

Here is the table with the votes made yesterday to our users:

The account @ bert0 receive his votes on the account @whalestrail.

How this works?

If instead of assigning your SP to vote your own post, you delegate them to @steemraiser, we can Upvote your posts with greater profitability than if you do it alone. In fact, being voted by @steemraiser can generate you benefits of up to 1,100%

Let’s see some examples

Suppose your delegation to @steemraiser is 250 SP, then the votes you would receive in your posts would be voted with 2,750 SP.

If your delegation is 1,000 SP, you would receive votes made with 11,000 SP.

Delegate and get voted daily

Most commnon delgations

Click the best option for you:

Not so usual delegations

Click the best option for you:

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