Thank you all for 2018

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The year 2018 is a very significant year and will remain significant as the year we all came together as a community to initiate the Steemjet movement.

photos from the first Steemjet offline meet up.

It was a great year as it brought us together as one big family with hundreds of members called Spaceforce members.

We came up with lots of plans, some effectively executed and others others not implemented as planned.

As we get to the end of 2018, we sincerely wants to thank every Spaceforce members who has contributed to the community in any form. And also thanks to @bleepcoin who has given a Steempower delegation to the Steemjet account. We ask that you all continue to contribute towards the growth and sustenance of the Steemjet community.

We made a couple of mistakes too which we all should endeavour to check our excesses as we start a new year contract.

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Thank you once again for 2018, let's make 2019 great too.


good to going in 2019.thank you for supporting us in 2018..

Say goodbye to 2018 and we welcome the year 2019 so that this year is well spent. @steemjet

It's been a great year 2018

Cheers to a great 2019.

2018 went well all tanks to God, happy new year may this 2019 bring more blessings, joy, happiness and love to the entire space force members.

Hoping the same for the upcoming years also
I wish u all happy new year

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Happy new year to you too. Good morning. Have a good day to all.

Waw! Have been so proud to be a family, thanks to @dimimp, the entire space has been great too, imperfection is the word.
And to all my fellow Steemjetters, lets continue to steem high despite any dip.
@joanhay for steemjet.
On the wings of superstars, let endurance be at work!

I hope 2019 will be good for all of us.

I hope 2019 is greater.