Hello! Was it a justice to Justin?

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Steem never ceases to amuse me with all the drama and actions. Although I ain't very active here, it's always something happening and eventful going on here that makes it difficult to take my eyes off from here.

As if in-house Steem characters weren't enough to continue to keep our interest alive in the drama, we brought in another character. Yes, the latest drama has expanded out of Steem blockchain to Tron blockchain with involvement of Justin Sun (thanks to Ned).

I came across the following conversation that tickled me a lot. So I just want to save it here:


Jokes apart, I congratulate Steem community for coming up with the historic Soft Fork 0.22.2.
Now many are thinking that this fork 222 was implemented too late. Yeah, they are right as fork 222 didn't happen on 2/22 but on 2/23 😜

This SF222 is a proof of the strength of Steem community and its Witnesses. Though a bit late, it's still a pro-active measure in some sense.

Since all top 20 Witnesses have almost unanimously supported SF 222 (except timcliff, who is also not against it), I won't like to question it. In principle, I totally agree with all that's done to protect the Steem blockchain.

But my question is, whether it did justice to Justin?

This SF restricts only Steemit Inc accounts with large amount of ninza-mined stake.

If ninza-mined stake is being seen as unfair, ain't all ninza-mines stake unfair?

And if ninza-mined stake is unfair, stolen or illegal, why do community wants to exercise control over it. Why not burn all ninza mined stake? Isn't possession of stolen property a crime in itself?

Strangely, community don't want to let go away the ninza-mined stake to the one who owns it but wants the ownership of ninza-mined stake itself. The SF 222 specifically restricts the transfer of this stake but has a window open for delegation of its power to anyone. Thus community wants to reap its benefit and wants to get a custody of this stake. How is this acceptable?

If Ned was a thief, stealing the property from the thief is also a theft! So if there is a consensus that all ninza-mined stake is some sort of theft from this blockchain, then it's best to burn it all in the interest of the blockchain. Why should community choose to get benefited by some unfairly gained coins. We already have a decentralized fund from Steem inflation for development & promotion purpose.

I feel that point of contention is not the possession of ninza-mined stake but possession of a huge chunk of stake by someone whom community don't trust. The past allegations, workings and recent SR voting in the Tron ecosystem is enough to warn Steem community about the owner of this stake. Justin Sun's confusing statements after the purchase of Steemit Inc about token swap, airdrop etc. didn't help either.

But what if, Justin Sun had purchased about this much STEEM from the market, OTC or some other deals? What if all the stake he bought was not ninza-mined? Won't the community have reacted similarly?

Or what if, he buys another huge chunk of STEEM from the market? How will we safeguard Steem blockchain then?

Is SF 222 being used as some tool to bring Sun to the negotiating table? Is that a fair way to do so?

IMO, whatever the community has done is good if it's done on the argument of entitlement of ninza-mined stake. But if it's this argument, then all ninza-mined stake (whoever possess it) should be destroyed. So that no one can unknowingly buy it.

No one should get the benefit of ninza-mined stake ...even the Steem community.
And if it's somehow decided that ninza-mined stake is actually for the benefit of the community then all ninza-mined stake (from all other accounts) should also be pooled in into accounts whose keys are controlled by top 20 witnesses.

EOS too had some similar fund created from its inflation. But the risk associated for fair use of such a fund forced block producers to burn all of that fund and were considering to reduce emission to remove any contribution to that fund. I don't know what happened later as I didn't keep up with the developments on that chain.

But personally, I see it easiest to decide to burn all ninza-mined coins on Steem. A HF for the same will be a welcome move.


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