My Final Steemfest Vlog - Closing Thoughts

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Wow you guys... it feels weird to be back in my home studio filming my final thoughts from Steemfest. I really enjoyed making those daily recap videos for you guys, but am excited to give you a more in depth video now that I'm back home with all my usual equipment.

Even though it felt so good to finally be back in my own bed last night - I am already starting to miss everyone. The bonds that were formed are hard to describe. As @anomadsoul said in his own reflection post, we all started to feel like family by the end.

My voice is slowly starting to come back, but it's still pretty shot as you can see in this vlog! Since getting home, I've been nursing it with Vitamin C, zinc and lots of tea. Oh and trying to rest my voice! I think filming this vlog was the most I've talked today. I've never lost my voice for this long, and it just goes to show how many hours and hours I spent chatting with people during the event. Even though I got hardly any sleep during the entire event - there are still so many people that I wished I had more time to connect with.

Some other Steemfest vlog's that I would highly recommend checking out are from @nanzo-scoop and @exyle. They are both Steem veterans and so it was really interesting to hear their perspective on this Steemfest versus previous years. One thing I've heard from a lot of the OG Steemians, is that this event had a more united feeling. There were countless impressive Dapps and projects being presented - but there was a feeling of moving in a similar direction to develop the blockchain. As @aggroed would say... we are all going to the same moon and it truly felt that way.

I know I keep promising to share photos from Steemfest - and so far I've spent about 5-6 hours editing and hope to finish up soon and start sharing. Many weren't in the best lighting, but you can still feel the vibe and energy that was captured.

It's always an interesting experience to feel close to someone you've only met online. Will they be just as cool in person, or not? I couldn't believe how many relationships went seamlessly from the page to real life. It really shows how authentic and engaged this community is.

I loved getting to rock my @crypto-babes shirt from the @steembirds in this vlog! I have a feeling you'll see me wear it in many videos to come. This shirt isn't just given away freely by the way. It has to be earned by being one of their "In Bed with the Steembirds" guests for their new interview series. I know they were able to snag a couple awesome interviews at Steemfest - including one for the original crypto babe @surfermarly! I can only imagine how hilarious that one was and look forward to watching it when it comes out!

Big love to you all, and even bigger bear hugs to all of my new friends from Steemfest. <3

Xo, Lea



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Greetings, dear coruscate

It seems that you enjoyed the meeting very much. This part of yours promoting the steemit was pretty cool.

Thank you and good night!!

Nawwwww, so mucy raspy smileage!

I was definitely feeling the FOMO all the way through...

Do you have any info on the Steem creators thingy in Austin in April? My partner is a massive fan of SXSW which starts March 8th... and she said there was a blockchain component that I was thinking of checking out while she sees exactly 1,000,000 bands... but if Steemcreators is just a couple of weeks after, I might have some tough decisions to make.

Oh... it's in your footer.... ahhhh haha, disregard. Thanks for answering with such immediacy!

I got your back. ;)

Seriously though... it would be craaaaazy fun to see you there! I chatted with a ton of people at Steemfest who said they were thinking of going. Not to mention it's in Steemit Inc's backyard and so some of those guys are going to be there. I think it's going to be a crazy awesome event.

Okay I get it already...

It was amazing. You all love each other. We weren't there.

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Just joking of course. ❤️ I wasn't there but I loved it as well with all that I have seen. Ehehehe

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Hahah I totally get it. It’s how I felt after seeing all the Steemfest posts from last year. Warning, you have a solid week of SteemFest content still to deal with. Tons of people are still just traveling home. 😜

I'll be flagging everyone from now on lololol

jealousy kicking really hard today


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It all went by too fast! I am still traveling, so haven’t had time for posting yet, but hopefully soon! Thanks for listing some other great SteemFest wrap-up posts. You rock!

Aww I miss you already roomie! I really want us to stay in touch! It was so fun getting to know you this week. 😃

It really was so fun! And now I’m following you and really enjoying your blog, so the fun continues!

Appreciate everything you are doing for the community. Love the shirt too. Almost everyone I know has been sick, hope that clears up for you. I wouldn't advise bear-hugging me!


Oh lookie you are back. Welcome. Take some much needed rest. I've flown over seas before it can take a toll on your body. Good video!

I bet joe gave you his pdf with 40tips on how to become successful on steemit. for a price of course.

This makes me feel like I should of been there! Hopefully I can create content as good as you and make some super cool friends along the way. This is the first platform I have ever done content on.

Any tips for new creators?