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Hello everyone.
Thanks ones again for stopping by to read this, you are highly welcome. Am happy and excited you stopped by today to read this.
I quickly want to share some few thoughts about this topic which says be confident.

Nothing succeeds like success, right? Sure. However,true success comes from confidence and confidence in turn comes from success. They each revolve around the other.
Confidence is more of an outward manifestation of an inward person. Cockiness on the other hand is simply an outward shield that makes an inward insecurity.


As a business owner, you need to be confident of yourself and your product or service. People react positively to a confident person, especially if that confidence is real and it's a part of the person's life.
In order to develop this type of true confidence, there are several things that you can do.

Firstly, always remember that confident people are able to take a stand on an issue brought to them, they take decision not because they think they are right, but because that are not afraid to be wrong. They see a difficult situation as an opportunity for growth. Finding the right solution to a problem is more important than being right. Therefore, if they are wrong they will be the first people to admit it and move on.

Confident people often listen far more than they talk. That's one norms i cherish most, ( been slow to speak and fast in listening ). They are more interested in hearing different information and opinions than they are in broadcasting their own. They also are never afraid to fall and ask for help. They know that other people's knowledge is their greatest strength.

Finally, they understand that success is a team sport. They know that any goal is achieved through the efforts of many, not the will of the few. Therefore, they share the spotlight of success and shine it on others far more than they shine it on themselves. So ask yourself do you have such confident? If yes keep it burning and if no please strive to get it because confidence paves way for success.

Thanks so much for reading this today, am honoured and grateful that you read this, and i hope you picked one or two things from this post.
Thank you to everyone out there who have been so encouraging and supportive, even with what is going on with the steem blockchain we just hope for better days ahead. Until i come your way again same time tomorrow stay motivated and remain blessed. Bye for now.


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