If You Are Wondering How We Got Here: A Short Story

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Five years ago, in a bunker in Antarctica (a corner on Flat Earth) Dan Larimer, Ned Scott, and Justin Sun met with future President Trump and Xi Jinping to plot how the 1 percent would eliminate rebels. As they dined on sushi and McDonalds, they planned to find and KYC all people who oppose government control so that later they could send them to Agenda 21 prison camps.

"Let's give them just enough hope to get them to buy in and then we will change up the rules..." giggled Dan, a 2nd generation CIA agent who had also developed Bitcoin a few years before under the pseudonymous name of Satoshi Nakamoto

"Perfect", replied Trump, this should be easier than taking out Kennedy, it's going to be huge and Mexico will pay for it."

Ned ran his fingers through his silky hair before responding awkwardly, "Yes, I will make a social media site and pretend it is going to compete with Facebook!, every time it starts to get traction we will make a change that makes end users hate it! That way it will never grow.", he rocked slowly in his chair.

Trump snorted and said, "Let's also send in Bernie Sanders to keep the morale up!..." He went on to say somethings that no one really understood.

Justin while swiping and blowing at his nose, said... "I bet I can set up a bunch of fake blockchain projects and get dumb people to buy into them, just by tweeting 6524 times day!".

The entire group started to laugh and choke on their McNuggets at this point...

This is how the end of the world as we know it came about!

In all honesty I have no idea what to think right now, this is totally for fun. Watching and waiting. What I have learned so far is that Justin Sun is not great at communication either.

Please stand by for Self Destruct!



It’s not really a conspiracy theory if it’s all true.

I'm so confused these days.. I am not sure what is true or not



THANK YOU! This is perfection! I have had similar thoughts roll through my head the past days/months/years with the roller coaster. The facts seem obfuscated and the masses are left in the dark. Not unlike the way governments work....

Dan/Stan and their connections to Us gov't, Sun and Ma connection...


This is an odd journey

Houston we have a problem.


We have a new problem to add to our old problems.

Oh no. I mean Justin has a problem. Stay tuned.

Lest we forget the ultimate sacrifice given by some to free knowledge,...


You know the weird thing is... This has actually rejuvenated me to come back to Steem. I bought back in with the Steem I had pulled out, earned more in the process, and I feel like maybe this is the turning point Steem needed! :)

It sure can be a good thing! I am glad you are back! :)

Yeah, it feels good to be back too! I made quite a profit off of my Steem pullout, BTC HODLing, and now Steem rebuy! :)

So what's up in Steem world? Anything I miss since late last fall? :)

A long low price winter. Boredom and then Tron. :)

Lol! Ok, so I didn’t miss much... But hey, Winter is over and maybe now we are heading into the Spring! :)

(Course, in the South, Spring means either we’ll have lots of rain and a good time or a drought that makes Summer hellish, and there is always the chance of being ripped apart by a tornado... But hey, we’ll ignore that for now!)

Ned ran his fingers through his silky hair before responding awkwardly

Very good!!! ahahaha

Lame but so many theories running around, I had to try to spin them all together.

Hahahaha this is hilarious!

Lol very entertaining I think being stuck between a ned and a Justin May shape a diamond in the rough if not we always sack up fork out toxicity somewhere else!

It could be worse we could have been bought by Roger Ver or Justin from verge

haha, YES. I needed to hear this.

"At least it isn't Roger"

That is all truth, all of it, lol! That's exactly what happened, lol!

It's not comedy but tragedy if it's too soon!!


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Oh my that silky hair lol

As they dined on sushi and McDonalds

do they have a new filet-o-fish range?

lol... well I guess I should have used a fish joke..

FUD post of the WEEK .. well done :)

Well people really should fear the bunker people of antarctica on flat earth.

It was my duty...

glad to know you handled your duty so well

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"giggled dan",

this post is snack-worthy. thanks for the laughs

haha, so many theories, so little time to write a story.

Alright, I will hunt for snacks!

lucky i already had some beside me ready for it lol

You fully got my attention at "giggled Dan, a 2nd generation CIA agent who had also developed Bitcoin a few years before under the pseudonymous name of Satoshi Nakamoto"

That is only one step away from using terms like CIA social media development programs, Stan Larimer, crypto based social engineering, data gathering test sites, and one world currency all in one post and getting told off by an asset...

Thanks for adding some humor to the nerves and drama going around these days. I especially liked the Bernie Sanders part :>)

Needs a tad bit of anti-vax and a dash of chemtrails...

Garnish with :
Taxation is theft - as per one's taste

I thought about the wuhan virus and vaccinations...

That maybe "too soon" territory

Agreed, plus it was hard to work into this situation.

I am sure you could work it in...

You're a hoot - thanks for making me chuckle!😀

Pessimism has never made anybody rich

Tell that to people shorted BTC from 20k down...

They were optimistic about btc going down though :) llmao

I'm not pessimistic, I am mostly making fun of all the theories going around steem about Justin's evil motives.

whatsup, turn that frown upside down,..BRO!! 😍🤗🤣😋♥️

Factual accounts of things hidden- when told by the 'insiders' - are often expressed publicly, in terms of humor, or fiction

Good to see that you've done both, to really cover your bases...! lol

I thought of you while writing it.

It's warming to know that I'm in your thoughts...

I doubt Justin Sun has had any contribution to Tron. I also have the feeling that he's just a puppet of Jack Ma getting tons of money from him, to simply get involved in crypto. Sounds funny, I know, but it can be the harsh reality and then comes the question: who the hell bought Steemit, and is he better than Ned?
If Ned was a nice guy though, he could have announced that he plans on selling and we could have started a fund and buy his stake. He's not a nice guy and now we all know that.
Tons of uncertainty around Steem this time around...

Oh, and @ned if you ever read this comment take "quietly then loudly. formerly @steemit" from your twitter profile. It's not like you created java script or something, and nobody's proud of you.

Lol.some really funny shi mehn

Your post was funny and so I upvoted but you are negative so...

lol, well I guess you showed me. :)

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