I'm Out Of Toilet Paper! 😱 :: extended 2018 version :: Hello STEEMIT and DTUBE! [DTUBE/IPFS version!]

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Note that this is the "extended" version of our video, "Goodbye YouTube, it's the END of an ERA :: Hello STEEMIT and DTUBE!", featuring one of our most popular viral YouTube videos of all time.

"I'm Out Of Toilet Paper!" reached over 30 MILLION views and was live and monetized for over THREE YEARS before YouTube decided it was "inappropriate", and removed it completely from YouTube (although ironically, it does still exist in other copycat accounts! lol).

Regardless, we expect YouTube will probably get around to removing the "2018 version" sooner or later as well, cuz, you know... we're "Divergent"! 😘 lol

But no worries, it will now also live on... through DTUBE as well! 😀

It's always fascinating in life how things seem to come full circle. As YouTube feels we are no longer "worthy" to be members of their once coveted "partner program", despite us being on YouTube since nearly the beginning (since 2006!), we felt compelled to create these videos...

Check out the full blog post relating to this video on STEEMIT here:

In the full blog post, you'll also learn how you too can vote for STEEMIT content and DTUBE videos past the payout date using my "Past Payout Monetizer" TamperMonkey script, by targeting unexpired comments by the author!

Michelle on STEEMIT: https://steemit.com/@michellectv
Alexander on STEEMIT: https://steemit.com/@alexpmorris

See y'all round the cryptosphere! :D

Also, a special thanks to @seveaux on STEEMIT for allowing us to use his epic song "Final Battle" for this piece: https://soundcloud.com/seveaux/final-battle

▶️ DTube

I never used Youtube but I know there were lot of issues, They didnt realize that this can be their biggest downfall, with technology so much at rapid space they sure had their fears to look at :-)

I can only say LUCKY you if you never were on YouTuber as a content creator... it is sad how bad is it actually

"I'm Out of TP" lives on!

And tell YT to wipe my @$$... 🤑🤑: D 🤑

yeehah, you got it! 😀 😁 😂

It turns out that Jordan Peterson (who is currently getting lots of attention for short-circuiting a reporter's brain over the question of "free speech" versus "political correctness"), also appeared on a recent episode of Tucker Carlson's show, where they even go so far as to rip on YouTube and Google for censoring and/or demonetizing many of the more "conservatively-oriented" voices on the platform.

Definitely worth watching as well if you have a chance:

the people vs the whatsoeveritactually.. i got copyright claimed once on my own song aswel.. sneaky sergei brin and co ;) didn't knew you were a movie director. but i always thought i had seen that avatar once on youtube you were a big youtuber before ? thnx btw for using my song again :D

well, I wouldn't necessarily say "movie director", but we did reach nearly 100,000 subs on YouTube back in the day when that still sort of meant something. And then YouTube completely turned on us. As for the copyright claim you received, doesn't surprise me one bit! lol

And as for the song, thanks again for letting us use it! :)

there you now have enough SBD to buy your entire village toilet papers.

well, that just doesn't sound right... let me spread the "TP love" and help you buy a roll too! 😀

i found euro's to wipe much softer btw :p

yeah, but they also tend to clog the toilet more often though too, due to their wider girth and all! 😂


Good thing we have Steemit now! Say no to censorship!

well, even on STEEMIT there are still issues in that regard, but everyone's content still remains on the blockchain, and it's still a huge step forward from YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitter! :)

Really great updates
Thank you for your information

Thanks for beyond bitcoin update news providing...and i like this dtube channel. best of luck dear....

you tube has seriously lost it nowadays, they are too much in to politics.
welcome to steemit indeed
further more those guys make their Ad revenue from 20% of the youtube video uploads they care less about you.

A lot of value was put out in this dtube video I just watched. Decentralized e everything haha, that’s what the people like, that’s what I like we are beyond control, beyond government control. Soon enough Steemit is gonna be more popular than Facebook, Twitter and some other social media’s, that’s really sad but it’s the truth. Dtube will take over YouTube which is a sad truth. Decentralize everything. Thanks for this

Inadvertently YouTube had plotted it's demise, I'm not sure if they know that Dtube is growing faster, and well at a high rate

More shitposts have made its way to Dtube.

Love it.

Stuff like this sounds crazy when we really face it

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