SteemFest3 Updates - small update due to HF 20 busyness - New names!

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Reminder: October 1st the SteemFest hotel rooms are back on general market.
And prices increase most probably.

Wow, this morning I received a fine. It was a fine from Monday 6 November 2017, the day after SteemFest 2 when I left Lisboa with the family to chill for a week in the south of Portugal. Believe it (or not) but the fine time was actually 13:37:00 - now they must be f*cking with me. Anyhow it brought back fond memories of SF2 but also of the fact that the vending machine at the tollroad exit had a problem and I got a receipt which I paid at the airport when we left back for Amsterdam.

"Un rincón de Cracovia" by danielico on Flickr

This week was all about Hardfork 20 obviously after last weeks halt and wow yes, it definitely needs some tweaking, but here we are looking at a 0.20.4 almost being rolled out which should enable transactions again for many users currently stuck, and some other fixes as well. I'm curious how it all plays out, but I do understand something had to be done against limitless posting with the broken bandwidth problem, especially if the chain gears up towards service-ing SMT's as well. That said it should not be the case that newcomers can't post any longer or even new accounts cannot be used, only after 5 days. But these things are being fixed and I think it is smart that you know think before you post.

I encountered this actually today. I was logged in with the @whalefountain user, as the SteemWhale had some physical problems after barely surviving a flood last week due to autumn storm in combination with Syzygy spring-tide and did some checking on recent transfers as the bot for the service of @whalefountain runs on "transfer" operations mainly. Then I wanted to do a comment to a heavy user of the @whalefountain, namely @tufkat, saying that all is resolved now and @whalefountain is happy spraying again - but refrained, intended to use my own account to comment instead. Anyhow with the 20.4 patches I hope to see stuff change for the better with bigger Resource Credits pools, but I think we have not seen the end of all challenges just yet.

Ok. SteemFest!

In the time left over I managed to work on the SteemFest Mobile App, which was originally build by @good-karma for SteemFest 1, with minor help from me and adjusted last year to work for Lisbon. This year I've taken over the app hosting on the same account as in the appstores and the app will roll out in about a month latest. This time it has a nifty feature to scan users' badges so you can store & follow & remember to whom you talked during the event in a convenient list. Next to this some bug fixes for the online/offline detection and a stylesheet overhaul to get into that 'Let's Fire Things Up' mode :)

Testing the new "Stay Connected - Remember November" feature of the SteemFest app

Bitshares at SteemFest worker proposal

The unofficial predecessor of Steem, the Bitshares chain has a feature I really like a lot, namely the so-called "Worker Proposals". These enable one to write a proposal and get part of the daily reserve fund paid out to fund that proposal. Now I've written a proposal for Bitshares to sponsor SteemFest and this worker is currently up for voting. If it maintains voted for (it just got voted in!) I will next week progress with announcing the Bitshares Give-Away SteemFest Tickets competitions (as part of the sponsorships) through the @bitshares-at-sf account.

If you want to read the full proposal read here: - should you have Bitshares account, feel free to vote it with your stake, if you like it's purpose! Also, if you want to learn more about Workers on the Bitshares chain, go here:

New Names announced:

Reminder: Art at SteemFest looking for your best work!

Just like the previous two SteemFest editions this year Art At Steemfest is going to happen in the weekend dedicated to works by the arts community. It is a pop-up art gallery with artworks by Steem-users. This year the venue is a multimedia expo room on walking distance of both hotels. By using this 360 degree projections sphere there will unfortunately be no actual prints to be made, but the upside is that we have virtually unlimited place for artworks thanks to this rotating all-around-you animated projection gallery!

If you have a (digitized) artwork (photo, painting) you want to be considered for the Art at SteemFest pop-up art expo during SteemFest, please follow this form to share your work.

Click here for the Art at SteemFest submission form

Ongoing SteemFest ticket give aways

  1. Last week ! SteemFest ticket raffle:
  2. Till HF 20 @pharesim is giving away 1 free ticket to Steemfest:
  3. @steemfestdreams is running a contest and you can still participate:

Have a nice weekend!
Greetings from Amsterdam,


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Cool updates, glad whalefountain is working again. Looking forward for the SteemFest app, I remember it was difficult to remember all usernames from last year, the app would be awesome.

This post is feature on my news show(in Chinese :D) for today.

The scanning name option is great, good idea @roelandp, but I might just keep doing it the 'old-fashioned' way too. (taking photos with people holding up their badge) Otherwise I'll have a 100 names and no faces to pin them to. The photos saved my life last year, I wouldn't have been able to say who-is-who for a lot of people otherwise...For no obvious reasons whatsoever...😜🍻Meanwhile: our apartment is booked, the flights will be booked Tuesday and hopefully I'll manage to get the ticket before next price hike. 3 thirds ready to go!

has a nifty feature to scan users' badges so you can store & follow & remember to whom you talked during the event

This is really handy! Last year we were using notepad to note down people's usernames.

360 degree projections sphere for Art at Steemfest seems to be a big upgrade over last year's wall projections!
Way to go @roelandp :D

Guess the storm brought some nice kite surfing sessions for you...? :-)

Thanks for the update on Steemfest³! Btw I directly fall for the manabar in the subject of your email, haha It's so easy to trigger us these days.

You should call it ManaFest and the whole blockchain would go start running towards Krákow right now :-))

Happy weekend 🤙

Same here. Totally clickbait... 😅

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well it did but tbh i havent found time to surf for 3-4 months now :( matter of priorities also. its a lost season - but maybe pickup in the winter again haha :)

Yeah well I wouldn't want to have your agenda I guess :-D

Winter sounds like you'd need the steel jacket for the session, haha Well depending on where you're planning to surf. You know Canary Islands have this endless summer to offer :-)

Badge scanning in the app is a great idea. I was thinking I need to make a note of everyone I meet as it can be hard to keep track. It's only a few weeks away now. Some of us will be starting the party early as we're flying together from Luton

Technology has made things easy for us and also made us getting lazier... 😅
But I do like this idea

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hehe, nice to read that the whale is spraying again :-)

I have re-startet my spraybot, lets see what happens at 8:00 AM UTC ...

it worked already with yesterdays actually, but I had removed my whalefountain key from my bot in a rescue fix. So forgot to re-add that, so you didnt get the thank you "memo" actually.

whale is disconnected from the internet again. still spraying when it's too full in the belly, but offline :( need someone to do a router checkup.

great info there.. thank you!

Wow...Steem On master @roelandp

Exactly! Happy days ahead... Let's kip up d good jo

Help me to grow my account please

You are doing a great job. SteemFest is going to be great

hmm.. i m agree with you

Wow, this new feature with scanning badgets sounds very cool! Thanks for the updates!

YES! I love the badges idea :-) Amazing. I'd love to have an overview of all the cool people I've spoken too :-) A 'mass-follow' SteemFest attendees would be welcome too ;-)

I'm still thinking about my 'best' photo to send in, that's hard since I often work in series. But I'd love to be presented on the wall :-)

Thanks for all the work even in-between the other witness obligations you've had to survive :-)

Counting down the days!

We need to send in our photo?

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@soyrosa is talking about the ArtAtSteemFest exposition. See the paragraph above!

Oops. Sorry. Now that I have reread it for a second time. I have clearly misunderstood the first time.

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pls no need to be sorry.

Happy days are coming, great update 😀

this is thats great

Thank you

Just do a full "passport" type thing and have participants scan all sorts of stuff in, like when they visit a certain place or attend something.

yes and they should leave their SSN too :P

@roelandp thanks for sharing such a good information.


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Do have a great and successful SteemFest.

Great info! helped us to know more about this...
thank you

Great News. Revolution is about to come.

woe this is good

I'm too poor to be at SF3 xD Even if I'm in Poland

follow my weekly posts. Every week at the bottom I share the current ongoing ticket-give-away-competitions in an overview. I know there are more to come!

Give it a shot, and who knows you might win! Best of luck!

Ok, thank you for info :D

Great info! Thank you

@roelandp I gave you a vote!
If you follow me, I will also follow you in return!

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gracias por compartir esta info...

Thanks for the information 😊

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excelente post

I gave you a vote! If you follow me, I will follow you back!

Thanks a lot for making this event possible, we will be all happy to see people there making pictures and videos. You are once of the best witnesse I know and I'm positive also about the new hard fork we have. You can check my recent post about that if you like The positive side of Hard Fork 20 ! .

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Wao. Really nice hearing

Good info to stay happy!!!

I am just exploring the steemfest and hope for the best .

excellent your update very good user interface understandable creative and easy to use for users

Thanks for sharing information @roelandp

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@roelandp, what for did you get a fine (if it is mot a secret)? I am just curious.
Btw, thank you for the update on the SteemFest. I hope I will be able to meet a lot of Steemians at this great event!

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Yes i think there will be some Steemians :)

I got a fine because the camera registered us exiting the Toll Road without paying.

But actually the vending machine was broken, so we couldnt pay. It did not accept any of our cards. So we got an operator and he made us an automated bill which came as a 'receipt' printed out of the vending machine and instructed us to pay it at a local post office. Thats what we did but apparently this record of us paying has gone missing.

Yeah, I've got it. It is pity! Thank you for answering.

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Great info :)

Wooo... Great info for me thank you @roelandp.

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So upset to be missing the SteemFest #3😣😐🤔 Glad to help anyway I can though!

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Thanks so much

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Thank you

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