Bcompact Hybrid Stairs - the perfect and simple solution to small space living

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Bcompact Hybrid Stairs

the perfect and simple solution to small space living



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Hunter's comment

Hello hunters!

This product is the perfect solution for small space living.
When there is no need to go upstairs. you can change the stairs position, and win an extra space.

This product is really simple to fix. and also esay to use.

Here is a video of the product :

I hope you'll like it.

Best regards!




Hunter: @ismailkah


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Hi @ismailkah,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Thank you

This is awesome. Even in larger spaces, it can be hard to put in a full sized staircase, as it takes a LOT of room. This is definitely a really cool option when you have limited space.

howover in larger spaces, it can be a great idea
Thnak you for your comment dear geekpocered

Bcompact Hybrid Stairs is very useful to get extra space, by the way I always like Hybrid products. Thanks for sharing, Great Hunt.

Awesome hunt

So this is the best utilisation of limited space which you have ,keeping in mind about the price of big houses bcompact hybrid stairs let's you make full use of your space .

best of luck

Thank you dear @ashfaaaq

Wow, there are more space saving products on the video. This innovation idea is very ideal to save space at home. Nice hunt!

yes! exactly. it is really helpful

Great dear, I think it would be very helpful for me because I have much clothes and things in my house but are unorganized, Very tHanx for sharing

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You're welcome Bro @hira-bashir

This is a very handy

Stairs take up a lot of space, this is great idea

exactly :D

What an ingenious construction technology. It's perfect for compact spaces, and it's a much better alternative to those pull-down stairs used in attics.

yes dear @cryptocopy you're right


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