Cool idea i think football is a game of fast reflexes and this soccer ball really help players to enhance their reflexes to next level which means noticeable improvement in game. Impressive Hunt

Yeah... Its a really impressive way of training...
Sukriya Adnan Bhai.


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Now that is one effective tool that looks to be loads of fun as well. Just watching the lil' one and hie skills with it was quite impressive! Nice one! Truly a unique tool!

a great training football. kids and footballer would love it now they dont need to have to start with their traning. you Futsolo Sidekick and you can get started with your training. Great hunt and thanks for sharing.

I am glad that you liked it:)

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Amazing way to enhance the skill of your soccer game.
Easy to use
Required no other player for practice
Doesn't required big ground
Doesn't require person to pick the ball
Great hunt