Steem Community is to big to fail

in #steemit2 years ago

I am really excited about the amount of projects that are coming up in the Steem network. We have curation trails, amazing Dapps like Dpoll, great games like Steem Monsters and Drug Wars, the Steem Alliance is coming along nicely and in less than 2 months we should have the Steem.DAO @blocktrades is working on.

In this sense, I just wanted to make a Twitter-Like post to say:

The Steem Community is to big to fail, we are just to big to fail!

Steem is the number one Blockchain in terms of real users, my recommendation is to accumulate as much Steem as you can because the Steemit Inc sell pressure can only last so long.

If I am right Steem will be a top 10 coin sooner than later.

Life is good, enjoy it!


Even I am pro for future of steem, i would say top10 is way to ambitiuos. Why? Simply because there are so many other great crypto platforms.
My bet?
TOP 20 by 2020 (end) as the best
And this is fine to me.
I always go in for 5+ year projects.
"Get rich quick" ppl sux so much.

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I hope that's the case, but it's still pretty small compared to a lot of other platforms. I assume it's still less than 2 million accounts and maybe 50k active users. It needs to grow a lot more, but the dapps should help. Exciting times

I think the community engagement in steem is pretty big compared to what I have seen on other chains, games on EOS have a large % of bots, I think I am going to run a Dpoll survey to see how many people actually buy steem to play Steem Monsters or Drug Wars, it would be interesting to see if this games can create some buy pressure...