Keep growing!!

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Day after day, step by step, post after post, upvote after VESTS or, if you prefer, my STEEM POWER is continuously growing,

My curation rewards are growing as well as the number of followers and people who I follow consistently are also increasing.

I’m not going to get tired of repeating the same.

This is the best and cheapest moment to build your STEEM POWER!

Or are you waiting for buying STEEM at a higher price?

All the STEEM and STEEM POWER that you generate today will have 4, 5 or 10 times worth in the future.

So, dedicating at least 50% of your liquid rewards for growing up your account is the best and the minimum you can do now!

Also User Authority and @steem-ua can be the tool to get a better steem blockchain.

If you still don't know about it, I invite you to read @steem-ua, Let's UNITE: My Open Letter to All Accounts , written from one of the creators, @scipio.

The way @steem-ua distributes its power depends only on you, how good is your content, how good is the content of your followers and how good is the content of the people you follow.

Despite perhaps being far from the perfection @steem-ua tries to reward and encourage steemians who really care about content, engagement and community building.

  • Keep posting, commenting and upvoting!
  • Keep powering up !
  • Keep engaging!

Because now is the Accumulating Time.

The time for getting profits will arrive and then, we will enjoy of our current efforts, full of pride, while observing those who disappeared and criticized the Steem blockchain, just coming from behind, trying to catch us...regretting for not doing the same at the already past time...

Steem on!


*Disclaimer: This is just my personal point of view, please, do your own assessment and act consequently.
Neither this post nor myself is responsible of any of your profit/losses obtained as a result of this information.


Yeah. I think It is best time to power up by investing, posting etc.

Steem on mate!

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Thank you Eddie! You've motivated me to increase my Steem Power. I don't have a lot of fiat right now but I've been posting daily. I even won a MinnowBooster contest a couple of weeks ago and I was able to increase my SP in more than 50 Steem! I also know it's the best time to invest, thank you for sharing your personal point of view.

Eddie SP

This is my progress graph :D

Well done!!! We are living a difficult time but I’m sure better times will be back in short! Keep steeming!

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Only thing that pains me is that I still earn next to nothing. Am growing though, and powering up every chance I get

Be positive and keep steeming! Think long term!

Thanks for the great advices we hope Will be our retirement plan in the future.
My upvoted in your wallet

Muchas gracias amigo!

Next time STEEM crashes, it'll be down to $7.

hahahaha! That would be a dream! There are many things evolving at the steem blockchain, steem-ua is one of them but also better frontends, SMT an Dapps in production that will make steem the king of cryptos

Thank you. Your article is a great motivation for me..😉

Because now is the Accumulating Time

Now is, indeed, the accumulating time! I'm just a tiny redfish, but I have been powering up pretty much every cent I make here, trying to make the most of the low Steem prices... with all the positive developments and new dApps for the Steem blockchain... I fugure there must eventually be a price increase, and then we will all be happy that we stayed the course, even when things seemed a bit bleak!


that's the right view!

The way I see it, @steem-ua will be the catalyst for a brighter Steem in the future. I have delegated to them and I will be upping my delegation as well in time. Great team, transparent, very helpful, informative and I will keep supporting them in the future! Great post!

No speculation, just curation! :)

Yeah, I think it is a good start for a better steem blockchain...
Will see how it evolves!

Definitely! We all going along for the ride 😃

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Well said my friend, now is the time to get deep into and not out of steem!!

Es cierto, este es el mejor momento para incrementar el poder de vuestras cuentas. No os fijéis en el valor en dólares y pensad que estáis aumentando vuestra rentabilidad futura ;)

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Was that graph custom built by you?

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Oh. Muchas gracias. Ese servicio es uno de los históricos en Steem. Lo uso tan poco que desconocía que te mostraba ese gráfico.

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