@Dan Releasing Steemit 2.0 and Bitshares 3.0 This Week

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@dan send the Reddit world flying with his Telegram announcement that he is going to create Steemit 2,0 and Bitshares 2.0 (he later corrected it to mean 3.0).

This got a lot of people anxious.


So is this the end of Steemit and Bitshares? Do we all sell out and go home?

That certainly is the impression many have.

Before I go any further, I will state that I never chatted with @dan nor had any interaction with him of any kind. I draw my conclusions only from reading all he wrote and videos of him. I can only go by the words there were put forth by him.

@dan promotes the idea of freedom and bettering humanity. He repeats this throughout many of his talks. It is his belief that creating a new monetary system is crucial. He realizes the problem with the present money system, something espoused by @stan.

Many attack @dan for leaving projects to move on. To me, this is absurd. @dan is a developer; an inventor; a creators. Guys like that who can also manage tend to be rare. For every Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, there are 10K people who create something but need to turn it over to others to run. Elon Musk is a brilliant guy with tremendous vision yet many are questioning his ability to manage.

Also, to creators, managing is boring. Some are cut out to handle the daily grind of running an organization; others for moving on to the next revolutionary breakthrough. The later tends to dislike doing the former.

At the same time, creators tend to value all their creations. They are like children. Behind closed doors you might like one better than the other but you love them all. And you certainly want to see them all succeed.

@stan puts forth the Bitshares mantra "do not harm to Bitshares". This is something that, if I am aware of, @dan is also.

What is interesting is @dan used the term Bitshares 3.0. That is also the term that @stan used when describing what the BENCH team is working on. Another thing that @stan mentioned was the fact that @dan dropped a hint from time to time of ideas he had.

For those who are unaware of the BENCH program, this is a chain that is being developed by a team of Bitshares developers that is going to lay EOS on top of the blockchain with Bitshares being the token and all applications built on top of that. This will allow it to incorporate any token that is issued using a smart contract. Called wrapping, this suddenly provides interoperability among blockchains.

It also will allow for AML and KYC to attract institutional investors, something that is against the core of Bitshares now. Hence we are seeing a hybrid operation.

A recent video with @dan had him mentioning one of the things that made him most proud was the fact that Steemit was being used by a number of Africans to earn money. These people were living in extreme poverty but, because of Steemit, they move up to middle class lifestyles.

Does this sound like a guy who is out to destroy something that he created and harm tens of thousands of people in the process? To me, it does not.

@dan also does not seem like the type who is out to destroy other creations. But what about the destruction of Ethereum? After all, EOS is the Ethereum killer.

That is interesting since I do not know if @dan ever make that claim. He did tweet that the entire Ethereum blockchain could run in a single node of EOS. Either way, his main competitor, Vitalik, does not seem too worried since he dropped a cure for a certain EOS coding problem.

So much for cut-throat killer competition.

I could be completely wrong about all of this. Maybe @dan is out to destroy Steemit and Bitshares in his quest to take over the blockchain/cryptocurrency world. Perhaps he is the type who writes down every resentment he has and sets out to destroy all who ever caused him any grief. Maybe all his talk about humanity and helping others is a sales pitch and he is secretly scheming to eliminate everything other than EOS.

Or, perhaps he sees ways to enhance the value of everything that is already in the space. It is important to keep in mind that they developed EOS and GAVE it to the world. It was completely turned over to the global community. Block One did not build out the chain, that was left to others.

I think @dan has one target in sight: those who enslave humanity through their corrupt monetary system. His goal appears to be to create systems that allow for a new model to emerge where everyone is compensated. This is the move towards the tokenized economy.

So, in conclusion, I think this is a wonderful move by @dan. If Ethereum could be run in a single node of EOS, so can STEEM. Will that happen? That would be up to the community. The way I look at it, EOS is an OS, STEEM is like Microsoft Office, and the apps on here are akin to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. Do we need to be on EOS? Not at all. Will applications built upon the STEEM blockchain have the ability to operate cross-chain? I believe so.

Besides, everything is open source and uses basically the same code. That makes for much easier integration.

That is what it looks like the goal of the BENCH program is and I am sure @dan is looking at the same thing (if they aren't referring to the same thing).

It is too easy to fall into the idea of blockchains being in competition. I do not believe that is the case. When operating in the scarcity world, yes that is present. Yet convert to a world of abundance, which the digital arena is and you see it completely different. Blockchains are global in nature, can be stacked, integrated, and a host of other things.

Interoperability is what this industry is desperate for and I am sure @dan has that in his mind.

I feel this is only going to enhance the value of all the tokens that @dan had a hand in creating.

As @stan says, "do no harm to Bitshares".

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He said Steem 2.0, not Steemit 2.0 😉

I’m not worried, there’s plenty of great development underway on the Steem blockchain. If developers are attracted to a Steem 2.0 blockchain, I’ll put some fiat there too.

Yeah... but @ned should someday finish the SMT's... I only can deduct from his powerdown 2 weeks ago, that upon finishing the powerdown in the 4th quarter he expects to finish SMT's and dump a big part of his stake... so no news for another 3 months, while @dan has finished EOS and Steem 2.0 in the meantime... :(

I'm so curious where EOS, Steemit, etc. will be in a year from now...
When it comes to EOS, I have a feeling none of us really get just how huge this can be...

ammm look like we going to have a lot of fun soon


As long as there's an active community and development is going strong both on the blockchain and DApp front then I'm not too worried. Even if our Steem 1.0 ends up not being the top dog, it will more than likely still be a successful project alongside 2.0

Look at Coke and Pepsi, Toyota n Nissan and Honda, dude theres SO much room for competition,

hah just look at the current Foreign currencies! We have how many fiat currencies? Dollar Euro Yen Pound Yuan so many fucking currencies so of COURSE we ill have so much room for other coins hahaha

Aye, but all those comparisons don't take into account that we're looking at a situation where the same person created the competition.

Bitcoin is the most outdated and attackable coin (only 500,000 USD per hour) and it is still around... even reaching new highs when a transaction was costing a 100 USD and 3 days to execute... So I think there is space for many coins...

That's true, this space is still so young there's plenty of room for growth for everyone. Even "failures" will be successful. :P

Dan is clearly a talented programmer, but the mess with the EOS constitution, the failures to launch on time and bug fixes during launch are warning signs

We still live with all the short comings in the design for steemit everyday and it has been left to the community to try and fix

Cryptocurrencies are still in their experimental stages and this is just one giant petri dish for technology. I am amazed at how quickly he is able to create new projects. He is truly a genius.

My concern with Dan is he seems to not understand the human or social element very well. Ultimately, the limiting factor now is not technology but social adoption

Well said @kabir88. It seems the entire crypto-verse hangs upon social adoption and the actual SPENDING of e-currency.

Dan is clearly a talented programmer, but the mess with the EOS constitution, the failures to launch on time and bug fixes during launch are warning signs

Talking out of your ass to look smart? Do you even know that Dan did NOT write the original EOS constitution and he actually helped FIX that messy one? Are you at all aware that Dan is COMPLETELY on teh right track? Who the FUCK are you to criticize dan like this ? WTF? You have ZERO understanding of the situation! You have NOTHING to critisize! Dan is NOT here for you to fucking critisize, he sis here to BUILD. if you have somethin to ADD go tyo Github and getto work! DOnt siut here and talk shit about Dan Larimer and make YOURSELF looik smart in the process. how dare you attack Dan Larimer for your own petty gain FUCK you.

How dare you @kabir88 how could you say something so ignorant? You think Dan doesnt understand the "human element or social element very well" WTF you make me so mad

First of all, its not his job to focus on what YOU think is needed,his job is to make the BLOCKCHAIN and he DOES understand humanity BETTERthan you. he understand that there is ONLY self interest, and if you try to be altruistic or service toothers you will just become service to someone elses self! You can only really help Others by helping Yourself! And Helping Others is a BY product a SIDE effect of self interest

SHORT COMINGS in design??? WTF you expect Dan to have created it PERFECTLY form teh styart? YOU FIXC IT, Jesus CHRIST you people make me SO MAD

be GRATEFUl for EVERY mistake danmade~! If Dan didnt leave some extra WORK for YOU peopel ypou wouldnt have ANY jobs! BE GRATEFUL that Dan doesnt do things PERFECTLY liek a fucking RObot. hes HUMAn and he THROWS down the lines, and lets OTHERS do the foot work! WHY SHOULD HE?


JESUS CHRIST YOU MAKE ME SOMAD @kabir88 BUT IM STILL UPPVOTING YOU so you can see i am not petty. Petty like the peopel who give ANY crtitique to Dan. hes not there for you to be a critic. His WORK can be critiqued, but dont fuckin waste our time talking shit about the mans social skills. he has more social skills than Vitalik, Roger Ver, or ANYONE in crypto!

@dan Larimer has more people skills than ANYONE on the FUCKING planet rightnow, because he LITERALLY creates PROGRAMS that ARE THE EMBODIMENT OF PEOPLE SKILLS

STEEM is a fucking people skills, Dan doenst NEED to be a fucking rock star., Hes a programmer, he create stsuff,m peopel LOVE HIM and he is the NEXT SATOSHI NAKAMOTO

Dan even was ALSO the FIRST person to have a public forum conbversation with Satoshi Nakamoto! Theres a good chance Dan was INVOLVED with the CREATION of bitcoin in one way or another! We know he was publicly involved, but he may have been secrtely involved! His dad too! they work with SAIC and Lockheed martin and they may have had a hand in creating a backup to what they understood was a fiat scam. White hats in the DIA CIA and NSA all decided they needed a fucking BACKUp to the SCAM money their federal reserve was printing.

Now hey, maybe there WAS no government public sector worker involved in the creation of Bitcoin but it makes sense that SOMEONE in the Satoshi Nakamoto working group was working in the poublic sector sinbce its so huge. But private sector peopel were the driving force in creating the software.

Indeed. There are good signs there. I recently came across coins.ph which is a wallet used in the Philippines for actual commercial transactions. People using it to transfer crypto to each other and then paying their bills etc with it! We need more programs like this

I'm not sure about Dan, but the human factors issues don't seem to have been considered too much with Steemit.

It is a concern with steemit, but I am still hopeful it can be fixed. Maybe someone at steeminc will hire an experienced social media professional from Twitter or Facebook. I watched the recent video with ned and one of the programmers and it was painful.

I don't know how Dan feels towards Steem now, but I hope he's not out to destroy it. In any case we do have a community here that will be a lot of work to recreate. So many have a stake in the success of Steem/Steemit that I can't see it dying any time soon. We need to do our best to keep building this community by supporting the minnows. I know a lot feel they will never make anything, but then it's harder than it was in the early days. This is all a big experiment and nothing is certain.

I agree with all that you have said here.
While I have not invested any hard-earned dollars into steem, I do have endless hours invested; whether for posting, commenting, supporting others and curating every chance I get to those who are newer to the platform.

I knew coming into this one year ago that this was an assessment or study on how such a blockchain could thrive, advance or in the worst case scenario, fail all together- but with the strong backing of support from all levels of the fish and ocean ponds, I would think, and hope, it can manage to survive and continue onward and upward.

Some competition would be nice - looking forward to it!

You know... I just wrote this post about forks and merges yesterday and about how we haven't seen any blockchain merges yet. You remind me that this might be right around the corner with @dan's creations.

Diamond Development

At least check the typos when mentioning names


Thanks for pointing that out. Corrected.

Thank for sharing this post sir..

Why would anyone follow Dan anywhere when he is known to ditch and run when the going gets tough.

Maybe it is a great mind, but you can clearly see is true nature through his behaviors. What I learned from my own experience, I follow my gut feeling and belief in the CEO of Steemit to bring this ship through the universe.

I make my decision to stay here, many decentralized social networks are coming to compete Steemit!

Thanks a lot for your article. I am not giving up on SteemIt, as I see new apps and sites building on top of it. 😃

I will just keep growing my account.

You always write good articles! This one was definitely worth a re-steem!

Hummm, i need more information about steem 2.0 before making my mind and what steem 2.0 would be.

Thank for sharing this steemit blog.

I think the key to success is interoperability and cooperation, after all we are all headed towards the same goal, which is basically making the current monetary system obsolete...if the community is fragmented and everyone support their own coin fighting for supremacy, banks will catch up someday.

Divide and conquer.

Someone said.

Competition is healthy. And if interoperability is guaranteed we can wait great things from this. I like what you said, these fears may come from scarcity mindset

This is stunning news. You blew my brain. Thank you for doing STEEM - better. Good luck to you and Love. RESTEEM

Это ошеломляющая новость. Вы взорвали мой мозг. Спасибо, что делаете STEEM – лучше. Удачи Вам и Любви. RESTEEM

Great article, upvoted and resteemed!