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RE: Open Letter To Steem Community

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What a bunch of bullshit. I’m not gonna sit here and blow you like the rest of these pathetic ass kissing witnesses who bend over at the promise of a conversation.

You didn’t even understand what you were buying from @ned, did you?

Everyone seems to have forgotten how you’ve abused power in your own chain, abused employees, etc after a simple ass kissing post.

You made CLUELESS announcements that shows just how out of touch you are with Steem and what actually goes on here.

This pathetic support and immediate change in tone goes to show you these witnesses are only here for the money, not the chain. People don’t change overnight. You all should be ashamed at rolling over so easy when you know damn well he’s going to try to kill this chain and all support for it while we move to China chain.


The only reason the most of those crack pots voted for a fork was their fear they might need to get a real job once Justin took over. I will love seeing them bend the knee one after the other and doing all kinds of mental gymnastics when justin writes them a check.

You nailed it.

I agree with you. Most of the top witnesses don't care about Steem. They just care about how much blood they can suck from Steem. Steemit had become a garbage can for a long time, but none of the top witnesses cares. As long as they can get paid, they won't care about Steem. Who cares?

We got his attention, let's see what he knows about the chain, what he has to say, and what kind of commitments he can provide.

Thank you Bernie.

Edit: Note for everyone here. Please notice all the replies from @justinsunsteemit. Maybe the witnesses and Justin can communicate by post.

Took me a bit to figure out that there are none 🙈🙈

I was kinda shocked about all the mega fakeness here.

lol then steem would be semi transparent and not all cloak n dagger like

Ha! This comment of all the ones in this thread should get an award. Seriously have me rolling over here.

I am all in favor of the witnesses implementing a softfork to change the username of "justinsunsteemit" to "buy_my_shit_coin" or "trons_is_a_scam".

You are right, he abuses his own chain. It is a centralized "chain"[ ], yet he fraudulently markets it as decentralized. He should be arrested, prosecuted, and convicted for his fraud. The tron chain offers us nothing but tiny 200 byte transactions [ ], far below the 65536 byte transaction size limit that enables true dapps here on steem. The token swap implies that Justin Sun is planning the death of the steem chain. A token swap also means a new minting, and a new minting means he could print as many coins as he wanted for himself since he wants to centralize everything. Theft through dilution. If he had his way then he or Chinese Communist party would censor what we say on the platform by reducing steem to how own personal private database. Tron [and China in General] is famous for deleting things it disagrees with: . Justin Sun is persona Non-gratis. If the only thing Justin sun can offer us is free marketing, I think we can get far more marketing if we as a community let all of the cryptosphere know Justin Sun for the Cancer that he is and that Steem Chain was the chemo. It was the mouse that roared.

The cryptospehere should one day punish Mr Justin Sun and reduce is Tron tokens to zero for its crimes against those who invested in what they erroneously thought, as Tron marketed, a decentralized future on it. The streets of San Fran should welcome Mr. Justin Sun. The streets are full of shit, the San Fran elites doesn't like it, and Justin Sun completely loves peddling it. Enjoy your future Justin Sun for your first real job in your entire life-it is your calling. And you are more than welcome to use that mouth of yours to clean it up.

You purchased an inferior Dapp Mr. Sun-not the chain. Go lick your wounds, and get the hell out of here.

For context, that video was obtained while those involved were all under Chatham House Rules. Which means they agreed not to post or broadcast anything without the express permission of those involved. The intent is to allow people to discuss ideas freely because they feel relaxed that their reputation isn't on the line and that they're not going to be publicly quoted.

Yes, very nefarious act of violating someone's trust.

No, Peter asked permission to do so.. Justin was all in. Amazing how people can pull things out of their ass around here lately.

BWahahahahaaa! Isn't that why it's called a shit show?

using that video as evidence of anything is really stupid. I don't know the context of it, but it is obvious that it is a joke

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Did I say it was? No one is using it as evidence of anything, I simply responded to the incorrect claim about it above. It’s a video of two guys joking around, it’s not a victim being taken advantage of and trust being broken etc etc etc

i am being misunderstood a lot lately :D was just confirming your standpoint on this :D

all panties are in a bunch lol

Oh no, my bad! I just didn’t want to be misunderstood. I wasn’t accusing you of anything or upset 🙂

Some people dont get jokes...

We really need a /r/wooosh community...

Ummm he had expressed permission to post it, from Justin. Were you there or something?

Ya, JS mentioned in a recent interview he was just embracing the meme and that the internet is full of memes so no point to ignore it or something.

CCP Agent hoovering up blockchain and decentralised tech assets for his Big Pig Master Blaster. I never thought communism was so virulently capitalist.

I just joined Steemit for the first time yesterday and opened up a defi community (, but felt a tremendous sense of disappointment upon learning that Tron has purchased Steemit. That video is very revealing.

There's still
.etc. which aren't steemit...

Welcome to #STEEM 🎉

Oh that's great, those look nicer too.

Yeah... just don't tell Justin Sun that 😂

Go Bernie! Go! Am sticking with you in all these like a tick on a cow's tail.

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Thx for opening my eyes. I changed my mind about you. :)

yep. I agree infact I am certain of it. the butcher's breakfast of BitTorrent acquisition, BTT or whatever & now BTFS is going to unfurl in very disastrous ways for jizzy Justine.

Nice to see your emotion directed where it is deserved, @berniesanders. My first upvote for one of your posts! 😎

Of course most of us we are here for the money lol. I am glad you are here using Steemit, whether you like Justin Sun or not that's fine. We need trolls like you to keep things interesting while using this platform even with all the negativity and bitterness. Btw this my first post. Its gonna be fun responding to some random trolls #bernie2020

Tbf I'm not around as much anymore but I agree. He didn't buy trust or cooperation from witnesses, community, or chain, but that only lasts as long as we don't sell it to him. I'd say the first step to earning any of that is doing something concrete, rather than making promises and requests.

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talking should be the first step even if he had no idea what he bought. if there is a way to make a public contact about using that stake, why not do it?

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first vote from me to you!
do you still know me?
also @miketr (steemit-total)

You didn't even understand what you bought from @ned, did you?

No @justinsunsteemit only knows the name STEEM like $ in his eyes
But he doesn't know the name of the Community STEEMIT, he always says stimy :-)
What about the millions of STEEM from the @ poloniex account?

Ok, he has a problem with his nose

whether it is due to corrona or cocaine remains open ;-)

Better he get some !BEER ;-)

Maybe he just has a booger/bogie and is picking his nose like we all do. ....or are you so physiologically perfect you don't get gloop up your nose.?

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first vote from me to you!
do you still know me?
also @miketr (steemit-total)

You didn't even understand what you bought from @ned, did you?

No @justinsunsteemit only knows the name STEEM like $ in his eyes
But he doesn't know the name of the Community STEEMIT, he always says stimy :-)
What about the millions of STEEM from the @ poloniex account?

Ok, he has a problem with his nose

whether it is due to corrona or cocaine remains open ;-)

Better he get some !invest_vote

yea aggy hear ye hear ye you and your cronies look more pathetic and weak than ever.. Soft fork yourself

I can only agree with it. It takes a lot of time to know what steemit is, what is bought and what surprises me most of all how hypocrite most, suddenly, are. Stick to your words and do not change because you are afraid you might not be needed another or you miss the big upvote. 💕

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Menh, you bad. Bad as in badh. One thing I have learnt recently is that it takes courage to stand up and say what's on your mind, it also take mind to seat quietly and listen to abuses.