Boomcase Black Pelican - A powerful, durable, water-proof and mobile speaker system!

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Boomcase Black Pelican

A powerful, durable, water-proof and mobile speaker system!



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When the light-weight speaker systems just won't do. Boomcases Black Pelican is a very powerful speaker system. It's mobile, and extremely durable. When closed it is completely water-proof. When open, it is considered water resistant. It's battery powered and rechargeable.

Compared to the fancy smaller devices on the market, this one packs a punch, in terms of sound quality, and continues to do so for a hole 16 hours!

Should you prefer a wireless connection over some potential quality loss, blootooth is an optional addition when ordering.

The producers offer to customize the color for you on both the case and the interior, along with some optional upgrades.


100 Watt Amplifier
Two - 6.5" Woofers
Two - Dome Tweeters
One - 4" Protected Mid-Range Speaker

Frequency Response: 55hz - 20,000hz
Dimensions: 20" x 15" x 8"
Weight: 8 kg
Battery Life: 16+ Hours


200 Watt Upgrade

Are you the kind of person who require the tough stuff?



Hunter: @helix

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Hi @helix,

Thanks for your hunt. Initially I was attracted to this product but as I read the description I was disappointed and I don’t the Boomcase sufficiently cool for a portable speaker set in 2018.


  1. The water proof factor applies only when the case is closed.
  2. Bluetooth is an upgrade.

As such I have de-listed your hunt for “lacking cool” due to not having what are common features in that product category in 2018.

As per Steemhunt posting guidelines:

7. Post “Cool” Products

In Steemhunt, the coolness is decided by hunter’s upvotes. If many people think that a product is really cool, then the ranking is likely to be higher than other products. However, all products that are hunted in the first place should be somewhat cooler than other products. When a hunter decides to introduce the product to our community, it must not be a generic product. It should have some killer features that make people say “wow.” If your product is considered to be ordinary, the moderators may hide your hunt.

Hi @fknmayhem,

the system is still water resistant when open, just not fully water "proof", as in sumbergable.

Having bluetooth as an option I think is to not force the buyer to pay for stuff they do not want. As many seriouse audio-lovers would prefer a cabeled connection to the music source anyway, due to sound quality.

Boomcase offer a combination of features that to me is unmatched in the market (durability, 16+ hours of battery driven high volume and high sound quality audio +). For me that have been both cool and unique =) If you breake down the features to its induvudual component most hunts would not be all that cool; camper with WIFI, boat with solar panel, bike with a skie, etc..

Thanks for the feedback though, I'm sorry it was not cool enough =(

PS! I updated the hunt to adress your points. The way I presented it did not highlight the greatest features of this product in a good way.

The thing is when we compare “cool”, features is something we benchmark against. Having common features like IP67 and Bluetooth is nowadays the benchmark. A decent quality BT chip is only $4-5, let’s say $10. This Boomcase is $855.

Then when we look at 16 hours... I love that because most last only 5-6 hours but then have you seen the size of that thing!

Depending on where on earth you live, solar is “clean energy” or a “Chinese OEM thing”. How many bikes with a ski do you see? Maybe that’s not your “cool thing” but it’s not a mainstream thing, yet in this ‘crossover’ and xtreme sports are they are “cool”. Maybe I don’t like them but there’s trends/upcoming trends. Not every IoT device I approve is cool in my eyes but given current market it’s still not common (not in most households) more often than not.

Trying to give you some insight in “how a mod thinks when reviewing hunts”. I actually wrote a post about that. You may also want to check out my other posts about Steemhunt as I try sharing how we think.

The thing is... I want to like that case. Because 16 hours and 3-way speaker. Now you’ve made the water-proof element obvious in the description... combined with 3-way speaker set and 16 hours I can but approve it. Even if we still don’t have BT, the combination of those features is sufficient to make it stand out.

The hunt is on.

I see your points, and they are good!

Regarding the other hunts I mentiond - they were all examples of hunts I loved and would be in my category of my "cool things".

I highly appreciat that you take the time to elaborate on your reasoning in such detail, I find it most respectful and admirable. When you also show that you make an effort in your communication to convey the "why" ... that warms my heart. That is a feature I find unique and cool! But now I digress to topics far outside this hunt.


Hello, your hunt is cool!
Here is my personal comment for your hunt:


  • The specs of it is powerful
  • The design of it is cool
  • Lightweight
  • Long battery life


  • None

Great hunt! Thank you very much! Looking for your new hunt.


  • Battery life over 16 hours.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth wireless.
  • Battery charger.
  • 100 Watt amplifier.


  • Very expensive

Looks pretty good for a rave party in forest.. 🕺

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With this I can host a party, even in the rain... Wish I can have my hands on this gadget.

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