Steemdrive: Steemfest, TJPezlo - Philippines and Steemvoter Rescue Donations

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@steemdrive is an initiative to crowdfund billboards across the world, having successfully placed "big ticket item" Steemit billboards in South Africa, Chicago USA and New Zealand to demonstrate that Steem currencies are easily redeemable for real-world purchases, if you can crowdfund and pay for a billboard, you can buy just about anything.

I was planning to do a collaboration with @roelandp for a Steemfest billboard but getting SteemSports off the ground and running smoothly was very time consuming, I kept saying "tomorrow is another day" and before I knew it, the Steem price and market cap was too low to crowdfund a billboard in one post, it would take 10 to 20 posts now according to my estimate.

The package deal for Steemfest, with 5 billboards would have been around 5000 EUR + Tax and I also haven't been comfortable with converting large amounts of Steem currency to fiat and further weaken Steem or the Steem Dollar peg. if the price was bouyant we would be hitting out these billboards and spreading Steem to the world, but the reality is we have to work on user retention first.

@roelandp had prepared a writeup for me to post, but unfortunately since the crowdfund didn't happen he spent his time on it for nothing. @tjpezlo had also sent me a writeup for a Philippines billboard and for the same reasons I was unable to post that crowdfund.

Fortunately @steemdrive has a surplus from past billboard crowdfunds, which I have kept aside with integrity.

As a token of apology and thanks to @roelandp for his efforts in organising Steemfest and @tjpezlo for being an active Steemian to this day and being a great ambassador for his country, I would like @steemdrive to donate:

500 SBD to @steemfest on behalf of @roelandp.

500 SBD to @tjpezlo to start any project or meet any personal or community need he may have.

The balance of 734.298 SBD shall be sent to my @thecryptodrive savings account to help accumulate enough funds to save the project as per the recent crowdfund post.

After reading the comments in the above linked post, it became apparent to me that the community loves the service and I want to keep it alive and develop it to its full potential, so any further authour rewards from this post will also go towards saving the project.

Proof of payment

Image credits: Steemvoter Steemit post and website

Enjoy Steemfest, I'll catch you at the next one ... timing was difficult for me.

Let's keep alive so we can all be Curator Angels!

Please vote for thecryptodrive witness!


Would have been nice to see this board come to fruition.

Great Job!!! Thanks for your dedication and hard work in this matter. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Thank you for the great support of Steem Voter

I will surely add you in my steemupvot guild. It will proud for me

Let's keep alive

I use it and i fully support it.

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Respect for all ,cheers

Hello @steemdrive.... Nice to meet you... I want follower your post, so please visit my post and support from @steemdrive. Thanks Verry much.