[save the date] SteemFest⁴ Bangkok, Thailand - 6/7/8/9/10 November 2019 - ⛅ ฟ้าหลังฝน - Let's go!

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This year, SteemFest heads to the "Venice of Asia", Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, city of the angels, or as known to most of you, Bangkok - Thailand!


This megapolis is home to about 9 million people build around the swirling Chao Phraya river. A true city jungle with daily challenges to experience: heat (albeit agreable in early November), gridlock of traffic, harmonious chaos and generic sensory overload!

Come for SteemFest, stay for the Thai experience

SteemFest is the annual gathering for Steem users and its ecosystem. It is a reunion meets conference meets citytrip - aiming to meet new people, foster relationships and learn from each other.

Next to the two conference days held in several parts of Bangkok, SteemFest will be larded once again with various social events and tourist trips. Going to and from the event venues are little adventures in itself, as I found when taking on Bangkok during last March' soaring temperatures.

Bangkok Chao Praya river - by massimo_riserbo on Flickr

Explore beautiful sights, temples, (floating) markets, Thai massages, sky bars, enjoy epic streetfood, kindest people and new worlds every other Soi (sidestreet) you walk in to. And after 5 days in Bangkok? The Thai islands lure. Don't head back to the airport just yet. Shall we turn Koh Chang into Steem Island?

After 3 years in Europe, SteemFest heads to Asia

People from over 60 different countries attended past 3 SteemFest events and every year saw about 15% of the attendees coming from various countries in Asia. It is therefore time to make the leap and settle for this edition in Bangkok in the heart of Asia, with a great Steem community. Great weather, in early November not yet too hot, at the start of the tourist season.

Floating Market Bangkok - by BB Wijdieks on Flickr

Overall a beautiful and foreigner welcoming country, wonderful people (Land of the Smiles), easy going attitude: some of Thailand's features. This year's destination was also chosen because:

  • Tourist friendly visa policy: as a country living of tourism it has a very easy visa policy. Do your own research for your origin prior to booking tho!
  • Very well connected international airport. With over 160 direct flight connections, including 10 cities in Europe or so.
  • Favourable economy (albeit Bangkok being somewhat more expensive). You can slash the SteemFest hotel price from last year by 50%-75% and once the full budget is completed I hope the ticketprice can also once again be lower compared to last year. This also depends on to be defined sponsorships though.

SteemFest⁴ "theme": ⛅ ฟ้าหลังฝน

Above is a thai saying, literally translated into "SKY AFTER RAIN". Which is so true and reflecting:

Rain in Bangkok - by Torbus on Flickr

After past year(s) cryptowinter, hope glories on the horizon. Recent spikes see renewed interest from old and new parties in the blockchain ecosystem offering opportunities for Steem. After (imho) some depressing months last year, the Steem chain has seen countless community efforts launching, not only keeping the soul alive but also firing up the spirit. Let's reach out for the sky in Bangkok!

SteemFest⁴ current status:

Prior to my Bangkok visits in February & March I've done a lot of desk research and during the 30 day Thailand trip had a lot of meetings with suppliers, hotels and potential event venues. As Asia is a change of continent I did not want to wait any longer with announcing. With about 6 months to go, for anyone around the world there is plenty of time to plan, save up and work towards another epic edition. Seeing that the [Save the date] 2018 post last year was only out in July, this year you have another 2 months extra to plan!

The Grand Palace - by cokedragon on Flickr

Be smart, plan early!

Some great websites to checkout: Skyscanner.net and Flyhacks.com. Of course if you come long haul, you will need to cough up, but by being a smartpants you can turn the odds in your favour: I found a "flyhacks" price for example for 504 USD (446 EUR) from NYC / BKK return flight for the SteemFest⁴ dates. Some other prices: Los Angeles (446 USD), London (406 USD / 360 EUR), Moscow (375 USD), Jakarta (130 USD), Seoul (188 USD), Tokyo (268 USD), New Delhi (261 USD), Also recommendable is HackTheFlight.net which lists all found bargain prices from around the net. - How about a 245 EUR flight from Frankfurt to BKK?

Bangkok: On the Railway - by Torbus on Flickr

Of course this year will see another iteration of the SteemFest Travel Reimbursement Fund, as always donations are open to the @t-r-f account, which will be distributed based on miles travelled and attendees can register for a piece of the pie during SteemFest in Bangkok. By the way, should you need any tips & tricks in finding great flights or deals, please ping me. I am a part time travel planner and I find it a challenge to find good prices.

The SteemFest⁴ Hotel

Book your place asap (optionally with free cancellation)
You need a place to stay & sleep (some). Bangkok is big. Let's get a hotel together. For this year SteemFest teamed up with Prince Palace Hotel Bangkok.

Prince Palace Hotel - Bangkok

This is the place for festival checkin, opening drinks and for some unplanned steem pool parties! This hotel was chosen for economic viability, but also conveniently located on the Khlong San Saep canal which has fast typical thai 0.25 EUR/ride ferries to Silom (5 minutes) where the BTS Skytrain gives access to travel Bangkok by superfast public transport vs. the gridlocked roads. This enables you to see a lot of the city and also have events scattered around, but not leave you sitting in cabs all day long. Because of Bangkok's traffic challenge, the past editions "frequent" SteemFest rented shuttle rides will not be an option so much this year.

Khlong Saen Saep Express Boats, Bangkok, Thailand - by dgmckelvey on Flickr

Prince Palace Hotel Bangkok is a 3-star hotel with 4/5 star-rating and affordable prices. Room rates start at €45 for a single room, double occupancy, but can go as low as €17/person if you hack the hotel and book a 3 bedroom family room, occupying with 6. Featuring: Two outdoor pools, poolbar, spa/fitness, 6 bars & restaurants, 800+ rooms in various layouts.

Although the hotel has 800 rooms, seeing that November is the start of tourist season in Thailand, I recommend you to book early via Agoda. (The hotel itself recommended me Agoda, as it has more affordable pricing compared to their own booking system or what they can offer). Agoda also has room offers with free cancellation up to 1 week prior to the event. Needless to say, I've already booked my rooms. (Staying with the whole family this year).

The SteemFest Ticketshop...

... opens latest in July once the budget is more or less set in stone. That said, SteemFest is very open to sponsorships! Engage your product & brand among the most fresh, cutting edge epic early adopters in cryptoland and help them make SteemFest4 unforgettable and affordable! Contact [email protected] for sponsorship opportunities.

That's it for now! Start planning! Join the SteemFest Telegram and subscribe to the newsletter if you have not yet done so.

Sawadee krap!


6/7/8/9/10 November 2019 - Bangkok, Thailand [Click here for .ics file to add SF4 to your calendar]

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love BKK!

You coming? :)

Who wants to hand out Steem/Steemit/Dtube flyers in crowded spots like Khao San Rd, Chatuchak Market, MBK and so on?

Great news @roelandp! Look forward to hearing more about SF4!

Why is he once again ignoring the USA and preventing American Steemians from ever having one single steemfest when we make up the lion share of users and investment? Also we are in no position to plan steem fests when steem is on the brink of becoming as irrelevant as Golos, we need marketing not steemfests....

and you @elipowell why do you even work at steem? Youve made under 10 posst since you joined 4 months ago, I make more than that in one day.... you cant even post on steem and you wanted to be our communications directior or whatever you are called? Seriously youre an offense to steem, all of these hard working peopel and @ned just pays you why again? What doi you actually do?

You havent done anything for steem and yet YOU get a paycheck? WOw..... no wonder @ned has single handedly lost over 1.5 BILLIOn dollars in marketcap value over the last year'

You are not here to help steem, you are just here to pickup a ppaycheck and to have something look good on your resume

You have no excuse for your lack of posting.... come on https://steemspeak.com discord and explain yourself https://discord.gg/FEK2ynq

While I think Thailand is a great choice for Steemfest your comment did make me laugh and yeah a lot of who have been around for awhile aren't impressed with Steemit Inc. I have often asked if employees like @elipowell are sort of collecting a paycheck and not really doing much of anything. Wouldn't we all like a blockchain job on paper. Doses of reality aren't welcome.

In my time on STEEM it has dropped from 3 on CoinMarketCap to 62. The market has spoken.

Unless you are one of the 50 or 60 people really collecting anything on this chain it simply isn't a good place for investment. Better off with Dogecoin. It isnt slipping down CoinMarketCap like STEEM. Sometimes the truth hurts. Slow clap for the few that really came out ahead here and a moment of silence for those who chased the carrot and had high hopes.

I would venture to say that STEEM is the most developed complete ecosystem in the blockchain space. It is really sad that it isn't a good investment though. It is frustrating. Unless you have $250,000 to invest here you aren't going to make a legit move here at this point. Your investment will likely erode faster than you can earn from the power and you will spend a lot of time attempting to make the power pay off. It will end up being a financial drain and a time trap. It would have been easier to just invest in Litecoin and set it and forget it.

Against my better judgment I'm leaving 2000 SP encase someone comes up with something unreal on this chain that drives insane demand. Most blockchain projects don't slip that hard and then retake a premier position after sliding but maybe it could still happen.

We have simply put the majority of our money in other projects that have a better chance for success. We will see what MEOS brings but it will be an experiment just like this ecosystem as well. It won't be perfect either but we will see if I have enough EOS to make some noise there.

Thailand !?!? Fuck yeah!


100% Agree glad OGs like you are telling the truth and not being yesmen like some sort of Iceposeidon butler, and 100% Agree With leaving 2000 Sp , Im gonna leave 3 or 4000 SP incase something happens here , but I think I will invest a LOT of that into Steem-engine tokens actually,

and the eos money thats been actually performing that io got from SBD when sbd was like $10 and EOS at 50 cents to $1 , yeah im gonna put some of THAt into stuff like PEOS, and yeah MEOS, is gonna have all the smart people from steem using it.

I ll be happy if steemit inc ever releases SMTs but its too late they cant just work on it now , MEOS is happening AND steem-engine already happened, so if steem-engine is this underutilized for how great of a platform it is (Due to steem having not enough users) then imagine how vacant and un used SMTs will be... steemit inc will have to get serious partners to launch SMTs with like xbox launching with Halo, and n64 launching with Zelda ocarina of time... SMts need toi launch with some big company that wont mind having some decentralzied reddit forum posting about them... IF Steem's SMTs even come with communities as inertia pointed out there isnt much activity on the communities github, and i believe aggroed is closer to giving us that with his scotbot than steemit inc

hey anyway it means a lot that you responded like this with honesty, send me your EOS account name on steemspeak.com discord https://discord.gg/vMt9T7P ill send you some eos token tips from variuosu coins im collecting liek PEOS, theyre givin out lots of tokens on https://eos.discussions.app

and again i agree with leaving a few thousand SP in here, and even THAT is more than enouygh for both of us! MOST peopel would have been taking 90% of all the money they even made here including powering down SP as they got it, and just held BTC, or cashed out, so peopel like us who actually held on to THOUSANDS of Steempower for YEARS, we deserve a fucking MEDAL next to our name on the steemit front end....

Man, this did make me laugh. Who's ignoring what exactly?

South America.... Ignored!
Australia.... Ignored!
Russia.... Ignored!
China.... Ignored!
Canada... Ignored!

I'd love to see steemfest in Canada one year... definitely b4 America. Good coffee, lower crime, friendly people.... very polite. Go... Canada 🙂🇨🇦 let me get some maple syrup on my pancakes please!

Bring steemfest to the UK please!!!! that will satisfy my massive sense of Western entitlement.

Wait a minute.... nah fck that, Thailand is absolutely fine. Cheap, friendly, genuine and not full of loud arrogant fucktards. Great choice Roelandp 🙂

So I gather you're coming to the Colorado-based 'Block Party' conference @ackza?

Glad it's finally out :P
Excited as the last 3 times. Can't wait to be there!
Looking forward to another rocking event!

I am now officially anxious! I can't wait!

So great man!!! I guess that hard work is starting again for you and your crew... Luckily so close to your home :) - See you in months!

See you once again @firepower. :))

wait wait..will I be meeting the legendary @hungyhustle AND mister @firepower (again) there...sweeeet

I'll be making the trip from Adelaide for sure!

Wohooo see you there!!! I need to put in leave now!!!

I will be there representing our @contestkings community!

Thatd be cool

Is this where they are finally going to get smt's out?

We already have SMTs out https://steem-engine.com WITH smart contracts

Not gonna miss this one! Bringing the @coingecko brand with me!

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Sure wish I could afford it, never been to one but would love to..... Have a great one all..... Hopefully I could make it to one, one day......

If things change, it'd be great to meet you in person, mate.

If things change and I could, yes it would be awesome to meet you and the others too.... Would be crazy fun....

@steemfest @roelandp happy to meet you, I am around that time anyways in SE Asia. perfect timing. May the Bullrun with us around that time !

Exciting! This will be my 4th time and since I lived in SE Asia for so many years it’s amazing to go back there again. 🙌🌺🦋

Hey Mammasitta! Can't believe it's in Bangkok. I mentioned the next one should be in Bangkok in the survey and at steemfest 3. So....since I got my wish, now I have to go! Looking forward to it and seeing you there!

yes it was all in the works then already. It was fun reading your survey responses about it :)

I really hope I can organize myself for this trip because it will be quite expansive to travel there via Europe but hopefully the crypto winter will be over soonest 😉

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I know what you mean. Steem 95% off it's highs has messed things up for so many including myself....just a bit. After 16 years of traveling and living internationally. I'm starting to slow my roll and just stay in Thailand every winter, one of my favorite countries. So Bangkok works out perfectly for me. If you make there, it will be great to see you!

We sure should meet eventually. We haven't had any chance meeting up yet since you're :D :X

Next time I'm in Bangkok, which will be Steem fest or sooner! That is for sure, and looking forward to it!

I guess you can be in charge of making an excellent tour time in there before or after SF!

Well... I've never been to Asia and Steemfest will probably be my second time because I'll go to Japan in July ; )

Yeah! That sounds cool! I hope I can make it

Bali is not far from there :)

Medan is too.

Hope I can join this event very excited

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I am sure there will be many Indonesians join as long as Steem goes up by then. Let’s hope!

Indeed, the increase of steem prices will of course increase the enthusiasm.

Hope the best for Steem :)

Just missing the moment from last year with many meetup here. 😊

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Ha ha, this seems like the thread to say hi to everyone who are Bangkok regulars just incase I can make it early before SF4 kicks off in case anyone else is in the city and fancied showing a newbie around 😉

I've visited Bangkok once b4, but I only stayed for a few days before I went North to sukhothai.

Looking forward to SF4.

Mammasitta... You've been to every steemfest! That's some commitment 🙂

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Yes! I did them all and one was better than the other but Amsterdam is still my all time favourite

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That's cool.

I only made my first SF3 last year in Krakow... But that gave me the taste 🤣
The final night in the salt mines was really something else!

Maybe this year SF4 steemians can take over an island after, and party on the beaches until the tropical sun rises 🙂

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Can’t wait what @roeland plans this time for us! BKK is Magic and so interesting
I am for sure off to Bali right after 🙀

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If you’re going to Asia, you probably should have chosen South Korea instead. Seems to be a lot of interest in Steem there.

Totally agree but South Korea is expensive, I know 😂

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Wow, Thailand!
I can't wait😀

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@shogo let’s get more Japanese this year to come :)

Are you coming this year as well? :)

Very nice! Just when I thought going to EU for the 4th time would be too much for me haha.

Can't wait to see the wong irl!!!!!!! :D

cya! getting too old for bkk tho 😰

Count me in! 4th SteemFest in a row. Happy to see all of you again

Steem on!

I still hope u are wearing the 3 wristbands like I am doing...I think the first one from Amsterdam is becoming part of my skin already...

Mine is peril! Amsterdam ❤️

1-way Flight & AirBnb booked for the conference days...
what's the move for Monday?!

1 way! way to go!

haha first time in Asia... who knows where I’ll end up 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Seriously... you've booked yer flight already!?

That's cool.

Yessir! I arrive the morning of the 5th. Only got a 1 way because I definitely want to explore more of Thailand (perhaps Chiang Mai) or something after the conf. It’s nice to leave the trip open-ended

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Yes I guess it is! I was thinking about getting there a little earlier myself, maybe chillax in the countryside for a few days beforehand.

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Yesss guys! If you need any tips reach out to us! We’ll happy to assist with anything Thailand related! ❤️

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wooooow yea, that is super exciting! We had the idea of Thailand in the back of our head - welcome home (second home) hehe! It's gonna be super fun. @roelandp if you need any assistance with organizing media or anything let us know, we would gladly help you ;) AGAIN - SOOOO EXCITED

Can't wait to meet you guys there ;)

We too. We just wanted to text you! Cannot wait to meet you and the whole Korea team! ❤️❤️❤️ (Please bring more Korean snacks) 🙈🙈🙈 hahaha

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Have fun in Bangkok :-)

The moment you hear you can start booking stuff for SteemFest...



Thank you @roelandp for announcing early and doing all the stressful stuff for us! (Like scouting in that overwhelming city :D I'm already looking forward to the built-in map in the SteemFest app! :'))

I'm also going to try to go this year :)

Awesome :D The more the merrier! :D

Dus je heat al besloten? Jij gaat 😀

Ja! Hard sparen wel :’)

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Love it hahahah

En jij dan ?? :)

Wel ah dromen ja , maar school werk kids .....

I'm already trying to figure out budgets etc. Still not 100% sure I can make it.

But, imagine if the bull market really takes off! We'll be rocking Bangkok like a bunch of crypto ballerz 🤟🥂🤣😉

"Take my bags to my room my good man.... Here's a trezo wallet full of bitcoin for your troubles"

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Oh if only @raj808 .. Crypto Ballerzzzz :) count me in then!

Who knows, who knows. I'll start budgeting on current prices though :P

Unfortunately it ain't gonna happen for me at current prices but there's plenty of time yet for markets to weave there magic 🤣

If I do get 2 SF4, I really want to make sure it's the start of a longer backpacking trip to Vietnam and then through Cambodia, Malaysia to scuba dive and eventually the Philippines. That's gonna take some budget, or maybe I sell everything I own and just go for it. Or steem goes to $10 and it won't be a problem 🤞😉

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You rock @roelandp ! :D

I'll be there - now I just need to decide how long for! Maybe a month for this one with SF4 in the middle....

Thanks for giving us the dates so early!

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Same situation in here... a month will be the right choice! See you in Months!

Cool, see you there!

Posted using Partiko Android

Hey dude. Be good to meet again if I can make it.

If I can, I'm definitely going for 6-8 weeks of traveling Thailand b4 and after SF4. There's so much to see in Thailand 🙂

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Be great to see you there! I'm in for 5 weeks!

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OMG! Thank you for announcing so early. It will be easier to plan ahead. I hope I'll be there.

Time makes the difference for sure... This is a great notice! Timing and SF walks together :)

See you then! :-)

No poker books help this time plzzzz! ;)

See you too :D

Oops I was wrong ;) Check your skype!!
I can't wait to meet you guys :'( !!!!!!!!!!!!

That's awesome news! I still don't know in which part of the world I will be in November, but now, I will try to make it Asia!

Haha,👊 that's exactly what I said!

Me too I do not know maybe North America maybe Europe. I have never been to Thailand yet

whipping out my calendar and travel plans... setting aside steemfest budgets NOW...

I even called my 2nd planet on Nextcolony Steemfest... because it has an uncommon atmosphere where only fun and cool things take place
Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 20.13.27.png

thats pretty epic.

I am very excited...hurraaay... I hope my hubby can get a permission from the boss for a short vacation.
Finger cross!

I so so so hope. I want to see my bro

Fingers crossed. Hope we can make it too!

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OMG!!!!!! I'll pray every night for @jaki01 :D

Yeah, back to Bangkok!
Now, we have to wait for 6 months. This will give me some time to prepare the next Meet the Steemians Contest 😜

Thank you @roelandp for all the work done and for moving SteemFest outside of Europe.

Looking forward to that game again @arcange! Had a lot of fun conversations with “unknown” steemians back in Krakow. Maybe some people can help?

Ga jij ?

Ik laat dat nog even afhangen van mijn gezondheid... de wil is er maar ga niet reizen terwijl ik niet weet wat ik mankeer.

Heb jij plannen om te gaan?😎

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Meer dromen hahahah

Thank you for your help proposal @guchtere.
I'm going to keep that in mind because I still do not have a clear idea of how I will make it this year.

So you will go?

Should I really answer such a question?

Dear I was just making sure and checking Bangkok ✅

Oh, I'm really sorry if you felt offended by my answer.
To me, participating in SteemFest is not even a question.
This is the only event I won't miss for anything in the world, except my own death! 😉

Offcourse i am not offended but wanted to make sure a bunch of friends would go !

Woohoo, me friend 😀❤️

New contest? Bring it on! Last one was great

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Sounds super exotic, I don't think we can afford but well you never know :) I have a good friend but living in Samui. I have the fondest memory of last year :)

omg! That s gonna be epic!!

I bet it will :)

Awesome, Can't wait! 😎

Hey sorry for responding in a random
Spot but I haven’t been seeing Ya post much.
Hey I hope you’ll post more of the comedy stuff u started. I dug that vibe and hoped to see more. You should rock that shit!

Nice one @roelandp! I'll do what I can to make this one and bring my guitar! Nudge Nudge!

Holy hell. Looks like it going to Thailand! Kudos once again @roelandp. I know you work tirelessly to make this happen so thanks.

Thailand is a country of pool Hustlers btws @blewitt.... Ya better watch out brother! They don't accept steem 🤣

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Thailand with six months to plan for it, how can I miss it or what excuses could I possibly come up with and miss such an adventure....

Damn I am excited, now all that needed is for a nice pump of Steem and SBD, an I certainly put money aside for this adventure

See you finally

THat would be awesome, finally get to meet up, all we need is for Steem or SBD to moon and I can start to put money aside for that

Wow!!!! How very very exciting. Thanks so much @roelandp! Guess it's time to save up :D

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Ugh...you are going?!?

I guess that’s a good excuse to reignite our hatred!


Do you know how much I miss, I mean hate you?! hahha :P
I am going to do my effing best to be there (I most likely will), you better get yo ass there, so I can give you a nice big hate hug <3

Redrica! If I make it u can punch me in the arm again... But.... I'm gonna push you in the Chao Phraya River in the early hours of the morning for Wim hof training 😉

Posted using Partiko Android

Hahaha not sure how confident I would be with foreign rivers (especially in the city)! Let's just hope the hotel spa has a nice cold plunge pool :D

Lol, I don't blame u for not wanting to jump in the river there 🤣

I'm not sure it would be the healthiest option... Or that cold tbh 😉

Yay not a 24hr flight for me this time 😂😂🤣🤣

Wow, this is going to be a great adventure for the #TeamHilarski @hilarski Great choice @roelandp We can't wait to go!


This sounds awesome, @roelandp! It's gonna be da bomb... Haha!

I wish Brazil had something like this! =/

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Can't wait ! I'll be there for sure :)

Fuckin fantastic! Been looking for an excuse to head to Thailand too...Will be great to see all your faces again!

In the buddist temple with the steembirds lol

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lol.. I can't wait :)

Might be a little too hot to wear leather jackets tho :/

That is awesome. Let's see if I can swing it :)

Be sweet to meet you in person, mate. Wonder if @galenkp is up for an adventure?

I am hoping he will consider it at least. Ply him with some drinks and make him promise ;)

It's not looking good as it's only a couple weeks after we return from NZ. It's possible, but not likely. Depends on the overall cost and if I can spare the time from work.

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You better!!! Bring back the dollar handjob booth again and start earning & saving!

Shiiiit....I knew reading through the comments was a bad idea. Now I'll never get that image out of my head...

to get to Thailand I am going to have to up it to 1.50.

Lol, what's all this about dollar hand jobs? .... I guess that's one sure way to fund a night out in Bangkok 🤣

Be good to meet again if I can make it Taraz 👍🙂

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Exciting!!! Bring it on. I'm sure visa won't be a problem this time around. Cheers!!!

On point. See you

Last SteemFest I cycled from Krakow to London. Can I make it from Thailand to London this time? Or maybe just cycle to Thailand?


Oh, maybe in a riksja with a friend. And then blog about it!! :D

Oh yeasssssssssssssssss, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to attend unless I try the contests =/
I'm saving up to cross Africa by bicycle.

Sht... Mr Professor.... London - Bangkok cycling! Better get started now brother!

I'm still not sure I can make it Thailand SF4, but I'm hopeful. The markets will dictate if I can make it!

Btws, hollar at me if you are passing through Liverpool on your way to Scotland m8. There's a couch you can crash on if ya need, or if you're just around for a day I'm happy to show u the city.

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I'll definately contact you! I'll be around Nottingham early June to buy my bicycle at Alpkit.

Then I'll possibly catch a train up north to save me time as I want to do the North Coast 500.

Wow, I just googled the north coast 500 cycle route... that's hardcore 👍

Sounds good dude. Yeah, if it's not out your way and you want to visit Liverpool hollar at me. I'm really unhealthy at the moment after struggling with a chronic illness for sone time now... but I do have a mountain bike so we could cycle down to Crosby beach to show you the Anthony Gormley statues art instillation. Plus that route goes through the tourist dick area and passed the liver building etc.


I think that's about 15-20 miles round trip from where I live and is a long one for me in recent health. But I'm gonna start doing regular 10 mile rides from this week onwards to get my health up 🙂

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Crossing fingers so this will be my first SteemFest!

With one more bulltrend, I hope this will be my first SteemFest! It's a long way from Argentina to Thailand.

Will be bringing some tshirts with me. If Steem goes back to $4+ I'll give away some too!


Oh my. What an exciting proposition. Thanks for getting this out early which will give us more of a chance of building a major holiday around the event. I sincerely hope I can make it. Woo hoo!
Thanks for taking this on @roelandp

Hey Gillian 👋 it would be nice to meet you if I can make SFest this year. I went to Krakow last year but this time around it's gonna be completely dependent on the markets for me.

It would be nice to organise a brief meet up of all the Brits who make it to SF4 if there are enough of us. Anyway, I just thought I'd say hi 👋🙂

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Hi @raj808. It would be great to meet you too. Maybe we already did in Krakow???

I sat on the fence for a long time regarding Steemfest 3 and it will probably be the same again with 4.

I'd like to go to Steemfest but not sure I want to return to Thailand.

If I'm spending that much time and money on a trip I'd like to visit somewhere new. I need to do some research on what the possibilities are . . . 😁

I know I saw you in Krakow but I don't think we ended up chatting. I can be a little shy in person... unless I've had beer lol

If I make it and spot you I shall be sure to say hi and pull myself out of my shyness 🙂

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Did I already mention that I am siked!!!
I AM SIKED! this seems doable!


yeaaaaaah see ya there right?? <3

I gotta make it for this one! See you then, Fingers crossed!!!

yeaaaaaah make it happen girl! It seems doable in prices and oppertunities to get there...I hear a big meetup!

We should see if we can catch a flight together ?

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