Arsenal - The Intelligent Camera Assistant

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The Intelligent Camera Assistant



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Current cameras have a lot of automation. Arsenal is an intelligent assistant that promises to take automation much further.

✓Power your Camera

To optimize controls such as focus, sharpness and exposure of the photo, Arsenal takes into account up to 18 different factors.

✓Where Arsenal is placed

Place on top of the camera, where the flash is placed and connect via USB.

✓ Control the Camera from your mobile

You download an app on your mobile (iOS and Android, after downloading the app, you can control the camera from a distance, in theory, you can get away from the camera to a distance of 30 meters.

In this way, we will not only have a remote trigger and a built-in interval meter to perform timelapses. It also helps you improve your timelapses taking into account changes in exposure. And with the possibility of previewing the resulting timelapse on your mobile.

✓Acceptable Chamber Models

Arsenal works with most models of Canon, Sony and Nikon cameras and also with some Fuji.

✓How Can You Help?

Make better pictures, even in HDR. In fact, you can have the final picture in HDR without going through the computer. Arsenal takes photos with different exposures, and stores them in the camera in RAW or in JPG.





Hunter: @anabelys

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