Weekly Steemit Top 50 POWER UP List: Oct 8th - Oct 14th 2016

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The top 50 users powering up for the week of Oct 8th - Oct 14th 2016.

1. @thejohalfiles40172.91999999999
2. @fyrstikken20453.624
3. @yoonjang070720147.868
4. @dimimp19012.267000000003
5. @luckyguy18692.96
6. @sochul18042.816000000003
7. @thisvsthis17649.803
8. @ioc15488.967
9. @jackkang14181.722999999998
10. @jamesc13261.003
11. @nanzo-scoop12780.114
12. @robrigo12581.16
13. @riverhead12316.129
14. @dongu7304.937
15. @onceuponatime7272.63
16. @vortac6407.482999999998
17. @secom5039.018
18. @dan-bn4798.336
19. @oldtimer4719.407
20. @inchonbitcoin3993.677
21. @sandrino3973.453
22. @slowwalker3697.144
23. @bleujay3479.0789999999997
24. @sephiroth3465.1769999999997
25. @knircky3325.313
26. @shaka3286.46
27. @demotruk3278.2340000000004
28. @jamesbrown2864.8900000000003
29. @cardiff2784.071
30. @ezzy2744.8630000000003
31. @kevinwong2736.0
32. @twinner2538.932
33. @hedge-x2279.238
34. @thecyclist2194.5829999999996
35. @sigizzang2112.99
36. @otisbrown2056.389
37. @dubi1912.541
38. @lee51847.075
39. @thecryptofiend1846.9669999999999
40. @driv3n1820.274
41. @liberosist1761.0529999999999
42. @lichtblick1732.192
43. @ssm18101714.081
44. @signalandnoise1523.004
45. @mr-altilis1522.97
46. @meerkat1447.38
47. @leesunmoo1430.2970000000003
48. @unosuke1400.102
49. @cryptos1364.8970000000002
50. @orientaledu1307.566

Congrats to everyone that made the list! Don't forget to follow this profile @contentjunkie to stay up to date on future lists.


Wow I am #2 on the list :) Nice!

Don´t forget to vote for MY WITNESS: @fyrst-witness - this is HOW TO VOTE FOR IT

copy this text: fyrst-witness and paste it at the bottom of this page and click vote

Snart Hval du nå :-D
Har vurdert og kjøpe 10 k power men er skeptisk pga pris går garantert ned etter kjøp sliksom sist

You'll most likely show up in the top 100 list at the end of the month. Steemon!

These people all deserve our applause!

Why is not - total?

Thanks for the input I'll add that to future lists.

I think they are right to do so, just annoyed my bank is having issues atm with payments, maybe I can sort it tomorrow. thanks for the report upvoted.

Nice, thanks for keeping us informed @contentjunkie!

Thank you for the information.

Woo hoo! Its nice to see people powering up and taking advantage of the low Steem prices

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Hey I'm on the list! I've been consistently powering up from the beginning - that's why I've gone from 1000SP to over 17,000 SP now.

11/50 Korean (as far as I know)! wow!

I like this report thanks for posting it