SteemDB Migration - ETA ??

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Once again, just a quick post to keep you all informed.

I'm currently migrating SteemDB to a new server. To keep the transfer rate at it's maximum throughput I've disabled the site and it's APIs. I'm not entirely sure how long this process is going to take due to how I'm being forced to perform the migration (due to the limited resources of the existing server).

It may complete overnight or it may take a day or two, but I'll have a more formal announcement once this process is complete and the new server is live.

My apologies for any disruptions this may cause!

Update #1 - 2hrs in and 6gb of 92gb transferred. If it maintains this rate, It'll be around 30 hours total for the transfer. The outbound traffic from the server it was on is abysmal, I could have mailed a USB drive faster.

Update #2 - ~17hrs in and 36gb transferred. Seems to have slowed a bit, glad to be moving out of this data center :)

Update #3 - 47gb transferred, over half way done. Looks like it's going to be on the longer end of the spectrum and take a little over 2 full days, maybe up to 3.

Update #4 - 62gb of 92gb completed, about 48 hours in. I'm going to assume that another 24 hours will complete the transfer and sometime on Friday I'll be able to complete the final steps and bring the site back online. What a painfully long process.

Update #5 (last one) - DB migration is complete and I'm firing up the services on the new server and migrating the DNS. SteemDB should come back online soon (next hour-ish), but it'll probably take a while for the database to fully sync back up to todays date. I'll make a new post outlining all of this once I've completed all the manual tasks that I need to perform.


Thanks for the heads up, @jesta. Are the recent SteemDB headaches the cause of a lot of downstream app problems for other Steem tools and services? Seems quite a few rely on your site and wondering for my own education how it all links together.

Nope, this one's unrelated to that. SteemDB has been suffering for a month or so simply because the server it was on had reached it's capacity while Steem itself had a very busy month.

Understood, and thanks. Just seems quite a few tools are having some issues recently. Appreciate the insight.

thank you for informing us @jesta you are the best ;)

can you make a post on how this migration can be done would be a little informative because I am kind of always curious how stuff works

a database, depending on the underlying technology, is basically a collection of files that represent the data contained therein.

A migration usually involves copying those file(s) to a new server - so first the new server (installation of underlying database software) would need to be set up, the files copied over, attached and loaded into the new server software, and then all database references in software will need to be repointed to the new server address (or DNS entries changed, etc.)

that's a very quick explanation, that's rather technology agnostic - obviously it can vary due to a number of reasons but this is the basics of it.

Pretty accurate representation of what's going on here.

It's nothing innovative or exciting - the exciting part (the blockchain) doesn't have to be migrated :)

Thank you :)

yeah i've never worked with blockchain before so i guess i should have added the caveat that my description of the process is limited to old world technology :)

thanks indeed that gave a little idea

oh this thing was new for me on steemit i am new and still learning about steemit that how it work.and @farq you explain very well.

Thanks @jesta! I often forget just how many things I use on a daily basis are thanks to you... from SteemDB to Vessel to ChainBB. Appreciate the update and hard work.

Takes a village!

Thank you, @jesta for the information

Thank you @jesta! You've given the steemit community some awesome tools. Hope the migration runs smoothly for you.

Thank you for keeping up with the whole community I wish you luck and I look forward to your return

Thanks for information by @jesta .I hope your work goes well..

And I am currently doing this post resteemed.I will make sure that my followers are informed.. @jesta

Apologies accepted 😊
Thank you for informing us.

Okay and Thanks for the information. I am daily using for getting live informations and data of my account but since two more days i am disappointed. that's ok i am awaiting.

Thanks for the info, keep it up.

We will definately miss your post!!!

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Understood, I'll be on the lookout!

Thank you for the information @jesta... hopefully all goes well and becomes the solution for all steemian.

Please @jesta, make a comprehensive and educative post about the migration so one can grab the process

Thanks for the update, @jesta!

Thanks for the update, man. I use Steemsb almost daily it's so useful.

many many thanks for information ............i hope this site will be help us.............

I would love if you can simplify a step of migrating to this SteemDB in your next post.

Hello, what will happened when I vote you as my Witness? I'm just new here. Hope you have a time to explain it to me :)

God bless you more power! @jesta

Thanks for information @jesta

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@jesta there's a minor bug going on when clicking the wallet tab of the Steemit website. Not sure though if you are the right person to approach regarding this.

If it's an issue with the steemit website itself - no I wouldn't be the person :)

Github would be the place to submit issues:

Thanks for clarifying that one. I notice it for almost two successive days now and the issue still continue to persist.

Hi @jesta im having trouble logging in to vessel. can you advice? im using either iphone or windows 10
I need to sort out my delegation of sp

Is it just spinning when you put in your username/key?

I've seen a number of people run into this issue over the past couple days. I'll need to release a new version to create a permanent fix, but to get it working right now, there's a solution on this github issue:

Yeah, without the @ symbol (replying to your other comment).

If it's just spinning, it's because it's unable to connect to a steem node to verify that the key or password is legit. Could anything else be blocking your connection?

Another thing to try is a different node, and that same command outlined in the Github issue, would be to change to or

yes just spinning:-) username is without @ correct?

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Thanks for the update @jesta , you are making our life easier :D Keep it up

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Thank you brother @jesta for the information, may steemdb continue to improve

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Good luck. Can't you compress some parts before sending them?

By the way are you using steem mysql database or something of your own?

Unfortunately no, there wasn't enough space remaining on the server for a full database export, then the space required to create a compressed version of it. So I had to do it as an uncompressed transfer. The database itself and it's indexes were using too much space, and admittedly, it should have been moved long ago when that started to become the case.

I'm using my own database solution for steemdb - which I wrote over a year ago. It's bloated at this point. I'm very interested in rebuilding the database itself and doing it better (since I've learned a lot over the last year) but it's a matter of finding the time to dive in and rewrite it.

Oh too bad you didn't do that early enough.

I don't know if I will ever deal with Steem in a db. I don't know enough about databases. I would like to set up a service around steem but I don't if I will really do it. For now and my needs, I am fine syncing the whole blockchain in a +100GB file .

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