Kormaran K7 - A James Bond like Transformable Luxurious Watercraft

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Kormaran K7

A James Bond like Transformable Luxurious Watercraft


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Hunter's comment

The Kormaran K7 is an engineering masterpiece.

The innovative KORMARAN Transformation System allows the boat to switch between between multiple modes by changing the distance between hulls:

  • Catamaran mode (standard driving mode with two engines)

katamaran mode.gif

  • Trimaran mode (low speed gliding with greater stability)

trimaran mode.gif

  • Bathing mode (a multi functional platform for sunbathing, diving, swimming, partying or relaxing)

bathing mode.gif

  • Flight mode (the hydrofoil system allows you to "fly" one meter above sea level)




Hunter: @direwolf


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I think it's great Hunt. Thank you for introducing a good product. I have upvoted your post as a reward for your efforts. I will wait your next hunt.

Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it.

Well what do we have here? This is straight out of some sci-fi movie, not sure if James Bond can handle it. Love the design the transformations of the boat.

Your layout is also pretty good and the hunt itself informative. Keep up the good and cool hunts! Enjoy your day @direwolf

Enough with lambo thing, lets have this when steem goes to the moon! Lol!

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This is just ridiculously awesome!

I'm having a hard time finding a price though, or any video showing the "fly mode" in action.
I also have some reservation to how it will perform in various weather conditions.

Regardless, great hunt!

"Prices range from €1,200,000 to €2,500,000 dependent upon configuration and levels of personalisation, and Kormaran has revealed to SYT that several new features are now available in the Kormaran range, including hulls, ROTAX 300 hp engines, a new exhaust system and a new transmission system." - source

Truly a great hunt!

Unfortunately, the rather stiff price is placing it well out of reach. I'd like to see it in the next Bond-movie for sure.

They should change the Bitcoin meme from lambos to Kormaran. This looks like a billionaires toy. Truly James Bond style!

I'm OK with that. 😎


this wonderful form of boat can be used as a boat cruise on the sea

the boat is lovely and it has different features that can be used to enjoy your trip on the sea and it is also so comfortable for use and it is easy to operate

the boat also has features that can enable you to fly one metre above sea level

the device also enables you to do sunbathing

the gadget moves at a good speed



It is a very cool product that can transform like a transformer. It is very innovative and creative idea. The design is very cool but it is a very luxury product that I cannot afford.

unnamed (1).gif

your hunt is really wonderful


  • It transforms to different mode which makes it unique.

  • It has a very high speed.

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt. keep up with your wonderful hunt.

For sure, this should be for the big boys and at a time, this is one of the best hunt have seen. It will be a privilege testing it

@direwolf, this is an awesome hunt. A button can change all these different modes so easily? Looks innovative and unbelievable. Certainly would like to ride on these. Cool indeed.

A transformer version of the jetski, looks like a toy for the big boys...or rich boys. I personally find a yacht more preferable since you can always go on "bathing mode" without unnecessary transformations and has more space than the Kormaran.

It's only good as a luxury item and if you're sitting on piles of money.

It's very interesting product! I really like it and I'd like to try it. Thank you for sharing. I've voted your post. Please continue to give us a good product introduction.

nice hunt @direwolf
A very luxurious one at that, excellent features and design

hunt on...!

It's pretty good for speeding. You can make safe speed at sea. You can also enter denied places where you want. Whether you want sunbathing or not.


I think i will never be rich enough to own one of these, nor know people that actually owns one, but thank you very much for the great hunt~

Pros and Cons
-Really cool design, looks awesome as F
-Multimode of the watercraft makes the users having a more adaptive ship for different functions

-Flipping expensive, probably need to be james bond rich to own one

A luxury boat. Everyone can not have it. The display can be opened very easily. Speed ​​limit too high.

This is a lovely Hunt

  • Technology built inform of grasshopper
  • you switch the Kormaran Transformation System to different mode like: flying mode, bathing mode e.t.c.
    Keep it up @direwolf👍

That look truely amazing! Would love to try it out🙂
My only issue, it look a bit like it can break, and fall apart pretty easy..of course depending on which materials are used...But no matter what, it's totally cool!

Judging by this it's pretty well built.

The KORMARAN includes a structural carbon fiber monocoque like a Formula 1 car, produced to automotive prepreg quality standards by the world’s leading carbon fiber manufacturer for super sports cars. The structural parts of the transformation system are engineered with Le Mans racing technology for 48 special load cases including the marine standards.

Point taken...maybe I should go and get my eyes checked👍
With that in mind, it should be able to sustain a lot of things..And at the same time, it indicates that the price is in the high end🙂 Thanks

LOL james bond AF- that push button part of the gif had me SOLD

Haha thanks :)


  • It looks really cool
  • Have a lot of modes
  • have great speed when travel
  • It is quite expensive

This transformable Luxurious Watercraft looks good with its well designed structure, James Bond will really love to use it in his next movie.

Wait, are they really there? It seems to me like I'm dreaming :D

It's a really great product. I'd like to have something like this. But who wouldn't? Great Hunt.

Oh damn...!
who wouldn't want to get this ;-)
Haven't really checked the product out just hope the price won't render some of us homeless

I loved the design. The two-engine standard driving mode is a nice feature and I would like to use it in this mode.


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Your Hunt is Amazing! it's a very luxury product. i like it