Full plans for the airdrop, including important info for how exchanges can choose to support the airdrop will be via a Hive group post tomorrow.

with no kyc please)) Voice chat on telegram had 2 messages/24 hours 2 days ago. Nobody impressed with that innovation by Larimer.

no kyc needed, proof of keys only

Does it need master/owner key or will active key be enough? I lost my master/owner key long ago but I am still here because of the latter.

All keys on the new chain will be the same as the old chain.

Thanks for the answer!

I believe you would already have a great plan for the airdrop. I wanted to share a small thought on this.

I would like to recommend that people should be able to manually login and claim their airdrop instead of getting the airdrop straight away based on their balance during the snapshot. And for the accounts that don't claim their airdrop within a specific period / deadline date, we can probably burn them or cut them from supply.

That method can be unfair to people who lose their keys and later find them (it happens) or who are simply away for a long period of time for reasons beyond their control. Anyways, in cases where keys are permanently lost, the stake is effectively out of the supply anyways.

yes like being in an ICU unit with no internet access

Hopefully not, but especially at this time it is a very good point, unfortunately. Anyway the airdrop method being used will preserve those coins for what we hope is any such community members' hopeful recovery.

An airdrop for Binance so they could play the same trick right away(???)

Great News! How do you
Plan to handle the Airdrop
For the exchanges?

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