Mobile Stairlift - Safe, most adaptable and most affordable

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Mobile Stairlift

Safe, most adaptable and most affordable



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Hunter's comment

Hello hunters !

This product is really useful for disabled persons.
It gives more stability and makes the mobility of these persons more easier.

This product contains :
*Stailift (1)
*Batterie (1)
*Batterie charger (1)
*Instruction manual (1)
*Dust cover (1)
*Keys (2)

Please check the video below:

If you want to make an order, here is the link below :

I hope you will like my hunt

Best regards!



Hunter: @ismailkah

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I have spent my entire career working with people with disabilities. This chair would be great in times of emergency to aid in evacuating people. For those who strive for independence it may not be a first choice, yet for some it may be an answer. Overall a great find.

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quite amazing and great hunt my friend @ismailkah. This is very useful product.

Thank you dear @flash07 :D