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Hello wanderers, my name is Thamrog Bottlebringer, I am a dwarf and the keeper of TavernGames.

I know, you will probably think that as a dwarf I should stay in a mine or fight somewhere with elves. You can't be more wrong... In the case of my clan, we have completely different tasks like serving pints of beer and listening to drunkard’s stories.

If you want to see it with your own eyes, come to my Tavern and you will be taken care of like nowhere else. The tavern was built by the Goblin prince who didn't know what to do with his wealth. He has got his own favorite game and you can play with him when you come to visit us.

Provable Fairness and Transparency

TavernGames is 100% fair and transparent. For drawing results, we use a mechanism based on a key selected by the player and a key randomly generated by the server. Moreover, everything is placed in the blockchain so you can compare the results on your own!

You will find a tab with details on the Tavern's website.

Login security

In order to enter the tavern, you must first log in using the SteemConnect. As we do not save your keys or data, you can be sure that your account is safe with us.

Smoothly played games and the best user experiences

Playing our games you will enjoy smooth running games.

Game results are immediately displayed, so no need to refresh the web page or search for your result in different types of tables. What is more, due to the best graphics that are used, you could experiance the best time in Tavern..

If you are unable to access a personal computer, our website has been designed for games to be played on mobile devices, so can be played anytime and anywhere.

How to play

To join the game, you will need special coins that can be purchased in our shop. However, it is not the only way to get them! You can find them in the chests received for daily quests, ranking position at the end of the season or for recommending us to your friends.

Presently, the maximum value of the coin is 5 STEEM, we are in the course of the pilot season so as to check how the Tavern works. After that period, we are going to introduce more denominations.

Lack of deposit

TavernGames do not use any deposit mechanism. You do not have to deposit your STEEM to play our games. You buy as many coins as you need to play and the reward goes directly to your STEEM account!


Using the Tavern, you can get rewards. They include different types of chests where you can find items allowing you to play the game, multiplying points scored in the ranking as well as the items increasing your chances to win!

Don't wait! Try out TavernGames, perform the everyday quests for 7 days for you to receive a special chest at the end of the week!

Spending the coins, you can score ranking points and at the end of the month and then you will receive a special reward! Inside the chest there are items returning the value of the coins you have used!

Recommend the game to your friends and enjoy yourselves together playing TavernGames. Perhaps you will be lucky and for the recommendation, you will be rewarded with an epic chest containing amazing items!

A chest for the beginner

If you decide to visit us, we have a surprise for you! Go to the tab marked onboarding and follow all the steps. Not only will you learn how the Tavern works, but you will also be rewarded with a chest for the beginner.

It contains a few items that will allow you to test our game FOR FREE!

Plans for the future

We are constantly improving our Tavern and we are also working on new games. Look for the information on! We'll meet again soon!

Meanwhile, see you in the Tavern! Bye for now, wanderer! Don't forget to leave your weapon at the door. We don't tolerate any brawls here, we only want to have good fun. :)

Visit us:

Join our discord channel: join


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Anyone tested it out yet and got a review or post on it and their experience? Sounds interesting, only saw it from a resteem so hoping to see how it goes.

You can test us too :) Finish the on-boarding and you'll get Rookie chest with Tavern Coins which allow you to test us free.

Reblogged, but claiming did not work for the rookie chest. Could you check please? :)

Hi @ash
Did you check: I'm not robot?

Tried, but failed. Now i can't go back to the claim screen :(

Nvm, worked :)

Happy to hear that! Have fun at the Tavern! :)

Hey there!
My daily quest says "use any tavern coins in 3 games". I did, but it says I just have 1/3 completed.

Seems like you've used 1 coin in Goblin Prince and 2 in The Blind Rune.
I've checked it and it is a bug. We forgot to check the coin usage in the new game. Fixing and refunding you 2 coins to let you finish the quest!
Thanks for reporting the problem :)

Reported bug has been fixed and you've been rewarded with Rookie chest as a refund to finish your quest.
Check your rewards tab.
Greetings, @taverngames

Great! I'll try again.