Why Is A Vision Important?

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Hey Everyone,

Happy Monday! I've been annoying everyone to share their vision for Steem.

While many don't get the importance of defining a Vision let me tell you why...

  • How do you decide what to focus efforts on if you don't have a vision?
  • Having a vision is the first step to being able to create effective Marketing and Promotion.
  • Having a vision is even important to product development. How do you select what features to add if you haven't decided who you want to attract and why you want to attract them.

We need the influencers and stakeholders to get involved and create a Vision for what Steem is and why anyone should care.

To help contribute to the vision please leave your thoughts on @justineh 's post here.


Justine formerly known as @LLFarms ;) has also talked about her vision in a video...

Let's get this project moving!



You are right. If we don't begin with the end in mind then how do we know we are headed in the right direction?

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Actually I have no vision so far! Don't know what to do, but still trying/thinking to do something new!


Hmm i always thought that STEEM is a cryptocurrency based on the social media and content-focused Steem blockchain, which was created on March 24, 2016 by Ned Scott and the blockchain developer Dan Larimer.

Even says it on the wikipedia page.

Gosh darn it do i love repetition like this that looks like work but really is nothing. :)
We need a path but first we need to find a path to finding a path. If after 3 years we havent figured out what steem is then what wer doing here is completely pointless.
Then we are truly lost.

You talked about Nathan Mars the other day and how what hes doing wont be enough. While that might be true, what he is doing is "something" and its showing results. Its getting the word out there. Instead of wasting time on stuff like the foundation that im pretty sure will fail spectacularly you have in front of you something that works and wer asking ourselves: "what the hell is steem and what should we do".
We even ask ourselves that when we are shown what we should do.
This is all just talk under the pretense of doing something. And its making me sad. :D

I love the push ups Nathan gave us and I agree it is something. I constantly tell people because of Nathan Steem gets talked about on Twitter an average of 50 times a day.

But I just looked and it is now 30

What is is doing is great, but they do need to change it up. No one wants to watch the same people do the same thing day after day. You are wrong about one thing though, I said it wouldn't be enough, but I love that he is doing something.

Have you noticed our own stakeholders aren't investing back into the project? It's because the vision got confused the CEO wondered off... We are trying to rebuild some momentum here.

I would rather just be posting and I have to reason to need to look busy. My shitty post still make about the same either way! ;)

If you have better ideas, let me know, I'm just another Steem User trying to get the team motivated..

What are your ideas?

That's very necessary to keep moving forward and as a community steemit need it too

I literally feel like a broken record. 😓
Ive talked about it a million times.

Ill keep it simple.
Pay the damn community to shill steem. You literally have thousands of people willing to work for a few cents and it doesnt cost anyone anything.

All you need is someone with a few thousand twitter followers and stake... Say Theycallmedan...
You get a easily spread message that has the potential to antagonize but is true...
Say the stats i picked up on similar web that got shared on steemits twitter.
And you shill the crap out of it.
And you keep pumping it out.

You need coordination and the only ones that can provide it are large stake holders.
The community isnt coming together over anything. The community is a mob. Nothing more nothing less. They need direction and the only way to direct them is by getting someone that has $$$ to tell them what to do.

You could do countless variations of the same thing.

Its super basic and super simple and it works. Attention sells.

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Well we agree. First though we have to convince those large stakeholders that there is something worth investing in. For now they have it in their minds they should get paid to hold Steem.

In the meantime, I'm doing the best I can to attack three areas...

  1. Keep our current users through engagement
  2. Try to work up some energy in a disappointed crowd.
  3. Still look out over my own time and interests.

I could use your help!

Maybe help rally the troops and participate with those of us who are at least putting the effort in even if you feel it is the wrong effort.

You are hired, join us... pay sucks though. :)

I really dont have much pull with anyone here especially since there is this established general course of action where youre supposed to be supportive of everything and if it fails just ignore it and let it fade away. I suck at that real bad so its hard to make connections. hehe

Im also trying to get a licence i need finally so i can expand my irl business that i will tie into STEEM through a relatively unique token idea, so im busy on that side as well.

I could tell you who you should talk to though....
You could basically make a twitter promo group and with maybe 4-5 people make someone with a decent twitter presence into our Justin Sun.
All you need is a guy like Dan. You need to get the blessing of Andrarchy. (He would say yes). Get someone popular to share it. (Acid, you, aggroed, Steenie... whoever)
Dm Starkerz and let him know what you want to do. Will Oracle-d help (Hes a smart guy, he will say yes.)
Now you have a Dan type whale, you have OD, you have popular folks, you have a few million SP behind it with which to pay for "proof of shill" (as i like to call it.)
Last thing you need is someone smart enough to come up with provocative facts, stats, etc. that call out other chains with a tad bit of drama and start discussions...
You now rule Twitter.
Ive actually seen this done on twitch numerous times. Only the streamers couldnt incentivize viewers with $$$ so we would be so far ahead.

Vision is what make's us to continue our best. This is also the reason why we built our drams for the future. If we don't have a vision maybe most of us will just leave here, I think.

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Just read about this project, motivating me to think more about the fact that I care so much for this community and why?!
My vision is intense, bright and powerful.....

Oh @whatsup ... why are you so intent on trying to make people 'think'... about stuff...??? Are you trying to give us all a headache?!?!?!?

Were'd I put that bottle of Aspirin now...dammit...

Can you people please THINK! Please.

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