The Soundcase - Where style meets sound

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The Soundcase

Where style meets sound



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The retro-styled portable speaker where modern sound meets the proven design of the attaché briefcase

A portable retro speaker that is also a briefcase. This is really interesting to have as a storage when you go out and when you feel lonely you can start your music with this portable speaker. This is completely wireless and so light to handle.


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This is stylish, portable, sweet sounds and storage all wrapped up into one unique hunt! This has to be one of my favorites since doing this......... thank you for bringing it to my awareness!

This is really good for those who want to party. Easy to carry like a briefcase. This can make travelling memorable. I really appreciate your work.

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Now this time this kind of musical speakers is very common cause out stylish, well sound quality overall nice .that's why people choice this.


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