Brizzly - A social media of and for yourself

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A social media of and for yourself



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Hunter's comment

If you are trying to break your social media habits, like constantly texting because you must have realised it takes deep tolls on your wellbeing in general. Brizzly is for you.

Does it seem like all effort to break out is futile because the urge is stronger??
It is understood that there is high difficulty is breaking a habit which is merely what social connections have become. Therefore taking one step at a time is much recommend.

Thats how brizzly works, it offers a similar networking space to social media but cuts off the connection, therefore there are no recepients nor engagements to your posts and messages.

All that cravings to post, gain likes, gain retweets, recieve response, late night texting are duely reduced with time.

Give it a try.



Hunter: @bluishjane

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