T-R-F Emergency Fund for those having (had) problems during return from SteemFest

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Hi guys good morning from Amsterdam... for me. But for some I guess not: still some fellow Steem users are not home after SteemFest... I mean... A good party is nice, sleep at another friend for a night as well, but still being in travel limbo 4 days after the afterparty is a bit too much... Right?

@liondani suggested to make a post out of it... So here we go: Any incoming T-R-F fund post rewards and personal donations from both me (@roelandp) and @liondani and others will go to those still travelling to get home from SteemFest.

We don't want to miss out any travellers not yet home from SteemFest:

  • Can you help list people who are still underway due to missed flights? *
    We know of @sharingeverybite @shenanigator (both in Iceland), @ballinconscious (location unknown)

  • Can you help list people who had additional costs during the return by missing flights? *
    We know of @future24

If you want to help out a bit, donate some (more) to @t-r-f and we will make sure by friday evening to have wired all to the appropriate persons, after having had contact with them whether they want the additional support or forward to the others in need.


I have just sent all of my Steem Dollars from my account, I hope it helps!


Great idea.

You know what else though?
This is what the Steemit community is about. I saw proof of it last weekend and you guys have just hammered home the truth of it.

Wow! I'm constantly blown-away by the generosity and kindness that abounds in this community.

I very much agree.

TRF provisionned ! Upvoted and Resteemed too.
Get our fellow Steemians back home safe!

Good job posting this! I was thinking about it too as we need to make sure everyone gets back safely just as we did. I will be pitching in as well if anyone needs it. Resteemed and spreading the word for anyone to post here in case they need help.

Great thing your doing and post! I will also resteem! I have not heard yet from the people i follow hat anyone missed a flight or is late! If i hear of anyone i let you know! Steem on!♨ 👍😉♨

great idea!

Great idea. Resteemed.

Wow I woke up this morning to an extremely generous gift. Thank you @roelandp, @liondani and others. I truly appreciate it.

After missing my first flight with iberia (plane company didn't have good customer service. I booked my entirety new flight with British airways for 525$ on Saturday to london with layover to the U.S Texas, Dallas. I am currently at a friends house in Amsterdam still 1 hour west of the Volks hotel.

Thanks again for all the kind gifts and support!

Just sent you a little bit too to help with the new ticket cost. #steemon

Thanks man, I really appreciate it. Even more than the monetary value, yet that actually helps a lot too ^_^ I plan on using steemit as my new bank.

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T-R-F Emergency Fund for those having (had) problems during return from SteemFest
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Resteemed and the travelers are in my prayers.

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I totally forgot to apply but its ok. I was too busy chatting away ....Nice to meet you @riverhead

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Please me 15 SBD

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