Introducing Kani Bot - For Steem Engine notifications on discord

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I would like to introduce Kani Bot to the steem world. Inspired by Gina bot, I really wanted to create a bot that will send us Steem Engine token notifications. I started this project just for my personal purpose. Some of my friends were also interested in this bot so I thought of making it public at least for a closed group before I release it to everyone. This bot is already a few months old and has been in use by a closed group of people for the sake of some Beta testing. It actually took me a while to consolidate and write this post. I would like to use this post to officially release the bot for all the steem and Steem Engine users. The bot is just starting the journey here and it will slowly mature with more features.

Discord Server Link:

I would like to welcome everyone to the discord server to try out the bot. Read further to know more about the features of this bot. There is also a welcome gift in the post so please read till the end.


What is Kani Bot?

Kani Bot is a discord notification service for the Steem Engine tokens. The bot does a job similar to Gina Bot but currently focusing on notifications related to Steem Tribes and Steem Engine Tokens.


The bot is still in early-stage and will be equipped with more features in the future. I would like to elaborate on the current features of the bot with some screenshots. As we are used to the notifications of GINA, I have made the notifications from Kani bot also look like Gina notifications.

The bot design is purely for discord notifications. The bot currently sends notifications about the below activities:




Author Rewards

Curation Rewards

Mining Rewards

Staking Rewards

Buy Orders

Sell Orders

Cancel Orders

Token Issued

Commands to interact with the bot

I have created a separate discord server for Kanibot and anyone who is part of the server will only receive the notifications. The reason is that the user and the bot need a connection to send notifications that are established by the Kanibot discord server. After joining the server the user can go to #play-with-bots channel and use the below commands to interact with the bot.

Help command

Any bot will need a help command for the users to get the list of commands they can use and make use of the commands. The command $kani will act as the help command providing all the available commands with a short description of each command. Some of the commands are pretty straight forward and it will guide you through with additional details after entering the first command.


The registration is the first step to start using the bot notifications. The command to register for Kani Bot notification is $kani register <YOUR STEEM HANDLE>. The registration provides a free subscription to the service for 3 days. It will be paid subscription beyond 3 days.


The subscription can be initiated with the help of the command $kani subscribe. The current subscription cost is 100 NEOXAG or 3 STEEMP for a month. This value can subject to change in the future based on several factors. The subscription can be renewed every month. If you are interested, you can also subscribe for multiple months by using the subscription command again after a successful subscription. I wanted to have a use case for NEOXAG tokens hence I added it as one of the payment methods for the subscription. If you prefer having any other token as the payment method, please let me know and I will consider adding that later based on the demand.


For now, I have not added any of the features that GINA already has. The focus was to add notifications for Steem Engine transactions and operations. But, some of my friends wanted to have vote notifications like Gina with all the tribe token values in the notification. I will consider adding that in the future and maybe provide an option to turn features on and off based on a user requirement. Apart from this, I don't have many feature ideas for Kani bot in the mind as the bot is dependent on Steem Engine API and SCOT API. If there are any cool features introduced on these APIs, I will try to add them to Kani bot.

Note: I currently don't have a user interface or a web layout for the settings page. I will introduce something like that in the future. Some users mentioned that the Curation Reward notifications are spammy. If you would like to disable the curation reward for your account please contact me in discord and I can disable it for your account.

As the bot is still in a very young stage, if you come across any issues please report them in the #report-bugs channel in discord. You can also drop your suggestions in the #suggestions channel.


I'm currently using a server with basic specs to host the bot. I will monitor the activities on the server based on the user base. If the bot needs to be migrated to a powerful server, I will upgrade it when it is essential.

Scroll down further for the interesting part...

Welcome gift

Great that you have made till this far. Welcome gifts are always attractive. Any user registering for Kani Bot notifications get a free subscription for 3 days as a trial period. Apart from that, I would like to give an additional subscription period as a welcome gift to those who are subscribing now. If you subscribe for 1 month, I will give a bonus 1 month subscription for free. I will be doing this activity manually keeping track of all the new subscribers.

I will not forget the existing users. This welcome bonus is also applicable for the existing users. If they again pay the subscription fee for an additional month, I will keep a track of it and add one more month to their subscription. This welcome gift is applicable only for the users subscribing before the 15th of this month.


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