SCOUTING - Application that detects field problem with a photograph

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Application that detects field problem with a photograph



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In agriculture there are words, like, "beauty", "plagues", "illnesses", that do not even want to name them, much less have to deal with them, from now on, "SCOUTING" will take care of it. ¨

¨SCOUTING¨ It is an application designed to contribute to farmers. To start you should only download the App Store or Google Play.

Its use is very simple, you just have to take a photograph of the plantation and the application will be in charge of detecting, the kind of "beauty" that is developing in the soil, types and quantity of "plagas" that coexist in your field, the diseases that are attacking plants and the level of "nitrogen".



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The photo taken with a smartphone will allow you to easily identify stressors and problems in the fields. The SCOUTING application identifies weeds, distinguishes disease, analyzes leaf damage and determines the level of nitrogen collection.
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